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[15:15:42] <henku> Hi, this is the IETF IPPM meeting. I'll relay questions to the speakers...
[15:16:31] <pfc> Dag Henk...
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[15:25:40] * mattz has changed the subject to: IPPM Working Group
[15:26:50] <henku> Hi, this is the IETF IPPM meeting. I'll relay questions to the speakers... Hi, this is the IETF IPPM meeting. I'll relay questions to the speakers... Hi, this is the IPPM meeting, I'll relay questions to the speakers...
[15:27:11] <henku> Mark Allman is up. Slides are on the web.
[15:27:24] <pfc> URL ?
[15:27:39] <henku> https://datatracker.ietf.org/public/meeting_materials.cgi?meeting_num=66
[15:27:48] <henku> Then scroll down for IPPM
[15:27:59] <pfc> thx
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[15:31:54] <pfc> I have no audio, so excuse my questions...Does Mark have any interest from other groups in the workshops?
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[15:34:20] <mallman> phil: did you see the slide?
[15:34:37] <mallman> the two workshops brewing are application identification and bw estimation.
[15:34:41] <mallman> other ideas quite welcome
[15:35:02] <pfc> Yes, I was wondering what level of interest there was in other quarters...
[15:35:18] <mallman> i have heard nothing in other quarters
[15:35:28] <pfc> OK
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[15:40:55] <pfc> Which set of slides are we on.?
[15:41:25] <mattz> roman slides. he just gave 'em to me before the meeting, and my machine crashed... am trying to upload now
[15:45:10] <henku> Saverio on the traceroute draft is next
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[15:51:51] <henku> Now Matt Z is up, presenting slides from Stanislav
[15:55:16] <pfc> When you get to it: Slide 6 comment: Two seconds seems a bit short to me. Also, if you are focusing on short term reporting (i.e. time interval is seconds) you may not get enough samples to report statistically sound results...(i.e. you get a large variation & large confidence interval)
[15:57:46] <henku> Matt: please repeat question at the end, I'm also not Stas so please post on list.
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[17:03:18] <mallman> is this bursting in the aggregate?
[17:03:22] <mallman> or, per flow?
[17:03:54] <mattz> I think he's thinking about aggregate, but we'll see (grab the slides and look ahead)
[17:04:34] <mallman> the last slide just said "burstiness" was per flow somehow
[17:04:58] <mallman> i think i'll just ask
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[17:08:26] <mallman> lars is right on .... we need to make sure we take the transport into account here. maybe even in the defn. e.g., the number of packets liberated by an ACK in tcp will generally be sent in a burst.
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