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[00:38:49] <CMCC-PC> 1st presentation
[00:39:20] <CMCC-PC> short introduction on IPSO
[00:44:14] <CMCC-PC> how IPSO choose vendor neutral interop? chair asked
[00:45:13] <CMCC-PC> answer: implementation detail just verify what is going wrong, and misunderstand on specification
[00:45:42] <CMCC-PC> memet: NSN, would that possible to provide data for public?
[00:45:47] <CMCC-PC> when?
[00:46:11] <CMCC-PC> as soon as we have volume, maybe next week, or august now, before end of september
[00:46:47] <CMCC-PC> IPSO data format does't
[00:47:13] <CMCC-PC> shortly publish in two weeks hopefully
[00:47:47] <CMCC-PC> castran: COAP testing in last few days? yes
[00:48:21] <CMCC-PC> waiting for until RFC to do interop
[00:49:55] <CMCC-PC> Geoff: Jari build the tool, easily work over all kinds of pipe, he has lots of sensor, please drop by our booth
[00:50:55] <CMCC-PC> Geoff: I need still need to work into the people to convince them how IP is working well
[00:51:42] <CMCC-PC> Geoff: we are not done yet,
[00:52:34] <CMCC-PC> Jari: I participate interop a while, most issues and bugs has been solved, some of others will be reported
[00:53:06] <CMCC-PC> Geoff: there are no fundamental issue in the specificaiton, problem with implementation, not specification
[00:53:21] <CMCC-PC> Robert: how people you talk about IETF for example: IBM
[00:53:44] <CMCC-PC> Geoff: IBM made license for free
[00:54:15] <CMCC-PC> Geoff: we have number of propritary solutions
[00:54:35] <CMCC-PC> MQTT no specific answer for it
[00:54:45] <CMCC-PC> MQTT over IP, we are doing it now
[00:56:05] <CMCC-PC> Castan again: NQTT is horrible protocol, Jari mention some robust issue, you can come after this meeting, I can show you
[00:57:02] <CMCC-PC> 2nd presentation guidance document
[01:06:52] <CMCC-PC> ***: I wonder as the example, there is place about neutral placce to discuss some problem of implementation experience
[01:07:21] <CMCC-PC> carsten: agree, TCP about security, doesn't do it,
[01:08:37] <CMCC-PC> Geoff: there is a list allenfuture, how to do bootstraping, how to do security, some hallway discussion this afternoon,
[01:09:17] <CMCC-PC> Carsten: security bootstrap for half decade, it is about a time to find out, different place to discuss security architecture
[01:09:33] <Robert Cragie> (struggling to hear a little) Is the llnfutures list an IETF list?
[01:09:45] <CMCC-PC> I guess so, not familiar
[01:10:24] <CMCC-PC> Jari: we could do sth easy, everything in one document until everything is there, maybe rethink,
[01:10:51] <CMCC-PC> people will write specific issues, takes long time, may change protocol,
[01:11:08] <CMCC-PC> Carsten: just small tip
[01:11:26] <CMCC-PC> Brian as individual: Jari made a point, one way to avoid everything into the document,
[01:12:04] <CMCC-PC> agree Jari's way
[01:12:47] <CMCC-PC> carsten: author issue
[01:12:56] <CMCC-PC> brian asking : how many people read this document?
[01:13:04] <Robert Cragie> I think there are two feasible ways forward: 1) to generalize as Brian suggests, or 2) to split the document up into a collection of experiences.
[01:13:13] <CMCC-PC> brian asking: how many peoplepprovide the text to the document
[01:13:31] <CMCC-PC> this working group
[01:13:33] <Robert Cragie> (2) stands more of a chance of working. (1) is a large undertaking which could practically never end
[01:14:01] <CMCC-PC> I will ask for you later
[01:14:23] <Robert Cragie> Thanks - it's more of a statement than a question
[01:14:47] <CMCC-PC> 5 kilobyte require different bandwidth and process power ,different constrained device different requirement
[01:16:43] <CMCC-PC> proposal: different or typical case consideration
[01:17:03] <CMCC-PC> I can contricute binary xml
[01:17:09] <CMCC-PC> in the scope?
[01:17:28] <CMCC-PC> carsten: useful information, not very much published.
[01:18:56] <CMCC-PC> chair encourge people speaking in the mic contribute to the document
[01:19:17] <CMCC-PC> 3rd presentation
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[01:32:12] <CMCC-PC> Hui ask: do you consider what kind of wakeup? SMS or Push platform based on OMA DM?
[01:32:25] <CMCC-PC> Jari: we are focusing on IP level,
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