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[16:18:21] mellon joins the room
[16:18:32] <mellon> Hm, is this working?
[16:18:41] <RjS> I see you
[16:18:46] <RjS> just the two of us so far
[16:18:47] <mellon> Nice.
[16:20:01] <RjS> these are all people with experience at remote work and there's all this trouble...
[16:20:09] <RjS> fodder for the manycouches conversation
[16:21:32] <mellon> Yes.   Well, one problem is that we are using Webex, which actually kind of sucks.   OTOH, more modern UIs don’t go through some corp. firewalls.   :|
[16:34:31] <RjS> I'm wondering if you want to leave auto-suggestion on for this group
[16:35:11] <mellon> I can’t remember what our last decision on that topic was.
[16:35:39] <mellon> There was a thought that it might be good to just trial the process.
[16:35:48] <RjS> that's what I remember
[16:35:56] <mellon> IOW, keep auto-suggest on for now, turn it off later.   :)
[16:36:34] <RjS> yep - when should we bring it up again (what's "later") for evaluation?
[16:36:44] <RjS> (is it later yet?)
[16:36:47] <mellon> I would say not yet, no.
[16:36:59] <mellon> I don’t think we’ve actually done any reviews.   Indeed, I wonder if auto-suggest is actually on.
[16:37:11] <RjS> can you see what samita is sharing?
[16:37:28] <mellon> Ah, yes.
[16:37:30] <RjS> if not, look at
[16:37:34] <RjS> tons of autosuggestion
[16:37:43] <mellon> right, none of which we have acted on. :)
[16:37:51] <RjS> lots of work for someone to go say "will not review" to get them out of the way
[16:37:53] <RjS> or assign them
[16:38:13] <RjS> I think the directorate has assigned one review
[16:38:27] <RjS> ah no
[16:38:36] <mellon> Is this the whole list?
[16:38:39] <RjS> but there is an explicitly requested review at the end of the list (made by Terry)
[16:38:50] <mellon> Yes, I think that we acted on that.
[16:38:51] <RjS> yes
[16:38:58] <mellon> But haven’t yet assigned a reviewer.
[16:39:09] <mellon> IIRC the process is to ask for a volunteer first; I suspect that this has now timed out.
[16:40:13] <mellon> Oh, I like this "other reviews" feature.   I’d remembered that someone was reviewing it, but didn’t realize that it was for another directorate.
[17:11:10] RjS leaves the room
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