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[09:03:43] <nevil> hello
[09:04:18] <mattz> hi nevil
[09:04:30] <mattz> just a title slide up right now; dave stepped out
[09:04:52] <mattz> hopefully you'll be able to hear the audio stream better than the IPPM one (if you care to listen)
[09:05:06] <nevil> wonderful, I got the time rught :-)
[09:05:13] <mattz> :D
[09:06:01] <mattz> I'm going to take notes, since dave took notes in my session; hopefully someone else will help relay Jabber stuff
[09:06:14] <mattz> or, to put it another way, if no one else comes on, there may be a delay before I could relay anything from you
[09:06:24] <mattz> btw, kewin says hi
[09:06:44] <nevil> tnx, lets see how it goes
[09:07:46] <nevil> Ah; youj remind m, it's a while since I swapped email with Kewin
[09:08:16] <mattz> ok
[09:08:17] --- paitken has joined
[09:08:35] <nevil> hi paul
[09:08:35] --- jeroen has joined
[09:08:40] <mattz> starting, dave is giving administrivia
[09:08:53] <mattz> (if someone else is in the room and can relay q's, I'd appreciate it)
[09:09:22] --- Kewin Stoeckigt has joined
[09:09:24] <jeroen> I can relay
[09:09:29] <mattz> thanks!
[09:09:35] <nevil> ho Kewin :-)
[09:09:41] <Kewin Stoeckigt> Hi Nevil
[09:09:53] <Kewin Stoeckigt> good to see you
[09:10:02] <jeroen> ( /me sits front right, red hair, pony tail, just in case)
[09:11:09] * mattz is in front left, red shirt
[09:11:26] <jeroen> ack
[09:14:07] <mattz> next up: Emile Stephan on "Templates for ISP use"
[09:20:12] <nevil> are emil's slides onlinen=
[09:20:36] <nevil> that is, anyone got a URL for them?
[09:20:41] <mattz> I don't know; jeroen, maybe you could echo major points
[09:20:42] <jeroen> he mailed them to david
[09:20:45] <jeroen> not online :(
[09:21:01] <nevil> ok. tnx
[09:21:07] <jeroen> emile is basically talking about making standard templates for IPFIX
[09:21:24] <jeroen> so that ISP's can easily migrate from v5/v7/v9 towards IPFIX
[09:21:43] <jeroen> and including also PSAMP/IPPM work
[09:21:56] <jeroen> the draft is targetted to become a BCP
[09:23:45] <jeroen> david proposes to continue it for the moment as individual
[09:24:09] <jeroen> s/david/dave/
[09:25:23] <jeroen> benoit is arguing that we moved from v5 to variable fields so that we could have variable fields and not a fixed thing
[09:25:38] <jeroen> while emile's draft sort of specifies having fixed fields again
[09:26:55] <nevil> If having a template helps people to get going with IPFIX, that's a good thing - they din't *have* to use his template
[09:27:28] <jeroen> it is indeed meant for transition
[09:28:01] <jeroen> (passed it to dave)
[09:28:16] <nevil> tnx
[09:29:53] --- Kewin Stoeckigt has left: Disconnected
[09:30:21] <jeroen> Juergen Quittek up next
[09:30:31] <jeroen> (-spelling mistakes in name)
[09:31:04] <nevil> Juergen posted his slides, I've got a copy of them
[09:32:21] <jeroen> slide 2, discussing the solutions
[09:32:48] <jeroen> slide 3 atomic observation
[09:34:41] <nevil> juergen's diagrams are very clear
[09:34:47] <jeroen> indeed
[09:35:13] <jeroen> slide 6 already
[09:37:19] <jeroen> flipping slides forward/back
[09:38:38] <paitken> #7
[09:38:42] <paitken> #8
[09:38:44] <jeroen> :)
[09:40:40] <paitken> #9, #10
[09:41:48] <paitken> #6
[09:42:23] <nevil> 'External flow info' seems to have the observation point containing the middlebox (whiich would allow it to see both pre- and post- properties
[09:42:28] <paitken> Q from Stewart Bryant
[09:43:50] <jeroen> #8
[09:44:01] <jeroen> same for the dscp points
[09:45:46] <jeroen> randall .... on the mike
[09:46:55] <paitken> Benoit
[09:48:34] <paitken> #10
[09:51:19] <paitken> Q. from Stewart Bryant.
[09:53:19] <paitken> #8 or #6 ?
[09:53:23] <jeroen> 6
[09:54:22] <jeroen> Elisa Boschi setting up
[09:54:24] <jeroen> you have the slides?
[09:54:39] <nevil> not for elisa. alas
[09:54:46] <jeroen> hold on
[09:55:02] <jeroen> what is your mail address?
[09:55:54] <nevil> does the meeting like Benoit's Solution 3, or Juergen's External Info?
[09:56:04] <jeroen> undecided
[09:56:08] <nevil> email to nevil@auckland.ac.nz please
[09:56:20] <paitken> No preference was really expressed.
[09:56:28] <paitken> At the meeting, at least.
[09:56:50] <mattz> I'd say that both david and stewart didn't like the idea of "pre", no matter how it's labeled. but that's it.
[09:57:04] <jeroen> presentation coming in your mailbox
[09:57:15] <nevil> seems to me we need to pick one and agree we can live with it; there's no clear ad vantage in either
[09:57:28] <jeroen> (somewhat older revision though but should match 99%)
[09:58:10] <mattz> (btw, "stewart" -> randall stewart)
[09:58:13] <paitken> slide "Unclear or ambiguous definitions"
[09:58:52] <paitken> # "compression..."
[09:58:55] <jeroen> [length = 5 ] [ data of 4 long]
[09:59:03] <jeroen> thus 6 bytes in total
[09:59:42] <nevil> got the slide, tnx (the marval of the Internet!)
[10:00:00] <jeroen> :)
[10:00:14] <jeroen> no slide numbers unfortunately
[10:00:22] <jeroen> but this is I guess 6 about UDP
[10:00:28] <jeroen> + resending templates
[10:00:53] <jeroen> slide "template id data type"
[10:00:57] <nevil> I'm delighted to see so many implementations
[10:01:21] <jeroen> and I have to say it was interresting but also a lot of fun to do the interop
[10:02:00] <nevil> and its great to discover the ambiguities - even though that means we need to edit the drafts yet again :)
[10:02:08] <jeroen> <grin>
[10:02:28] <mattz> nothing like actually implementing something to exercise the spec
[10:02:54] <jeroen> blame paul for the 8008 :)
[10:03:33] <paitken> jeroen, let me remind you tha tyou signed an NDA for the interop
[10:04:10] <jeroen> ack
[10:07:34] <paitken> Benoit
[10:10:30] <paitken> Jeroen and Benoit on the mike
[10:10:48] <paitken> Paul = me
[10:11:46] <paitken> #length slide
[10:11:54] <paitken> (Think this is a new one)
[10:12:06] <nevil> ok, tnx
[10:13:05] <paitken> #someone "I say protocol"
[10:13:19] <paitken> One q. Did you send messages or data sets of length 0
[10:13:33] <paitken> Jeroen on mike
[10:40:41] <paitken> #conclusions
[10:49:39] <paitken> Is no-one doing notes for this preso/
[10:49:46] <paitken> page #5
[10:50:14] <nevil> mattz said he is ?
[10:50:57] <mattz> I'm doing notes, but not doing notes to jabber
[10:51:06] <mattz> emacs keys don't work...
[10:51:53] <paitken> I just scrolled back to the start to find out who mattz is
[10:52:11] <paitken> And I see I ommitted to say "hi" ;-O
[10:52:20] <mattz> Matt Zekauskas, david took notes in my ippm session earlier, so I'm taking notes for him :)
[10:52:25] <paitken> So, err, hi there.
[10:53:37] <mattz> hi
[10:54:34] <nevil> are we still on interop, or have we moved to Falko's Aggregation?
[10:54:44] <jeroen> falko
[10:54:52] <jeroen> you do have audio I hope.... as I assumed...
[10:55:10] <paitken> He's not talking into the mike very well
[10:55:51] <jeroen> I'll try to hint him
[10:55:56] <paitken> Nevil, do you have this preso?
[10:56:09] <paitken> slide 10
[10:57:09] <nevil> no, I dont. And - alas - I d=failed to do myhomework and find a Freebsd package that could listen to the IETF audio; maybe I'll manage that tomorrow for sessions later in the week
[10:57:38] <paitken> :-(
[10:57:49] <nevil> Here in Auckland, its 0345 on Tuesday morning - I'm sitting up in bed just following the jabber session
[10:57:59] <paitken> I wish you'd told us.
[10:58:02] <nevil> Works fairly well for me
[10:58:07] <paitken> I could have types a whole lot faster.
[10:58:14] <paitken> typed, even.
[10:58:26] <paitken> Falko's preso ends.
[10:58:36] <paitken> Stewart Bryant.
[10:58:51] <paitken> Does this draft solve an interoperability problem?
[10:59:13] <paitken> SB: Why do we need a std for an aggregation box?
[10:59:23] <paitken> SB: it's a product design issue for an agg box.
[10:59:48] <paitken> Dave cuts off.
[10:59:58] <paitken> Now, "Goals and Milestones"
[11:00:04] <mattz> don't we have another 1/2 hr?
[11:00:13] <paitken> It's 18:00
[11:00:23] <nevil> this session is 1630-1800
[11:00:43] <paitken> Nevil and Dave will talk to AD's about what to do.
[11:00:59] <paitken> about the drafts that are outstanding
[11:01:41] <paitken> Brian Trummel? from Surf? asked in IPPM about streaming IPFIX to disk.
[11:01:45] <jeroen> CERN
[11:01:51] <paitken> so we might want to discuss that.
[11:01:59] <paitken> <ends>
[11:02:18] <paitken> Thank you, and goodnight :-)
[11:02:22] <jeroen> :)
[11:02:25] <mattz> no, dave mentioned it in IPPM. I don't have the name either
[11:02:40] <mattz> thanks for others typing into jabber
[11:02:46] --- paitken has left
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[11:02:55] <mattz> goodnight, nevil
[11:03:07] --- jtk has joined
[11:03:18] <nevil> 'bye matt - and yes, tnx to the jabber people :)
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