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[12:25:17] <hardie> The working group just discussed milestones
[12:25:27] <hardie> Updated milestones will be sent to the list.
[12:25:42] <hardie> The chairs are calling for expert review of the geospatial location work in the policy
[12:25:43] <hardie> draft
[12:26:04] <hardie> Henning is now presenting his draft: draft-ietf-geopriv-policy
[12:26:22] <hardie> He argues for simplifying our assumptions; we're not trying to build a GIS system.
[12:26:49] <hardie> We're trying to create location based rules e.g.--while I'm in this area, apply this rule; not this is my location.
[12:27:01] <hardie> so <this area> is the critical bit.
[12:27:14] <hardie> Proposal: treat coordinate as x,y points on a plane
[12:27:24] <hardie> dtermine if point is in polygon
[12:27:33] <hardie> does not depend on datum, shape of earth, etc.
[12:28:08] <hardie> there may be slight inaccuracy if the polygonis not in long/lat lines. If the target location is not a point, take center of gravity of object.
[12:30:04] <hardie> Altitude: treat this as a separate coordinate ("if altitutde is low, high", which allows for "i'm flying" rules, but does not allow "below tree top level on a hill"
[12:30:45] <hardie> So, treating it as subject to separate rules, rather than complex slabs
[12:31:12] <hardie> Building with multiple levels, this may be a problem--Brian and Rohan raise this point.
[12:31:59] <hardie> James notes that he wants altitude in some cases.
[12:32:14] <hardie> Civil location allows "4th floor"--this limitation is for geo.
[12:32:50] <hardie> James remains concerned, related to this, as it may force people to
[12:33:03] <hardie> have locations that are part floor from civil and some from geolocation.
[12:33:46] <hardie> Brian notes that there are people who believe in transformations between civil and geo, and that this will break those.
[12:34:18] <hardie> So Brian has sympathy, but it is needed.
[12:34:53] <hardie> Rohan reinforces that there may be privacy location issues here.
[12:36:33] <hardie> People are still arguing about the usability of this feature.
[12:40:34] <hardie> Rohan notes that his company has implemented a 3 dimensional system.
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