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[22:37:58] <> Tom, it looks like it's just you and me. Let me know if you want me to relay your questions/comments.
[22:38:11] <tomtaylor> OK, thanks
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[22:49:29] <tomtaylor> Greg was emphasizing need for multi-endpoint OAM at IP level.
[22:50:18] <tomtaylor> I was concerned that defect detection at the IP layer requires monitoring of delay and loss rates
[22:50:58] <> Is that something you want me to relay Tom?
[22:51:07] <tomtaylor> Yes, please
[22:52:17] <> k, in the queue
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[22:58:49] <cpignata> Thank you, Benoit.
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[23:18:26] <cpignata> I agree with both of Ron's points.
[23:19:21] <tomtaylor> I can help with the short draft for sure
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[23:27:33] <cpignata> Cheers!
[23:27:43] <> Cheers :)
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[23:30:25] <> End of session. Go do fun stuff. ;-)
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[23:30:32] <cpignata> :-)
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