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[06:51:03] <adrianfarrel> Hi jabber world. If you want any comment read at the microphone, please write "MIC:..."
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[07:02:30] <Meetecho> just to make sure, is Diego's audio ok in the room?
[07:03:04] <Edward Lopez> Yes ... his AV is ok
[07:03:12] <adrianfarrel> Thanks @Meetecho. Another perfect remote presentation
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[07:03:44] <Meetecho> (y)
[07:03:52] <Meetecho> tnx!
[07:05:04] <adrianfarrel> @Meetecho However the cookies in the break were rather small. Can you zoom in? :-X
[07:05:34] <Meetecho> guess so but they'd be pixellated :)
[07:05:43] <Meetecho> not the same flavour!
[07:08:27] <Diego Lopez> Yeah, bear in mind I am using the webcam of my laptop...
[07:08:56] <Dan Romascanu> worked very well excepting 10-15 sec of echo at the end
[07:09:22] <Diego Lopez> Aaargh! When talking about pixelation I thought you were referring to my image :-)
[07:10:29] <Meetecho> nono :D
[07:11:21] <adrianfarrel> @Meetecho - However, we do have a freezeframe of Diego staring at us from the screen
[07:11:43] <adrianfarrel> (He's very good looking, but a little distracting)
[07:12:17] <Meetecho> that's weird, he did unpublish and he's gone from my web ui
[07:12:19] <Meetecho> let us check
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[07:12:58] <adrianfarrel> also on the laptop (obviously)
[07:15:07] <Diego Lopez> Big Brother watching you!
[07:15:21] <adrianfarrel> Sue Hares at mic
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[07:25:01] <Dan Romascanu> MIC: how many 'vendors' (different code basis) participated in the hackathon?
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[07:26:09] <adrianfarrel> got it
[07:26:43] <adrianfarrel> kyle larosse at mic
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[07:28:33] <Dan Romascanu> tx
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[07:44:17] <adrianfarrel> Eric Voit at mic
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[07:59:41] <adrianfarrel> Sue Hares at mic
[08:00:24] <adrianfarrel> Eric Voit at mic
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[08:09:27] <slm> sorry to be needy  - but I for one would find it helpful to have some clue what slide set you are currently seeing.  (I am audio only at this point)
[08:10:47] <adrianfarrel> sorry
[08:11:01] <adrianfarrel> Sue on Nsf capability data model
[08:12:49] <slm> no prob.  for Sue, I got enough context to pick right slide set.  :-)
[08:14:04] <adrianfarrel> (then you're doing better than me! struggling cos slides not in right order)
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[08:17:13] <slm> YES, I agree.
[08:17:41] <Diego Lopez> MIC: For the matter of credit, the work Sue was mentioning was carried out together with the Politiecnico di Torino
[08:17:50] <adrianfarrel> Settled on slide #7
[08:18:19] <adrianfarrel> @diego in Q
[08:19:30] <adrianfarrel> slide 11
[08:19:59] <Diego Lopez> MIC: A second comment, this one more on the current discussion: I think what the previous draft proposes would be an ideal test for this capability interface
[08:20:10] <adrianfarrel> ack
[08:20:11] <Diego Lopez> s/what/that/
[08:20:32] <Diego Lopez> undo s/...
[08:20:42] <Diego Lopez> Awake too early...
[08:21:13] <Diego Lopez> MIC: The one on VoIP
[08:21:30] <adrianfarrel> Next preso : draft-kim-i2nsf-nsf-facing-interface-data-model
[08:24:01] <adrianfarrel> Next preso draft-zhang-i2nsf-info-model-monitoring
[08:35:11] <adrianfarrel> Eric Voit at mic
[08:37:06] <adrianfarrel> Next preso : draft-jeong-i2nsf-sdn-security-services
[08:37:35] <adrianfarrel> Next
[08:37:36] <slm> right on track, thanks much
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[08:50:07] <adrianfarrel> final preso :
[08:50:25] <adrianfarrel> tic toc count down
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