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[06:48:35] <Mikael Abrahamsson> I'll be jabber scribe
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[06:49:03] <Mikael Abrahamsson> if you want something to mic, please use "to mic:" in your sentence
[06:49:17] <mcr> 2mic?
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[06:54:20] <mcr>  sftcd, this is for later on.  If you can copy it somehow to the chromebook?
[06:54:24] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Ted Lemon at mic
[06:55:04] <sftcd> @mcr: we can try.... fallback to my laptop I guess, is there audio too?
[06:56:05] <mcr> yes.  Oh. So audio out might be a problem.  Oh.  I could talk over it if we have to do that.
[06:57:04] <mcr> Meetecho guys, anyway to yank youtube in with audio?
[06:57:40] <sftcd> you talking may work better, or we can point mic at laptop
[06:57:50] <Meetecho> Nope, we'll just capture it from the speakers
[06:58:28] <mcr> lets try pointing mic first, and failback to me talking.
[06:58:42] <sftcd> ack
[07:06:06] <Mikael Abrahamsson> sftcd: I have one AOB point, I tried the Homenet code on OpenWrt 18.06 and I'd like to share what I saw. I don't have slides, but I can go to mic and share my findigs?
[07:06:15] <Mikael Abrahamsson> findings
[07:06:59] <sftcd> @mikael: great thanks, 5 mins work?
[07:07:13] <Mikael Abrahamsson> sftcd: Should be fine yes.
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[07:13:29] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jared Mauch at mic
[07:15:22] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Michael Richardson at mic
[07:16:37] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Who's speaking?
[07:16:45] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Is that Jared?
[07:16:49] <Markus Stenberg> no
[07:16:59] <Markus Stenberg> at least his mouth is not moving ;)
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[07:18:48] <sftcd> that was initially Jared, then MCR, then Barbara, me and Ted then to and fro:-)
[07:18:50] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jared is speaking right now
[07:19:20] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Mikael Abrahamsson at mic
[07:23:08] <Juliusz Chroboczek> ?
[07:23:52] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Is he not?
[07:24:23] <sftcd> @Juliusz: Mikael is jabber scribe, if you want him to channel you put "to mic:" in your message
[07:24:48] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Too early in the morning :-/
[07:25:01] <sftcd> :-)
[07:25:03] <Juliusz Chroboczek> But thanks.
[07:25:11] <Mikael Abrahamsson> juliusz: they're mostly using it for bufferbloat development, not homenet stuff.
[07:25:39] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Dave is managing a large-ish mesh network running Babel.
[07:26:28] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jared Mauch at mic
[07:28:39] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Mikael Abrahamsson at mic
[07:29:25] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Michael Richardson at mic
[07:29:37] <sftcd> you're next up Juliusz
[07:31:27] <sftcd> no audio from you Juliusz but we see you
[07:31:37] <Juliusz Chroboczek> On my side.
[07:31:41] <Juliusz Chroboczek> I'll put it in writing, then.
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[07:32:17] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Layer 2 mobility is an interesting issue, and none that we've been struggli with for years.
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[07:34:05] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jared Mauch at mic
[07:34:13] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Michael Richardson at mic
[07:35:42] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Dave Thaler at mic
[07:37:46] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Stuart Cheshire at mic
[07:38:28] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Stephen McCann at mic
[07:38:45] <Markus Stenberg> the irony is that enterprises and universities is where homenet is NOT aiming to..
[07:39:12] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Dave Thaler at mic
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[07:44:43] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Mikael Abrahamsson was at mic
[07:46:18] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Michael Richardson at mic
[07:48:56] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jared Mauch at mic
[07:50:08] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Stuart Cheshire at mic
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[07:53:46] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Jared Mauch at mic
[07:55:44] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Terry Manderson at mic
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[08:02:41] <Markus Stenberg> There's at least 4 implementations I am aware of and if one of them does not fit, I think it goes to 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' category.
[08:04:14] <Mikael Abrahamsson> markus: I relayed that to Ted, seems you're in agreement on "eye of the beholder".
[08:05:50] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Markus: four?
[08:07:28] <Mikael Abrahamsson> they're recording the sound via the mic, so sound quality is really bad.
[08:08:38] <Mikael Abrahamsson> they're now trying to fix the sound to be directly connected
[08:09:04] <Mikael Abrahamsson> so the sound might be suddenly a lot louder
[08:09:13] <Markus Stenberg> mic seems sufficient
[08:10:06] <Markus Stenberg> J: only two real ones and two toy ones that I have heard of but anyway, good old 'all existing ones are shit, we need new one' works only if one is willing to write it on their own ;)
[08:10:29] <Markus Stenberg> and then someone else comes along with similar opinion and there's one more implementation.
[08:10:41] <Markus Stenberg> ( and they wind up toy implementations because nobody wants to maintain one for a living )
[08:11:27] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Markus, yes, it would be good if Ted could do some more implementation work.  I've said that at the mike last IETF, but he tried to argue I should do the implementation instead of him :-/
[08:12:16] <Mikael Abrahamsson> Dave Thaler at mic
[08:13:20] <Markus Stenberg> I have more or less given up on hnetd maintenance, as my upstream ISP doesn't do IPv6, and with IPv4 it is dubiously useful.
[08:13:45] <Markus Stenberg> if I want to do something academically amusing, I will update pybabel to rfc6126bis or something :p
[08:16:29] <sftcd> Mikael at mic now with an openwrt story:-)
[08:16:38] <Markus Stenberg> probably sob story
[08:16:56] <mcr> for Ted.
[08:17:04] <Markus Stenberg> last time I could use it at home was late 2016 :p
[08:18:38] <mcr> Markus, why not get a better ISP? Seriously.
[08:18:54] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Markus, I think I'm doing that in shncpd already -- the RAs have a small lifetime whatever the prefix's lifetime.
[08:19:01] <Markus Stenberg> There's one that does fiber to the building, and others would have to use some crappy ?DSL
[08:19:21] <Markus Stenberg> I love 2ms ping latency with IPv4 way more than .. huge latency.. with IPv6.
[08:19:36] <mcr> so you have sacrificed usability for some small amount of performance... :-(
[08:19:57] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Markus, updating pybabel to 6126bis is trivial.  You just need to ignore Hellos with the unicast bit set, and parse sub-TLVs in order to search for mandatory bits.
[08:20:03] <Juliusz Chroboczek> 12 lives of code max.
[08:20:30] <Markus Stenberg> J: Yeah, I know, I am just lazy and I would really want to read through the whole draft delta etc anyway.
[08:20:36] <Markus Stenberg> So that's more work than the actual code changes :p
[08:21:00] <Juliusz Chroboczek> Let's take it to IRC.
[08:21:24] <Markus Stenberg> Might as well.
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