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[14:57:14] <RandyG> Will someone volunteer to be Jabber scribe, please?
[14:58:16] <RandyG> pidf-lo vs civil location draft -- pidf-lo doesn't changel civil gets resynched
[14:58:36] <RandyG> drafts without authors
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[14:59:19] <RandyG> http using protocol
[14:59:26] <RandyG> using protocol guidelines
[15:00:12] <RandyG> Hannas: technical issues with http as using protocol (large objects in headers); semantic problem as well
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[15:02:39] <RandyG> Jon: if we continue these drafts we'll need to start over with use cases -- are they important?
[15:02:56] <RandyG> Chairs ask if anyone in the room uses or intends to use loc w/ http
[15:03:04] <RandyG> (no responses)
[15:04:24] <RandyG> Hannas presents status of policy drafts
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[15:05:33] <RandyG> multiple ids in one rule
[15:06:34] <RandyG> <except>: drops domain
[15:08:55] <RandyG> combining rules
[15:12:53] <RandyG> JR: problem is in correlating attributes
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[15:20:44] <RandyG> Ted; union of tuples, not union of elements
[15:21:37] <RandyG> Jon: uncombinable rules
[15:26:54] <RandyG> non-identity based authorization
[15:28:15] <RandyG> Jon: embed in URI allows double-blind authorization
[15:30:14] <RandyG> Ted: creates problem of having to change URI for everyone else to remove auth from one person
[15:31:54] <RandyG> comparison to audio conference
[15:34:39] <RandyG> use case: raves
[15:41:11] <hardie> new use case: hook ups
[15:42:15] <RandyG> Jon: disposable URI that provides double-blind authorization meets use cases
[15:45:02] <RandyG> comment: DoCoMo has service to find kids/grandparents; PIN/password based
[15:46:58] <RandyG> Identifiers
[15:48:02] <RandyG> need for elements for "any authenticated user" and "any unauthenticated user"?
[15:50:20] <RandyG> Comments: "any authenticated user" is meaningless from sec standpoint
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[15:51:41] <RandyG> Comment: useful to have "any authenticated user except..."
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[15:54:35] <RandyG> policy draft
[15:55:44] <RandyG> Jon: what we have is good enough for rev 1, let's publish and go on; no need to spent years doing 3-d polygons
[15:56:39] <RandyG> James: wants more points for polygon
[15:59:15] <RandyG> Proposal: give Hannas and James to end of August to get language to satisfy requiremens
[15:59:21] <RandyG> Hum in favor
[16:00:11] <RandyG> sip using protocol draft
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[16:09:25] <RandyG> radius using protocol draft
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[16:25:46] <RandyG> Discussion on use of lci form instead of pidf-lo
[16:31:01] <RandyG> Call for hum on geopriv taking on this work: weak hum in favor, no hum against; to be taken to list
[16:32:01] <RandyG> geopriv scaling: gli project
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[16:36:49] <RandyG> speaker asks if anyone is inplementing system based on geopriv requirements
[16:36:58] <RandyG> (no one in room raises hand)
[16:42:17] <sakai> 今前にいるジンチョイはサムスン、MLではそこそこ書き込んでるがレベルは中の下というところ
[16:42:45] <sakai> sorry to all, i mistake posting
[16:53:29] <RandyG> Call for hum in support of taking on a work item to investigate scalability
[16:53:48] <RandyG> no consensus to take on the work
[16:55:21] <RandyG> Discussion on future (phase 2) work
[17:03:28] <RandyG> we're closed
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