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[07:55:12] <Carsten Bormann_web_885> Stefan: Can you hear us?
[07:55:31] <ED9YDM4Q_web_513> Yes
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[07:55:53] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> no, I can't yet5 ...
[07:56:12] <Tim Bray_web_462> He Stefan we can see you clearly but can't hear you
[07:56:53] <Tim Bray_web_462> Hello ED9YDM4Q pleased to meet you, who are you?
[07:57:10] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> At the begining I heard James ... but nothing now ... can you hear me ?
[07:57:36] <Tim Bray_web_462> Weird that we can see you but not hear you
[07:58:06] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> now I can hear you ...
[07:58:40] <Tim Bray_web_462> Stefan you on mac or windows?
[08:00:06] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> I am on windows
[08:00:48] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> not sure if my laptop ha a mic ... it should ...
[08:02:53] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> I try hard to get my mic working ...
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[08:10:44] <ED9YDM4Q_web_513> Good morning ,Dear.I am from China
[08:11:43] <ED9YDM4Q_web_513> I want to work with you about jsonpath
[08:15:32] <Glyn Normington_web_343> The latest working draft is rendered here:
[08:17:35] <cabo> Yes, Glyn, you accepted pr #187, that was the last change
[08:22:24] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> ... ok ..
[08:23:29] <cabo> "In other words, normalization operations MUST NOT be applied to either the string from the JSONPath or from the JSON prior to comparison.¶"
[08:37:31] <cabo> +1 fail hard
[08:38:44] <Glyn Normington_web_343> +1 fail hard
[08:38:44] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> very reluctant here ... don't know much about that registry workings yet
[08:40:04] <cabo> This is the kind of text we'll have (not necessary that policy):
[08:40:07] <cabo>    The IANA policy for additions to this registry is "Specification
   Required" as defined in [RFC8126] (which involves an Expert Review)
   for names that do not include an internal dot and "IETF Review" for
   names that do include an internal dot.  The expert reviewer is
   specifically instructed that other Standards Development
   Organizations (SDOs) may want to define control operators that are
   specific to their fields (e.g., based on a binary syntax already in
   use at the SDO); the review process should strive to facilitate such
   an undertaking.
[08:45:50] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> ... ok ...
[08:48:32] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> close it ...
[08:54:21] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> JSONPath was not inspired SQL/JSON Path Language.
[08:55:37] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> no functions at the end of the path ... leave it to post processing
[08:58:22] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> ... no
[09:02:59] <ED9YDM4Q_web_513> Can I show my view at the end of the meeting?Thank you
[09:08:08] <James Gruessing_web_991> @ED9YDM4Q If time permits you may. For the record could you tell us your name and affiliation please?
[09:12:01] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> August would be better ...
[09:14:13] <Carsten Bormann_web_885> Jun 2021    Standards Track document defining JSON Path to the IESG
[09:16:45] <cabo> Datatracker indeed has
[09:17:32] <ED9YDM4Q_web_513>
[09:18:19] <cabo> Best get datatracker issues cleared up with
[09:18:41] <cabo>
[09:19:17] <Francesca Palombini_web_837> Ziyang: you should subscribe to and then post the draft to if you want to get jsonpath to check the draft
[09:20:27] <Francesca Palombini_web_837> It feels like you could get more input in ALTO WG
[09:20:43] <Francesca Palombini_web_837>
[09:23:38] <Francesca Palombini_web_837> Thank you all! Bye
[09:23:44] <Stefan Gössner_web_926> sorry for not being able to speak ...
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