[15:35:37] --- randy has joined
[15:42:20] --- anewton has joined
[15:42:21] <anewton> we can
[15:43:03] <anewton> allison is not on.
[15:44:32] <randy> She shows as avail in Jabber but I didn't get any response
[15:45:25] <anewton> really, she does not show as available to me.
[15:45:39] <randy> I believe you
[15:45:51] <randy> I'm still catching up anyway
[15:46:15] <anewton> I don't think there is anything new.
[15:46:17] <randy> From being in China and then on vacation in Oz and then doing ecrit remotely
[15:46:22] <randy> good
[15:46:53] <anewton> hannes is writing an nsis-geopriv draft.
[15:47:01] <randy> What do you think about maybe inviting someone from OMA LOC to be in Dallas to talk about SUPL?
[15:47:11] <anewton> but he has still not published it.
[15:47:46] <anewton> not a bad idea. do you know anybody?
[15:48:03] <randy> I was thinking of trying to rope someone from our OMA LOC team into doing it
[15:50:55] <anewton> well, we'll have to see. My hunch is that there are gonna be a slew of new drafts.... again.
[15:51:43] <anewton> would they just give us background on how they intend to use common-policy?
[15:53:10] <randy> It would be up to us, but I was thinking of something very brief (6 minutes?) on what is OMA LOC and what we might do to cooperate instead of be at cross-purposes
[15:54:02] <anewton> hmmm.. sounds like a good idea. you should talk to james winterbottom. he might be able to help.
[15:54:55] <randy> good idea
[15:56:44] <anewton> i need to go. ella requires attention. 4 month olds don't think IM is as cool as you and I.
[15:57:49] <randy> :-)
[15:57:54] <randy> ok, bye
[15:58:00] <anewton> adios.
[15:58:03] --- anewton has left
[15:58:54] --- randy has left