[11:56:21] --- LOGGING STARTED
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[14:01:26] <paul.knight> How's it going in the Red Lacquer Room?
[14:15:51] <paul.knight> anybody there?
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[14:26:05] <paul.knight> Hi Benson, Is the meeting starting?
[14:34:36] <bensons> Hi, Paul. Yes, it started more-or-less on-time. I came in a few minutes late, and missed the beginning. Are you here in Chi?
[14:38:42] <paul.knight> no, at home near Boston
[14:39:33] <paul.knight> Ron had said he wuold try to find a scribe fo rthe meeting, but I guess nobody volunteered.
[14:39:55] <bensons> Is the streaming working ok? I recall hearing that the volume was too low...
[14:40:22] <bensons> I'm not sure who's taking notes. It doesn't look like there is any scribe.
[14:40:49] <paul.knight> I didn't see the info about streaming this time. do you have a pointer?
[14:41:18] <bensons> Try http://videolab.uoregon.edu/events/ietf/
[14:41:34] <bensons> we're in Red Lacquer (ch 4)
[14:42:20] <paul.knight> Thanks, I got it, channel 4
[14:42:49] <paul.knight> Yes, it's really low
[14:42:51] <bensons> FYI, Eric R and Raul (sp?) just presented their MVPN stuff. Before that there was a review of milestones and charter. (I missed the first part of that, and I think that means I missed the VR conversation)
[14:43:16] <bensons> Right now Maria (?) is presenting another MVPN draft. She just started a couple minutes ago.
[14:43:44] <paul.knight> Hamid OUld-Brahim said he would probably be there. Do you see hem by any chance?
[14:44:15] <paul.knight> Can't spell today...
[14:44:41] <bensons> I don't see him, but my visibility is somewhat limited.
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[14:45:26] <paul.knight> Okay, thanks for looking. He said he wanted to avoid a straight up-or-down vote on the VR work.
[14:46:00] <paul.knight> Is that Don?
[14:46:16] <bensons> From the summary that Ron gave at the end, it seemed that there wasn't enough concensus either way and so the discussion would go to the mailing list.
[14:46:33] <paul.knight> Okay, that is good.
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