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[16:00:14] <jeffa> ...
[16:01:51] --- Andrew McG has joined
[16:02:59] <jeffa> hello Andrew
[16:03:23] <Andrew McG> Hi Jeff... doesn't seem like anyone else is here
[16:04:58] <jeffa> yes it's awfully quiet
[16:07:45] <jeffa> no need for a scribe if there's only 2
[16:07:55] <jeffa> jabber scribe that is
[16:08:07] <Andrew McG> Yeah... just post speaker names so I can note them, if you can
[16:08:15] <jeffa> yes will do
[16:10:47] <jeffa> < trying to detect displays >
[16:10:59] <jeffa> < fiddling with vga cable >
[16:11:33] <jeffa> < cable identity problem ! >
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[16:32:12] <jeffa> Martin S.
[16:34:04] <jeffa> list question: coordinate efforts to allow middleboxes to add nonces to the base exchange
[16:34:22] <jeffa> Dave Mattes
[17:08:57] --- john.zhao has left: Computer went to sleep
[17:09:35] <jeffa> vida@tmit.bme.hu
[17:15:20] <Andrew McG> I missed Philip's comment there?
[17:16:23] <jeffa> hmm...
[17:16:38] --- john.zhao has joined
[17:16:42] <jeffa> not sure about what he had said
[17:17:42] <Andrew McG> No worries
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[17:28:06] <Andrew McG> Who asked the last question there?
[17:28:14] <bdr> where I can follow the meeting tru audio plz (voice)
[17:28:38] <jeffa> his name badge was covered ...
[17:28:59] <jeffa> first name was something like Ian? Egan?
[17:30:18] <jeffa> http://videolab.uoregon.edu/events/ietf/ietf703.m3u
[17:30:23] <jeffa> that may be the link
[17:30:30] <jeffa> we are in the Oak room
[17:31:40] <bdr> ty jeffa, but i semms doesn't work with IE
[17:32:18] <jeffa> if you have time / are willing, you could try using winamp or xmms
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[17:38:56] <mkomu> I can also have a demo in the end
[17:39:01] <mkomu> regarding to the opportunistic mode
[17:39:06] <mkomu> if anyone is interested
[17:46:41] <john.zhao> Yes , I'm interesting. But how would you prepare to do that demo?
[17:47:17] <jeffa> don't exchange the HITS :)
[18:04:13] <jeffa> PM: node running in multiple overlays simultaneously
[18:04:35] <jeffa> regarding HIT vs IPv6 LSI
[18:06:27] <jeffa> PM: HIP allows P2P overlays to run legacy apps without change
[18:07:04] <jeffa> discussion of applications using embedded addresses
[18:07:28] <jeffa> AM: practical experience with HIP shows that it's not a very big problem
[18:08:35] <jeffa> AM: another possibility is to have the overlays try and route the HIT
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