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[13:51:54] <zulipbot> (Pascal Thubert) Interim #7 2022
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[14:02:36] <Éric Vyncke_web_869> sorry for missing the previous interim (outlook issues)
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[14:03:12] <zulipbot> (Pascal Thubert) argl
no worries we can chat over the minutes if you like
[14:04:13] <Sergio Aguilar_web_442> Thanks :sweat_smile:
[14:05:10] Marion Dumay_web_111 joins the room
[14:05:54] <Alexander Pelov_web_290> Thibaut Artis is also joining with me
[14:06:16] <Éric Vyncke_web_869> Welcome Thibaut ;-)
[14:06:55] thibaut artis_web_103 joins the room
[14:07:08] <Sergio Aguilar_web_442> thanks
[14:07:58] <thibaut artis_web_103> hello :)
[14:08:06] <Alexander Pelov_web_290> Notes are taken live here:
[14:08:07] <Alexander Pelov_web_290>
[14:09:20] <Dominique Barthel_web_606> Welcome also to Marion Dumay, a colleague of mine with Orange, whom some of you already know.
[14:09:48] <Éric Vyncke_web_869> Welcome Marion :-)
[14:10:43] <Alexander Pelov_web_290> Welcome Marion! :)
[14:11:24] <Éric Vyncke_web_869> The architecture draft is indeed adopted and AFAIK -01 has just expired
[14:12:50] <Sergio Aguilar_web_442> I can help in the document
[14:13:14] <Robert Moskowitz_web_398> Yes!  And I also want it for various private UHF and sat networks and these people would benefit from Lpwan...
[14:13:33] <Laurent Toutain_web_505> I can join the architecture doc
[14:14:37] <Robert Moskowitz_web_398> I did submit a comment on the arch doc.  I did not see some of my use case handled.  Have to go back to my note to the mailing list to see want I needed
[14:15:13] <Éric Vyncke_web_869> laurent, please go for it... We need a -02 per
[14:16:01] <Sergio Aguilar_web_442> I can join the architecture document also
[14:20:21] <Éric Vyncke_web_869> ;-)
[14:27:46] <Robert Moskowitz_web_398> If ALL1 is a proper noun, then all caps is appropriate.
[14:29:48] <Alexander Pelov_web_290> All-0 and All-1
[15:00:17] <Éric Vyncke_web_869> I am afraid that I have to leave on the top of the hour.
[15:00:51] Éric Vyncke_web_869 leaves the room
[15:01:05] <Dominique Barthel_web_606> I'll have too, shortly.
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[15:06:04] <Alexander Pelov_web_290> Thanks all!
[15:06:15] Marion Dumay_web_111 leaves the room
[15:06:16] <Alexander Pelov_web_290> Bye!
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[15:06:20] <Sergio Aguilar_web_442> bye
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