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[00:03:15] <Murray Kucherawy_web_994> Need to drop out early today.  Let me know if any AD issues come up!
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[00:03:43] <Jim Fenton_web_847> Will do!
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[00:14:00] <Ned Freed_web_246> FWIW, the hash of a reference object has also been specified RFC 1864.
[00:14:31] <Ned Freed_web_246> Very dated, but the point is a lot of things have been tried.
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[00:15:48] <John Levine_web_671> I wouldn't rule out sending pieces and reassembling them. It's worked in usenet for 20 years
[00:16:28] <Hans-Jörg Happel_web_929> sorry
[00:16:30] <Hans-Jörg Happel_web_929> tech issues
[00:18:26] <Ned Freed_web_246> message/partial first defined in RFC 1341?
[00:19:20] <Jamey Sharp_web_361> In a hypothetical system where anybody could look up the attachment content by hash, it would be nice to standardize sending a symmetric encryption key along with the reference in the email. Then anyone who sees the email can still read the attachment, as today, but the raw bytes are safe to share with IPFS or Bittorrent or any public system because they're encrypted.
[00:20:01] <John Levine_web_671> agreed we are unlikely to make things worse
[00:21:11] <Ned Freed_web_246> The symmetric key in the mail is actually an excellent approach - and one that AFAIK has not been tried.
[00:22:01] <Ned Freed_web_246> The reason it wins over more elaborate schemes involving IBE or other security esoterica is that the key is available to AS/AV programs.
[00:22:25] <Hans-Jörg Happel_web_929> I would see this as two separate issues:1) Standardize URL-based sharing of single files from online files storages (multi-purpose, agnostic of usage in email)2) Work to linking/appliying (1) to email
[00:22:40] <Ned Freed_web_246> The problem with anything that locks the content away from scanners is it will never be allowed in enterprises with security concerns.
[00:24:13] <Jamey Sharp_web_361> Symmetric keys are conveniently short--16 bytes for AES-128 for instance.
[00:25:32] <Ned Freed_web_246> I think there's also a URL type that wraps an existing URL, adding a hash. From Larry Masinter maybe?
[00:33:32] <Jamey Sharp_web_361> Is this an appropriate occasion to ask if anyone in this WG is interested in a JMAP for Feeds (e.g. RSS) application?
[00:37:23] <John Levine_web_671> I'd take a look, the collision between XML in Atom and json in jmap may be painful
[00:37:51] <John Levine_web_671> Start at RFC 5023, Atom which is intended to replace rss
[00:38:10] <Jamey Sharp_web_361> Yeah, I use the term RSS as a catch-all, I prefer Atom in practice.
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[00:38:26] <Jamey Sharp_web_361> There are JSON encodings for similar models too.
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[00:38:29] <Hans-Jörg Happel_web_929> bye!
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[00:38:35] <Mario Loffredo_web_745> Good night :-)
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[00:38:44] <Jamey Sharp_web_361> Thanks all!
[00:38:44] <Bron Gondwana_web_956> Thanks for staying up later / getting up early!
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