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[22:56:21] <narten> anyone even entering what the agenda topic is (for us not in the room)
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[22:59:05] <sarikaya2012> Suresh is showing the agenda slide
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[22:59:56] <sarikaya2012> Carpenter to present IPv6 flow label draft
[23:01:17] <sarikaya2012> Slide 2 on small clarifications
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[23:04:02] <sarikaya2012> slide 3 on session detection
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[23:07:11] <sarikaya2012> slide 4 next steps
[23:07:38] <sarikaya2012> suresh asked if the changes are OK?
[23:08:30] <sarikaya2012> Suresh: new coc-hair, Juan Carlos Zuniga
[23:08:50] <sarikaya2012> Juan carlos on Omniran
[23:10:58] <sarikaya2012> scope is network reference model, stage 2 document
[23:14:23] <sarikaya2012> 3GPP WLAN EPC Use Case slide
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[23:16:56] <sarikaya2012> OMNIRAN functionalities slide
[23:17:52] <sarikaya2012> next steps slide
[23:19:31] <sarikaya2012> Sri asked if any IPv6 extension will be required?
[23:20:05] <sarikaya2012> JC: IP is completely out of scope
[23:20:34] <sarikaya2012> Haberman: why talks about Ominran?
[23:21:07] <sarikaya2012> Maybe IETF protocols like ND need to be looked at
[23:21:59] <sarikaya2012> Next Sheng Autonomous Network Config Problem statement
[23:22:43] <sarikaya2012> Motivation slide
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[23:23:52] <sarikaya2012> Model slide
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[23:25:05] <sarikaya2012> contents of the draft slide
[23:26:37] <sarikaya2012> Brief look at requirements slide
[23:27:27] <sarikaya2012> scenarios
[23:28:59] <sarikaya2012> scenarios - 2
[23:30:55] <sarikaya2012> simple example
[23:33:14] <sarikaya2012> Haberman: presented in opsawg?
[23:33:21] <sarikaya2012> Sheng: no
[23:34:05] <sarikaya2012> Brian: operators are responsible for the config
[23:34:47] <sarikaya2012> Sheng: operators leave maintenance to 3rd parties
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[23:35:37] <sarikaya2012> Brian: in opsawg you can get good feedback
[23:36:10] <sarikaya2012> John at mic
[23:40:37] <sarikaya2012> Eric on mic
[23:40:41] <sarikaya2012> Dave is on mic
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[23:44:49] <sarikaya2012> Hosnieh on Transaction signatures
[23:45:20] <sarikaya2012> problem statement slide
[23:46:05] <sarikaya2012> Motivation slide
[23:46:50] <sarikaya2012> what is CGA-TSIG slide
[23:47:27] <sarikaya2012> Threat model slide
[23:49:02] <sarikaya2012> is it a new resouce record
[23:49:25] <sarikaya2012> what if the node doesnot support CGA?
[23:50:04] <sarikaya2012> modifications and commented applied slide
[23:50:45] <sarikaya2012> Suresh: giving background
[23:51:37] <sarikaya2012> being considred because it is relevant to more than one Intarea WG
[23:51:46] <sarikaya2012> Ted on mic
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[23:55:05] <sarikaya2012> Andrew on mic
[23:56:11] <sarikaya2012> Eric Nordman on mic
[23:56:20] <Andrew Sullivan> Nordmark, actually
[23:56:39] <sarikaya2012> @Andrew, thanks for correction
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[23:57:57] <sarikaya2012> Suresh, not enough people read the draft so adoption to be taken to the list
[23:58:55] <sarikaya2012> Jim presenting IPv6 transition openv6
[23:59:02] <sarikaya2012> slide 3
[23:59:30] <sarikaya2012> IPv6 trasition unification
[23:59:40] <sarikaya2012> slide 4
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