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[17:24:45] <mcr> hello.
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[17:26:25] <Max Pritikin_web_883> greetings and salutations
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[17:28:43] <Deb Cooley_web_409> meetecho for interims?  awesome
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[17:29:11] <Russ Housley_web_710> Can I get a note taker?
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[17:31:04] <Deb Cooley_web_409> I can do that...
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[17:31:38] <Russ Housley_web_710> Thanks
[17:31:45] <Deb Cooley_web_409> NP
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[17:33:11] <Quynh Dang_web_169> Hello everyone! Can't wait to discuss things with you in person at a future IETF !!!
[17:34:08] <Uri Blumenthal_web_830> I've no audio - nobody is talking, or connection problem?
[17:34:41] <Quynh Dang_web_169> Russ and Dan have spoken recently.
[17:34:44] <Deb Cooley_web_409> connection problem if you didn't just hear Russ and Dan H (I think).
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[17:35:37] <mcr> wondering who is missing that Russ was hoping for.
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[17:36:48] <mcr> I'm also fine, but I screwed up my screen and couldn't unmute.
[17:37:45] <Uri Blumenthal_web_128> Wonderful. Cannot participate - no incoming audio. Needless to say, reconnecting does not help.
[17:38:16] <Toerless Eckert_web_843> Uri: go through the different browsers. Firefox, Chrome, OS-specific
[17:38:27] <mcr> we need Eliot.
[17:38:37] <mcr> Uri, click on "circle" button to reconnect audio.
[17:38:41] <mcr> lower right.
[17:39:18] <Max Pritikin_web_226> libest also supports this current interpretation. (The simple example included is a straight list of OIDs).
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[17:40:21] <Uri Blumenthal_web_881> OK, Safari didn't work. Chrome did. TNX!
[17:40:55] <Uri Blumenthal_web_881> P.S. "Circle" (reconnect) did not help (several times ;).
[17:43:03] <Toerless Eckert_web_843> Uri: Not sure if Safari can do RTCweb at all.
[17:43:05] <Max Pritikin_web_226> Nice summary Dan.
[17:47:54] <Uri Blumenthal_web_881> Toerless: it does if it's enabled in Experimental Features, otherwise - no (AFAIK).
[17:48:16] <Tadahiko Ito_web_821> I am not sure how I had set up, but it is working with safari. I believe i needed to set permission of microphone.
[17:48:21] <Eliot Lear_web_496> the problem was that we don't have control of clients and they may not have the correct library support
[17:52:18] <Dan Harkins_web_825> just to be clear, I am not opposed to what BRSKI is doing.
[17:57:21] <mcr> an option: a clarifying document (option 1 essentially)
[17:57:30] <Dan Harkins_web_825> :thumbsup:
[17:57:35] <Eliot Lear_web_496> i like the idea of a clarification doc
[17:57:38] <Eliot Lear_web_496> with lots of examples
[17:58:53] <Eliot Lear_web_496> i'll be back (assuming all problems haven't been solved in 10 mins)
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[18:00:30] <Quynh Dang_web_169> I can't hear Deb at all.
[18:00:39] <Max Pritikin_web_226> too choppy to understand dep
[18:00:51] <Max Pritikin_web_226> 'p' <-> 'b'
[18:00:54] <Deb Cooley_web_409> ugh, I'll type it.....
[18:01:13] <Deb Cooley_web_409> there are things in 7030 that need to be updated.  correct.
[18:01:13] <mcr> RFC7030 and TLS versions.  
[18:01:22] <Deb Cooley_web_409> TLS1.1 is old and deprected
[18:01:28] <mcr> It sounds like some people are considering RFC7030bis.
[18:01:31] <Deb Cooley_web_409> I'm not going to try and talk again....
[18:01:34] <Deb Cooley_web_409> ugh....
[18:01:34] <Dan Harkins_web_825> we should still be able to have a limited scope for the document though even if we do this other stuff.
[18:02:09] <Deb Cooley_web_409> dammit
[18:02:57] <Deb Cooley_web_409> I wouldn't propose removal of 1.2, just the removal of 1.1
[18:03:34] <Deb Cooley_web_409> whole bunch?  not so much
[18:03:40] <Deb Cooley_web_409> just remove 1.1
[18:04:19] <Mike Ounsworth_web_726> 7030 is Updated by RFC 8996 "Deprecating TLS 1.0 and TLS 1.1".
[18:04:48] <Dan Harkins_web_825> I'll contriburte
[18:04:52] <Dan Harkins_web_825> or contribute
[18:05:04] <Mike Ounsworth_web_726> ... so does that mean 7030's TLS has already been updated?
[18:05:15] <mcr> yeah, RFC8996 updates 7030 on TLS.
[18:05:21] <Toerless Eckert_web_843> also happy to contribute to the extend i can.
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[18:06:42] <Max Pritikin_web_226> thanks all
[18:06:49] <Quynh Dang_web_169> Thank you all. See you all later!
[18:06:53] <Deb Cooley_web_699> NP
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[19:27:30] <HEYJEY789 , Jey8900_web_304> Hi there eweryone
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