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[10:18:38] rsalz has set the subject to: LAMPS (nee spasm) at IETF-96.  
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[10:19:05] <Yoav Nir> @rsalz: beat me to it by 5 seconds
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[10:22:47] <rsalz> HA
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[10:24:13] <rsalz> chair slides: agenda
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[10:25:10] <rsalz> jim schaad, s/mime updates
[10:25:21] <rsalz> p2 completed work
[10:26:54] <rsalz> p3: open issues for message draft
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[10:27:14] <Sean Turner> i'd go for v4 as well
[10:28:46] <rsalz> if you want it said at the mic, please use MIC
[10:28:55] <rsalz> yoav
[10:29:08] <Sean Turner> i can do it one the list
[10:29:24] <rsalz> christian huitema
[10:29:24] <Sean Turner> r/one/on
[10:29:36] <Sean Leonard> mic:Well, we are updating the table constraints/information object classes. Therefore, the new ASN.1 module (2002+) should be updated (at some point). However I think it's okay for this S/MIMEbis document to list the 88 syntax normatively.
[10:29:47] <Sean Leonard> (issue understood)
[10:30:30] <rsalz> p4 open issues, p2
[10:31:09] <rsalz> p5 open issues (3)
[10:32:19] <rsalz> p6 open issues (4)
[10:32:56] <rsalz> p7 potential future work
[10:33:51] <rsalz> p8 discussion
[10:34:08] <Sean Leonard> mic:eai topic: I think we should update S/MIME to discuss eai stuff. ALSO, should update S/MIME to talk about how the inner MIME content (which is binary clean) has [ought to have] UTF-8 headers, consistent with EAI
[10:34:10] <rsalz> stephen farrell
[10:34:56] <Sean Leonard> mic:question is, should there be smimeCapability OID for eai (UTF-8 headers)? think about it...
[10:35:55] <rsalz> jim
[10:36:18] <rsalz> aleksky
[10:36:27] <Sean Leonard> Content-Disposition: attachment; filename=":o.jpg"
[10:37:04] <Sean Leonard> (<-- mic -->) the MIME Content- headers can be UTF-8 enabled...possibly. that is supposed to be an emoji by the way
[10:37:28] <rsalz> @sean -- take it to the list, moved on
[10:37:42] <rsalz> international email addressses in x.509 certificates
[10:37:47] <rsalz> weihaw chung, presentign
[10:38:01] <rsalz> p2: draft-melnikov-spasm-eai-addresses-04
[10:38:45] <rsalz> p3 design choices - potential open issues
[10:42:07] <rsalz> P4 VERSION-01 CLOSED ISSUES
[10:43:49] <rsalz> p5 version 04 closed issues
[10:44:43] <rsalz> p6 deployment considerations
[10:44:46] <Sean Leonard> mic:just an observation. It is strange that X.509 (ITU-T committee) provides *two* extension points for extending GeneralName. Historically, otherName (with an open type / table constraint based on OID) is the older one, therefore more likely to be widely deployed. otherName is also more compatible with ASN.1-88 syntax, compared to "ellipsis".
[10:44:55] <Sean Leonard> mic:other review/comments sent privately to authors, thanks
[10:44:57] <rsalz> tero
[10:45:04] <Sean Leonard> mic colon : other ...
[10:45:18] <rsalz> but you still want the observatoin said, right?
[10:45:22] <Sean Leonard> yes
[10:45:23] <sftcd> certs certify all names
[10:45:49] <JeffH> s/certify/bind/
[10:46:15] <rsalz> jim schaad
[10:47:07] <rsalz> jim schaad about to present
[10:47:17] <rsalz> CURDLE
[10:47:24] <rsalz> p2 prelminiary
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[10:48:54] <rsalz> p3 curdle pkix 00
[10:50:28] <rsalz> p4 bbeter based on rfc5480
[10:50:37] <rsalz> "better"
[10:51:44] <rsalz> p5 david benjamin proposal
[10:52:11] <rsalz> p6 contrast approaches
[10:54:39] <Sean Turner> @mic: As an author of RFC5480, I'm a-okay with DavidBen's proposal.  I never really liked the SECG stuff that got adopted in PKIX/SMIME ...
[10:55:17] <rsalz> p7  private key
[10:56:29] <rsalz> p8 discussion
[10:56:48] <Sean Leonard> mic: so you're saying OneAsymmetricKey.privateKey (OCTET STRING) contains ECPrivateKey ...that's the proposal, right?
[10:57:07] <Sean Leonard> (if so that's fine, the slide just wasn't super clear about the proposal)
[10:57:07] <rsalz> yoav
[10:58:03] <Sean Turner> @mic: so..... that came from OpenSSL I was just reflecting what appeared to be reality
[10:58:22] <Sean Turner> but am okay with swapping it to be simplier
[10:59:06] <Sean Turner> understood don't carry the baggage forward
[10:59:11] <rsalz> :)
[10:59:13] <Sean Turner> no need to say at mic
[10:59:19] <rsalz> seans? yes/no?
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[10:59:31] <Sean Turner> HUM- YES, YES, YES, YES,YES, YES,YES, YES,YES, YES,YES, YES, for DaivdBen
[10:59:36] <rsalz> :)
[10:59:42] <rsalz> unanimous in the room
[10:59:48] <Sean Leonard> Sean L - no hum one way or another. so ok for YES
[11:01:10] <rsalz> should we adopt jim's auth enc in s/mime.  yes or not yet?
[11:01:11] <Sean Leonard> hummmmm
[11:01:13] <Sean Turner> hum - yes to adopt 5751bis now (I am slightly biased though)
[11:01:51] <rsalz> emailaddresses?
[11:01:55] <Sean Turner> hum - yes to adopt EAI
[11:01:55] <Sean Leonard> hummmmm
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[11:02:36] <rsalz> bye folks
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[11:02:50] <Sean Leonard> :) bye!
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[11:04:29] <JeffH> bye now :)
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