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[15:56:40] <Justin Richer_web_578> wow, that's a fancy title slide! :)
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[15:57:17] <Yaron Sheffer_web_739> Thank you! (Bows)
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[16:04:46] <Olle Johansson_web_123> sorry, don't know how long I can stay
[16:04:53] <Jonathan Hammell_web_570> I'll take notes
[16:05:03] <Steve Olshansky_web_716> same for me, will likely have to drop, sorry
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[16:05:40] <Roman Danyliw> Thank you Kristina and Jonathan
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[16:06:04] <Justin Richer_web_578> Remember, multiple people can edit the notes at the same time
[16:06:45] <Justin Richer_web_578> (and yes, thank you to the note takers!)
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[16:28:54] <Justin Richer_web_578> (chairs, please time box these big discussions to ~~30-35min each)
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[16:42:46] <Leif Johansson_web_821> SAML will be around after the zombie apocalypse locust invastion nuclear disaster
[16:43:58] <Justin Richer_web_578> You're not wrong :woman-shrugging:
[16:44:07] <Kristina Yasuda_web_543> DIDs identify keys of the user - not closer to sub_types than assertions..?
[16:44:42] <Leif Johansson_web_821> hmmm yeah possibly
[16:44:44] <Justin Richer_web_578> @Kristina - that's one of the open questions! Is it a reference to a signed/verifiable DID document, or just a DID as an identifier itself?
[16:45:01] <Justin Richer_web_578> Since it's dereferenceable directly it's not as clear-cut as some of the other cases
[16:45:10] <Kristina Yasuda_web_543> depends on what is in DID Doc possibly
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[16:46:06] <Roman Danyliw> Is there a sense of the bound on the claims involved in attestation? I ask to inquire whether we are approaching
[16:46:40] <Leif Johansson_web_821> @roman if you squint everything looks like an assertion
[16:47:20] <Justin Richer_web_578> @Roman I think that's more useful for the "client attestation and posture" stuff that's been hand-waved about, EAT could be a good fit there instead of a user assertion
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[16:47:44] <Justin Richer_web_578> I really don't think we want to invent an assertion format for anything if we can avoid it
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[16:48:19] <Leif Johansson_web_821> +1 on that
[16:52:41] <Leif Johansson_web_821> other attestation formats typically bring their own trust model though and thats one thing we'll have to provide an open interface for
[16:53:06] <Justin Richer_web_578> agreed, extensibility in this dimension needs to be built-in
[16:53:08] <Leif Johansson_web_821> eg how do you deal with embedded xmldsig
[16:53:34] <Robin Wilton_web_924> If only there were some kind of defined... vector of trust...
[16:53:36] <Kristina Yasuda_web_543> we expect support for DIDComm..?
[16:53:49] <Justin Richer_web_578> @Robin someone should write that. @Leif, any ideas?
[16:53:52] <Kristina Yasuda_web_543> that's not HTTPS even
[16:54:17] <Roman Danyliw> EAT largely registered a set of reusable claims to capture particular classes of information.  There are additional RATS document that do more (and make assumptions).
[16:55:01] <Justin Richer_web_578> @Kristina Fabien's slides here are for starting discussion, how to negotiate what's available is part of what we need to figure out in real terms. Good news is that negotiation is fundamental to GNAP
[16:55:05] <Leif Johansson_web_821> so it would be easier to eat EAT as it were
[16:55:25] <Roman Danyliw> @leif: exactly
[16:55:30] <Justin Richer_web_578> I'm not sure I want to EAT RATS, or eat what RATS EAT, but ... yes?
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[17:04:18] <Justin Richer_web_578> @Roman so the EAT piece would probably fit under "client"
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[17:10:41] <fabien imbault_web_538> "DIDs identify keys of the user - not closer to sub_types than assertions..?" - that was the question raised in slide sub_ids vs assertions.
[17:12:22] <fabien imbault_web_538> "we expect support for DIDComm..?". Discussion item, because remote ROs are not covered today. DIDComm is indeed early stage.
[17:14:10] <fabien imbault_web_538> "EAT/RATS": the question raised in what kind of assertions we support + yes, samlv2 will remain for a while.
[17:16:25] <fabien imbault_web_538> All of that is completely open to discussion and we welcome suggested text !
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[17:24:00] <Stefan Santesson_web_724> The AS as generic token factory makes a lot of sense
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[17:26:59] <Robin Wilton_web_924> +1 Justin. In this architecture, theASpolicy may well be opaque to consumers of the tokens it mints.
[17:27:21] <Leif Johansson_web_518> +1 (as an individual)
[17:28:16] <Robin Wilton_web_924> (we've seen plenty of patterns in the past where the AS' policies were extensively defined... and where that ended up making no difference to the RP)
[17:33:59] <Kristina Yasuda_web_543> yes, thank you.
[17:37:35] <Roman Danyliw> Summarizing the proposed next step out of the ML discussion would make it easier for the WG to concur
[17:38:32] <fabien imbault_web_538> sure
[17:38:38] <Justin Richer_web_578> can do
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[17:39:47] <Justin Richer_web_578> +1
[17:39:54] <Kristina Yasuda_web_543> I would catch up on the thread to understand why DIDs are thought to be treated as assertions and comment - still think those belong to subject_types as they are identifiers and the purpose of DIDDoc is to provide information for cryptographic identifier verification rather than providing assertions (it could but that is not the main purpose I believe)
[17:40:07] <Roman Danyliw> Cadence of regular interims seems to help.  +1
[17:41:09] <fabien imbault_web_538> Happy to get the discussion on DIDs. Actually, could be either or, depending on what we intend to do.
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[17:43:39] <Aaron Parecki_web_370> I have to drop now, thanks everyone!
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[17:44:55] <Justin Richer_web_578> "valid access token" is a GNAP access token as validated by GNAP
[17:45:35] <Justin Richer_web_578> GNAP doesn't have anything to say about non-GNAP-protected resources (including unprotected resources)
[17:48:37] <Kristina Yasuda_web_543> shifting to an ad hoc trust model is very challenging (from pre-establishing trust model)
[17:49:00] <Justin Richer_web_578> +1 Kristina, this has been shown to scale even less
[17:49:03] <Justin Richer_web_578> (in practice)
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[18:00:33] <Robin Wilton_web_924> Denis' argument against capability-only tokens seems to imply that pseudonymous or anonymous  authorisation is never required. That doesn't sound very privacy-friendly.
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[18:01:01] <Justin Richer_web_578> and it doesn't account for non-user-centric tokens
[18:01:24] <Robin Wilton_web_924> Thanks everyone - very interesting session.
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[18:01:34] <Roman Danyliw> And we'll look the to the ML for the interim meeting timing
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