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[07:54:27] <Tim Bray_web_141> Hello
[07:54:57] <Glyn Normington_web_916> Good "morning"!
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[08:06:42] <Greg Dennis_web_112> evening* :slightly_smiling_face:
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[08:29:25] <Glyn Normington_web_916>
[08:37:43] <Greg Dennis_web_112> $[?(]
[08:38:10] <Glyn Normington_web_916>
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[09:20:21] <Julian Reschke_web_277> if it's a must, the impl essentially needs to parse the expression based on the i-regexp grammar and reject everything outside, then pass that to the internal regexp impl
[09:25:36] <cabo> Yes.  Unfortunately, the grammar for iregexps is hideous (see document), so that is a non-trivial onus.
[09:33:22] <Julian Reschke_web_277> point taken (so much for jumping into a WG meeting unprepared :-)
[09:34:28] <cabo> Thanks for doing that!
[09:36:10] <Julian Reschke_web_277> that email actually was what brought me here
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