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[09:56:01] <Tim Bray_web_947> I can hear you fine, Meetecho seems to think it can hear me
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[10:01:37] <Glyn Normington_web_568> is my list, for anyone who wants to bring it up.
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[10:11:06] <Francesca Palombini_web_543> Hello! Sorry for being late
[10:13:51] <Francesca Palombini_web_543> My personal preference is that Last Call comments are fixed before the IESG evaluation, and new version is published, so that it is “cleaner” for the last round of reviews (IESG reviews)
[10:15:45] <Francesca Palombini_web_543> So what documents were we talking about? (Again sorry for being late)
[10:16:50] <Francesca Palombini_web_543> Ok! Got it. Thanks for the summary!
[10:25:53] <Glyn Normington_web_568> mentions what I would call naive delegation to Javascript as a security concern
[10:32:39] <Glyn Normington_web_568> Latest:
[10:43:10] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> ?@..x
[10:43:19] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> ?@..x
[10:44:18] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> ?@..x == 7
[10:46:59] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> ?@..[@.x == 7]
[10:47:32] <Glyn Normington_web_568> ?@..[?@.x == 7]
[10:49:27] <Glyn Normington_web_568> doesn't allow a "bald" recursive descent such as $..
[10:56:42] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> rel-path     = "@" *(S (dot-selector / index-selector))
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[10:58:57] <Glyn Normington_web_970> Sorry - lost internet there.
[11:04:02] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> @index
[11:04:55] <Glyn Normington_web_970> Oops - in my email I should have written about functions "I'm not convinced the benefit outweighs the cost"!
[11:10:26] <Carsten Bormann_web_823> $.perpetrator[?@.conviction %#& length > 2]
[11:15:38] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> $.perpetrator[?@.conviction#length > 2]
[11:15:39] <Carsten Bormann_web_823> RFC6648
[11:17:23] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> @#index
[11:22:11] <Carsten Bormann_web_823> +1
[11:38:35] <Carsten Bormann_web_823>, CHF 178
[11:45:42] <Glyn Normington_web_970> ? == $.bar
[11:48:40] <Stefan Gössner_web_280> ?@.color == [128,64,0]
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