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[16:04:05] <nevil> I get the feeling there's no-one at the meeting on jabber ??
[16:09:22] <gerhard> hm, bad
[16:10:52] <gerhard> ok, simon is there
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[16:10:57] <sleinen> Hi Nevil
[16:11:09] <sleinen> Elisa presenting about IPFIX Implementation Guidelines
[16:11:34] <nevil> Hi Simon, I'm rediscovering how to use my gaim jabber client :-)
[16:11:48] <sleinen> first submitted as WG item in August 2006
[16:12:00] <sleinen> Milestone for publication November 2006 - not sure whether that's realistic
[16:14:38] <sleinen> document structure completely changed since first submission
[16:14:56] <nevil> There's an open set of topics that could be included in this draft - it would be good to have some guidelines on implementing security, but that would surely be a good point to stop adding things and publish tit as RFC ?
[16:15:18] <sleinen> slides seem to be on http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/ipfix-7.pdf
[16:16:02] <nevil> yes, I'm looking at the slides, tnx
[16:17:00] <sleinen> Nevil: the live stream should be on http://videolab.uoregon.edu/events/ietf/ietf672.m3u
[16:17:24] <sleinen> [But I'm not sure the server supports a large enough TCP sending window to enable streaming to NZ.]
[16:18:32] <nevil> Well, the 'test stream,' KWAX in Oregon works fine, but when I try to start the audio just doesn't start streaming. As usual, I should have tested this days ago!
[16:19:07] <gerhard> The audio stream works fine using winamp.
[16:19:40] <sleinen> Nevil: did you try tuning the TCP receive buffer size on your system?
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[16:20:55] <nevil> No. I'm running Debian Linux, do you happen to know the command to change TCP buffer size?
[16:24:40] <sleinen> Elisa now talks about draft-ietf-ipfix-reducing-redundancy-01.txt
[16:27:50] <sleinen> Jürgen suggest to WGLC next week
[16:28:52] <sleinen> Nevil: try the instructions in http://kb.pert.switch.ch/cgi-bin/twiki/view/PERTKB/LinuxOSSpecific
[16:29:15] <sleinen> (in particular the *rmem variables)
[16:29:31] <sleinen> Paul Aitken on IPFIX Testing I-D
[16:29:57] <sleinen> draft-ietf-ipfix-testing-00.txt
[16:30:07] <sleinen> slides: http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/ipfix-9.ppt
[16:31:40] <sleinen> Paul mentions interoperability testing event: http://ants.fokus.fraunhofer.de/ipfix/interop06/
[16:32:43] <sleinen> WGLC in January? (not sure whether I understood Jürgen right)
[16:35:04] <sleinen> [discussion about what compliance means]
[16:35:46] <sleinen> Next up: Thomas Dietz on IPFIX MIB
[16:35:59] <sleinen> I-D: draft-dietz-ipfix-mib-01.txt
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[16:44:10] <sleinen> Discussion about writability of the IPFIX MIB
[16:50:31] <nevil> I like the idea of having some writeability to allow (at least simple) config viaSNMP
[16:53:05] <gerhard> seems to be a never ending discussion...
[16:53:33] <sleinen> right
[16:53:37] <nevil> problem is that lots of people have 'mixed feelings' about SNMP
[16:53:56] <gerhard> yes, and not only in IPFIX community
[16:55:21] <nevil> I rather like using SNMP to configure things, it works very well for the RTFM meter
[16:55:48] <nevil> but I certainly don;t think it should be the *only* way to configure any particular type of device
[16:56:06] <sleinen> Nobody's suggesting that it be the only way, Nevil...
[16:56:29] <sleinen> Still I don't care about configurability through the MIB
[16:56:40] <sleinen> Monitoring through SNMP is very important for me
[16:56:58] <gerhard> the problem is that specifying a read-write mib is much more work than a read-only one
[16:57:01] <sleinen> and if we don't have a standard monitoring MIB because we're busy developing a MIB for configuration, then that's bad.
[16:58:13] <nevil> Yes, no argument about that
[17:02:03] <sleinen> Now on: Brian Trammell on Bidirectional Flow Export
[17:02:08] <sleinen> draft-ietf-ipfix-biflow-00.txt
[17:02:28] <sleinen> slides: http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/ipfix-2.pdf
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[17:15:38] <gerhard> there is something mixed up with the upcoming slides. http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/ipfix-3.ppt (IE Order) is a PDF http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/ipfix-5.pdf (Configuration) is a PPT
[17:17:39] <sleinen> Yes, that's right - likely to confuse your browser
[17:20:38] <sleinen> now moving on to individual submissions...
[17:21:28] <gerhard> is he already talking=
[17:21:31] <gerhard> ?
[17:21:33] <sleinen> No
[17:21:37] <sleinen> Slowly starting
[17:21:43] <sleinen> Information Order I-D
[17:22:24] <sleinen> This is the PDF that is called ipfix-3.ppt...
[17:26:17] <gerhard> goes into the direction of implementing a light collector without proper template management
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[17:32:29] <gerhard> poor boy
[17:33:17] <gerhard> has serious problems to get the questions, too many different english dialects
[17:35:00] <sleinen> I think Benoit and Elisa want to see some figures about the level of improvement (if any) before adding these ordering guidelines to the implementation guidelines
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[17:35:27] <sleinen> Now on: Atsushi Kobayashi on IPFIX Mediators
[17:35:46] <sleinen> Slides are a slightly changed version of http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/ipfix-4.pdf
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[17:47:13] <sleinen> Next on: Benoît standing in for Gerhard Münz on IPFIX Configuration Data Model
[17:47:19] <sleinen> draft-muenz-ipfix-configuration-00.txt
[17:48:09] <sleinen> Slides: wget http://www3.ietf.org/proceedings/06nov/slides/ipfix-5.pdf (ATTENTION: This is actually Microsoft PowerPoint format!)
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[17:53:30] <sleinen> Now on: Brian Trammell on IPFIX-Base File Format
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[18:04:22] <sleinen> Session closed (5' late), thanks everybody for participating.
[18:04:27] <sleinen> See you next time in Prague
[18:04:49] <gerhard> thanks for your typing
[18:05:17] <nevil> thanks SImon. and yes, I should be at the Prague meeting. Maybe I could visit you in Switzerland after that meeting?
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[18:12:27] <sleinen> Nevil: That would be great! It's a short flight, and Zurich (still) has decent connections...
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[18:12:56] <sleinen> Souad and I would be happy to have you over for dinner :-)
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