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[12:46:05] <gurtov> Meeting started in a different room near Monet
[12:48:10] --- vivien.schmitt has joined
[12:51:23] <lars> hi vivien. there should be audio as well, but at some point, the network will come down
[12:51:40] <vivien.schmitt> ok, i check...
[12:53:09] <gurtov> PN: add section of related IETF work to hip experiment report
[12:58:54] <gurtov> Janne L. presents TCP Opportunistic HIP draft
[12:59:46] <gurtov> PN: would be interesting to combine opportunistic TCP HIP and NAT traversal
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[13:03:59] <vivien.schmitt> in which room is the conference ? i haven't found any corresponding audio channel...
[13:04:05] <lars> miro
[13:04:45] <vivien.schmitt> the streaming seems down for this room
[13:05:46] <lars> they are pulling down the network, jabber may go down soon, too
[13:05:59] <vivien.schmitt> ok
[13:06:13] <lars> andrei: it may make sense to talk to aaron about requesting streaming/network support for irtf meetigns
[13:12:22] <gurtov> Lars ->I can try although irtf requests haven't been much success so far
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