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[12:01:58] <Alessandro Toppi_web_640> which problem are you having ?
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[12:02:13] <Roman Danyliw_web_642> I think that Yaron was not seeing the slides under "share slides"
[12:02:18] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_539> Chairs: if you don't see any slide when using the preloaded slides, they haven't been imported
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[12:02:27] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_539> As chairs, you need to use the Settings / Manage Slides to do that
[12:02:38] <Lorenzo Miniero_web_539> Settings is the 2nd icon from the topright (monkey wrench icon)
[12:03:03] <Roman Danyliw_web_642> @lorenzo: thanks!
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[12:07:06] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_722> I'll help
[12:07:21] <Justin Richer_web_565> Thank you, Kathleen!
[12:07:29] <Justin Richer_web_565>
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[12:11:02] <fabien imbault_web_380> yes
[12:11:29] <Leif Johansson_web_272> did others see problems running meetecho in chrome today? right now in FF things are running smoothly
[12:12:12] <fabien imbault_web_380> yes, I had to change from chrome to firefox
[12:12:28] <Leif Johansson_web_272> thx!
[12:12:38] <Meetecho> Some of us are on Chrome and it seems fine (I'm on Firefox myself)
[12:12:46] <Meetecho> (us = Meetecho team)
[12:13:00] <alexamirante> can you please elaborate on what wasn't working with chrome?
[12:13:08] <Leif Johansson_web_272> I coulnt' enable outgoing audio
[12:13:14] <Leif Johansson_web_272> chrome on linux and on ipad os
[12:13:37] <Leif Johansson_web_272> I was unmuted but nothing was coming through
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[12:18:29] <alexamirante> checked with chrome on linux and it's working fine here. @Leif next time can you please try to do "change devices" from the "settings" menu and check whether there's a green bar moving according to the audio captured by your mic? you can also switch devices if by any chance the wrong one had been picked
[12:18:46] <Leif Johansson_web_272> I did
[12:18:57] <Leif Johansson_web_272> I only have one mic on my chrome ipad
[12:19:01] <fabien imbault_web_380> I'm here, but still having audio issues
[12:19:36] <Leif Johansson_web_272> same thing for linux - single mic
[12:19:59] <alexamirante> was the green bar moving?
[12:20:03] <Leif Johansson_web_272> meetecho gave me a dialog-popup saying it believed I was speaking but not getting audio btw
[12:20:23] <Leif Johansson_web_272> I think it was moving... but I'll check next time
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[12:30:52] <Yaron Sheffer_web_344> OAuth Security Workshop
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[12:54:41] <Olle Johansson_web_417> Hmm. These mitigations (when for Oauth) applies to SIP usage of OAuth too.
[12:55:07] <Olle Johansson_web_417> Is there a document available on mitigations for Oauth2? (Maybe wrong forum to ask :-) )
[12:56:14] <Pedram Hosseyni_web_931> How realistic is the second mitigation? E.g., when using mTLS Token Binding?
[12:59:05] <Yaron Sheffer_web_344> @Pedram, would you like to ask this question at the mic or should we channel you?
[12:59:26] <Pedram Hosseyni_web_931> sure, I can ask on the mic
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[13:04:37] <Yaron Sheffer_web_344> Issue tracker:
[13:13:00] <Leif Johansson_web_272> send some of that candy @kathleen
[13:15:34] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_722> Ha! I wish I could to get rid of it faster!
[13:15:42] <Olle Johansson_web_417> The SIP protocol is always interesting with the amount of proxys we use - some may be untrusted.
[13:15:47] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_722> Although a lot is disappearing now.
[13:16:47] <Leif Johansson_web_272> +1 on profiles with my chair hat off
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[13:20:25] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_722> I hope that was helpful
[13:20:36] <fabien imbault_web_666> yes it is
[13:26:06] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_722> My opinion is to keep in the draft and not as a separate draft
[13:26:29] <Yaron Sheffer_web_344> +1, assuming one or both is MTI.
[13:31:07] <fabien imbault_web_666> See for some discussion on this
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[13:44:56] <fabien imbault_web_666> attributes were discussed in
[13:45:06] <fabien imbault_web_666> (and many other issues)
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[13:47:25] <Justin Richer_web_565> There is not a precondition of the RS and AS knowing each other ahead of time, this was discussed here: (and a number of other issues)
[13:47:57] <fabien imbault_web_666> notice, choice, consent was discussed in, see last comment
[13:48:49] <Justin Richer_web_565> Opaque access tokens were discussed here:
[13:48:57] <fabien imbault_web_666> We have examples at the beginning of section 4, where RO != end-user
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[13:49:50] <Justin Richer_web_565> We also have examples in the sequences and appendix where it's an automated process: and
[13:50:13] <Justin Richer_web_565> Another example where RO != End user is
[13:50:19] <fabien imbault_web_666> Section 4 of draft 8 does indicate those trust relationships
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[13:51:54] <Justin Richer_web_565> Nothing in the draft assumes single factor authentication
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[13:53:32] <fabien imbault_web_666> This was discussed at length in
[13:53:39] <Justin Richer_web_565> A subject identifier within an access token does not prevent it from being shared.
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[13:55:43] <Justin Richer_web_565> different subject identifiers within an access token would be appropriate for the token model discussion in the RS draft, not within the core protocol
[13:55:48] <Justin Richer_web_565> (and none of these prevent token sharing)
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[13:59:44] <Justin Richer_web_565> +1 fabien
[14:00:09] <Justin Richer_web_565> Thank you everyone!
[14:00:10] <fabien imbault_web_666> thank you
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[14:00:17] <Justin Richer_web_565> Thanks to Kathleen for taking notes!
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[14:00:31] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_722> no problem
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