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[16:54:51] <Meetecho> this rooms comes with a remote participation experiment, meaning you can join a queue to make questions injectiong your audio
[16:55:10] <Meetecho> to do so use the "raise your hand icon" (assumes you accepted the permission to access mic)
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[16:56:44] <Dave Thaler> I can jabber scribe if no one else is
[16:57:16] <Dave Thaler> chair slides:
[16:57:26] <Dave Thaler> slide 4: Document Status
[16:57:46] <Dave Thaler> David Black at mic
[16:58:26] <Dave Thaler> Charlie Perkins at mic
[16:59:39] <Dave Thaler> Slide 5: Agenda
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[17:00:16] <Dave Thaler> Christian's slides:
[17:00:49] <Dave Thaler> "Current Hostname Practice Considered Harmful"
[17:01:21] <Dave Thaler> slide 2: "Connection -> Leaking metadata!"
[17:03:13] <Dave Thaler> Slide 3: Host Name Practice Considered Harmful
[17:05:18] <Dave Thaler> 4: Why is it important?
[17:06:24] <Dave Thaler> 5: Example of disclosure in DNS-SD
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[17:09:01] <Dave Thaler> 6: Request to the INT Area: scrub the meta-data
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[17:16:37] <Dave Thaler> Fred's slides:
[17:16:59] <Dave Thaler> 3: Path MTU discovery
[17:17:18] <Dave Thaler> 4: Fragmentation and Reassembly by Tunnel
[17:18:34] <Dave Thaler> 5: Fragmentation of the Inner Packet
[17:19:22] <Dave Thaler> 6: Encapsulate Only When There is Free MTU
[17:21:02] <Dave Thaler> 7: Summary
[17:21:08] <Dave Thaler> David Black at mic
[17:22:23] <Dave Thaler> Erik Nordmark
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[17:25:16] <Dave Thaler> Sheng's slides:
[17:25:34] <Dave Thaler> slide 2: Requirements
[17:25:51] <Dave Thaler> (presentation is "Dynamic GRE Tunnel")
[17:27:08] <Dave Thaler> 3: Dynamic GRE Tunnel Mechanism
[17:28:30] <Dave Thaler> 4: DHCP Extensions
[17:29:30] <Dave Thaler> Ron Bonica at mic
[17:30:02] <Dave Thaler> Lee Howard
[17:31:57] <Dave Thaler> Huitema on "MAC Randomization Implementation Experience"
[17:32:01] <Dave Thaler> slides:
[17:32:30] <Dave Thaler> slide 2: MAC Address Randomization controlled from Windows 10 Wi-Fi UI
[17:32:43] <Dave Thaler> 3: Global Control...
[17:35:11] <Dave Thaler> Juan-Carlos at mic
[17:36:26] <Dave Thaler> 4: Per-Network MAC Randomization Setting in Windows 10
[17:36:41] <sureshk> For people following remotely
[17:36:47] <sureshk> we added a presentation at the end
[17:37:03] <sureshk> It is named IPPL
[17:37:28] <Dave Thaler> 5: FAQ
[17:40:12] <Dave Thaler> 6: Personal Experience
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[17:42:37] <Dave Thaler> Dan Harkins at mic
[17:44:04] <Dave Thaler> Lorenzo Colitti
[17:46:05] <Dave Thaler> Fred Templin
[17:46:23] <Dave Thaler> Juan-Carlos Zuniga
[17:48:01] <Dave Thaler> Dan Harkins
[17:49:09] <Dave Thaler> Erik's slides:
[17:49:24] <Dave Thaler> IP over Intentionally Partially Partitioned Links
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[17:49:53] <Dave Thaler> slide 3: Intentionally Partially Partitioned?
[17:51:13] <Dave Thaler> 4: Protocol issues
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