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[21:29:24] <Sanjay Dalal_web_786> Hello everyone!
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[21:29:32] <Darrel Miller_web_377> Hello!
[21:29:36] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> yo
[21:29:42] <Alex Martínez_web_785> hiya all
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[21:30:05] <Phil Archer_web_319> I'm assuming it's silent bc no one's speaking or am I not connected properly?
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[21:30:19] <Darrel Miller_web_377> It is silent because no one is speaking.
[21:30:24] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> yes
[21:30:27] <Derk-Jan Karrenbeld_web_671> 👋🏽
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[21:38:44] <Darrel Miller_web_377>
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[21:43:19] <Mike Bishop_web_452> Rich is sharing his screen; the icon next to the enter-queue button requests to share slides instead of your screen.
[21:46:48] <Derk-Jan Karrenbeld_web_671> 207 Multi-Status
[21:47:01] <Mark Nottingham_web_281>
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[21:51:43] <Mike Bishop_web_452> Who was it who spoke from MSFT?
[21:51:58] <Sanjay Dalal_web_786> Darrel
[21:52:02] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> agreed. granularity is a good target to discuss
[21:52:43] <Sanjay Dalal_web_786> @Mark I will chip in on examples.
[21:56:10] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> URN is my preference
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[22:00:28] <Darrel Miller_web_377> Personally, I'm torn. Technically urn is better, but the familiarity and discovery characteristics of https:// are better.
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[22:06:18] <Darrel Miller_web_377> The fact that we are considering urn for the registry will advertise the fact that urns are an option if someone is concerned with people dereferencing.
[22:09:33] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> agreed
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[22:10:18] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> guidance
[22:10:19] <Derk-Jan Karrenbeld_web_832> I would not be sad :)
[22:10:28] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> agree
[22:10:34] <Sanjay Dalal_web_786> agreed. clarification only if needed. +1 mark
[22:10:36] <Darrel Miller_web_377> Yup.
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[22:17:54] <Darrel Miller_web_377> Is this the same question as what status should a retried DELETE return, a 2XX or 404?
[22:20:20] <Derk-Jan Karrenbeld_web_832> @Darrel the example mentioned is creation of a resource, but I think the issue is similar :)
[22:20:31] <Derk-Jan Karrenbeld_web_832> ( point 1, last sentence)
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[22:25:10] <Jamey Sharp_web_358> FWIW I'm pretty sure the django-idempotency-key implementation referenced in section 4.1 is actually looking for the same "Idempotency-Key" name that the draft uses; if I'm reading the implementation correctly, the name "HTTP_IDEMPOTENCY_KEY" is just due to the historical behavior of CGI of renaming headers when storing them in the process environment.
[22:25:45] <Sanjay Dalal_web_786> Thanks @jamey. Will check language in the draft.
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[22:29:05] <Derk-Jan Karrenbeld_web_832> We actively use the Precondition approach + 409 or 200 but ignore (if-none-matches / if-matches)
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[22:33:48] <Jamey Sharp_web_358> @Sanjay also I don't know if it matters for this but django-idempotency-key doesn't appear to be an official project of Django; it's a reusable component from some organization called Yoyo Wallet.
[22:34:20] <Sanjay Dalal_web_786> Thank you all
[22:34:39] <Mark Nottingham_web_281>
[22:34:57] <Mark Nottingham_web_281> Thanks!
[22:35:06] <Mike Amundsen_web_172> thanks
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[22:35:11] <Derk-Jan Karrenbeld_web_832> 👋🏽
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