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[13:39:51] <zulipbot> (Ryo Yanagida) Hello! 👋
[13:40:59] <zulipbot> (Dirk Kutscher) Hello Ryo!
[13:43:17] <zulipbot> (David Oran) Why do you have to delete the data (which is essentially impossible in a large distributed system). This has nothing to do with whether you use manifests to point to the data or not!
The only data that needs to be physically made unavailable is the encryption keys for the data, and for that you need an auditable multi-party agreement protocol, since you don't want to have to trust a single party to find and eliminate all key instances.
[16:50:04] <zulipbot> (Ryo Yanagida) @Dirk Thank you for charing this, sorry and I hope I did not take too much of the time… I am conscious I did ask quite a few.