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[18:55:39] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_116> Greetings!
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[18:56:02] <Yaron Sheffer_web_877> Hello all early birds!
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[19:01:06] <fabien imbault_web_231> hi everyone
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[19:03:14] <Justin Richer_web_557> Thanks, Kathleen!
[19:05:49] <Kristina Yasuda_web_779> I can take notes
[19:06:08] <Robin Wilton_web_832> Thank you Kristina!
[19:06:21] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_116> Thank you, Kristina!
[19:06:31] <Kristina Yasuda_web_779> I have etherpad ready
[19:07:35] <Justin Richer_web_557> noted :thumbsup:
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[19:23:34] <Kristina Yasuda_web_779> (not every country has such a strong litigation culture as the US..)
[19:25:57] <Leif Johansson_web_887> thats just one of many cultural bias-points (if thats a word) in this space
[19:27:37] <Justin Richer_web_557> :face_with_one_eyebrow_raised:
[19:28:18] <Robin Wilton_web_832> go ahead Justin
[19:30:23] <Justin Richer_web_557> (I'll cover some points during the editor's discussion, we made some changes in this direction this round)
[19:32:22] <fabien imbault_web_231> related to Adrian's talk, DIDs are now a possible subject identifier (update between IETF 110 and 111)
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[19:37:29] <Adrian Gropper_web_359> DIDs and VCs have not dealt with adequately with how to replace biometrics in legacy credentials
[19:37:44] <Kristina Yasuda_web_779> btw there is a Human Rights group in IETF, Adrian
[19:38:04] <Kristina Yasuda_web_779> I do not think DID/VCs will replace biometrics, more like used in conjunction.
[19:38:05] <Adrian Gropper_web_359> Yes, Kristina. I'm hoping for an intro
[19:39:03] <Adrian Gropper_web_359> and Yes, Kristina, DIDs and VCs will not replace biometrics but the protocol work they're doing does not ack that
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[19:42:22] <Lucy Lynch_web_523> IRTF working group - GAIA
[19:42:32] <Lucy Lynch_web_523>
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[19:45:18] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_116> Thanks, Lucy!
[19:46:15] <Roman Danyliw_web_445> Other relevant IRTF groups would be PEARG ( and HRPC (noted above,
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[19:54:15] <fabien imbault_web_231> Related to RS draft: we have ways to define which token formats we wish. Roman/Kathleen, I'm hoping to get in touch with secdispatch wg to see if there would be interest for delegatable tokens (biscuit in particular as far as I’m concerned)
[19:55:36] <Robin Wilton_web_772> Is it fair to say that Justin's Slide 9 diagram answers Adrian's question about "how many authZ protocols do we need?"? ... namely, "if the protocols are corrrectly designed, it doesn't matter, because they won't be the gating factor (for the benefits Adrian seeks).
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[19:57:14] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_116> Fabien, Please send a message to the SecDispatch list with the draft to get some discussion. It meets later today, so I'd wait until after the meeting so your message doesn't get lost and has a better chance o generating discussion.
[19:57:44] <fabien imbault_web_231> great i'll do that
[19:57:49] <Kathleen Moriarty_web_116> Thank you!
[20:00:28] <fabien imbault_web_231> H = honest
[20:01:00] <Russ Housley_web_146> The previous slide says H = home
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[20:02:09] <fabien imbault_web_231> it's the same terminology as security analysis made on OAuth by Daniel Fett and his colleagues
[20:03:03] <fabien imbault_web_231> (which was the starting point of researchers here)
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[20:08:39] <Robin Wilton_web_762> Is the client simply relying on the fact that the Grant and AAS URLs are different?
[20:08:57] <Robin Wilton_web_762> (i.e. not on the semantics of the Grant URL...)
[20:09:39] <Robin Wilton_web_762> ack thx
[20:09:46] <Leif Johansson_web_887> think entityID :-)
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[20:16:47] <Adrian Gropper_web_359> q+ to ask about Client capabilities vs. AS registration
[20:17:05] <Adrian Gropper_web_359> at the RS
[20:18:33] <Tobia Castaldi_web_686> your mic is disabled
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[20:28:57] <Robin Wilton_web_144> "bikeshedded"? (For non US-speakers...)
[20:29:20] <Robin Wilton_web_144> Thank you
[20:29:49] <Robin Wilton_web_144> Really quite different from the UK English connotations :flushed:
[20:29:53] <Kristina Yasuda_web_779> which implementation switched to GNAP (for the notes purpose)
[20:30:57] <Denis PINKAS_web_787> A closed issue has been reopened 6 days ago: #295 In practice, only rights are supported but attributes should also be supported
It is currently opened. This issue would need to be addressed.
Attributes are personal data and should only be released to the RS with the consent of the user,once the user has been able to be informed for which reason each requested attribute is needed and how it will be used by the RS.
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[20:37:31] <Denis PINKAS_web_787> For the record, I said:
[20:37:58] <Jamey Sharp_web_802> Thanks, Justin!
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[20:44:29] <Justin Richer_web_557> I like that idea Robin!
[20:44:32] <Robin Wilton_web_495> @Kathleen Thank you - will add it to the list.
[20:44:52] <Robin Wilton_web_495> @Justin There's probably some synergy there with PrivacyPass...
[20:45:10] <Robin Wilton_web_495> (and their 'generic transitive trust architecture")
[20:45:48] <Justin Richer_web_557> @Jamey can you write your generic-http-type idea up on the list, please?
[20:46:02] <Jonathan Hammell_web_535> Setting a version of the draft to be an implementation target may help with encouraging deeper dives, like formal security modelling.
[20:46:03] <Jamey Sharp_web_802> Will do! I just subscribed.
[20:46:34] <Justin Richer_web_557> @Jonathan that's more what we meant by "stabilizing", it's something you can build to
[20:46:50] <Justin Richer_web_557> it's not "done"
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[20:49:33] <Justin Richer_web_557> +1, plan sounds good to me
[20:52:55] <Leif Johansson_web_887> also they guy who did the work is pretty much retired these days
[20:53:15] <Leif Johansson_web_887> (the oidc test suites)
[20:53:26] <Justin Richer_web_557> @leif there's a new test suite. I wrote the core of it. :)
[20:53:56] <Justin Richer_web_557> It's currently supported for use in FAPI and OpenBanking tests. Would take some doing to get it to talk GNAP, of course, but could be done.
[20:54:25] <Justin Richer_web_557> I'm not on the current maintenance team for it though I know the people that are.
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[20:57:15] <Robin Wilton_web_473> Thanks everyone - good session!
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[20:57:27] <Justin Richer_web_557> thanks everyone!
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[20:57:29] <Roman Danyliw_web_445> Thank you Yaron, Kathleen, and Leif for leading the discussion
[20:57:29] <fabien imbault_web_231> thanks a lot, bye bye
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