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[12:49:29] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) No, all good!
[12:50:00] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) PS: please mention me by chat, as we don't actively monitor all streams
[12:50:13] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) (me or Meetecho)
[12:52:17] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) Lorenzo - When I click on the slides.  They do not come up in the view on Meetecho.  What am I doing wrong : )
[12:53:15] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) Jane: looks like it worked now?
[12:53:29] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) Yes.  Coffee kicked in
[12:53:42] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) Before we didn't see an active slide sharing session
[12:53:42] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) :)
[13:00:26] <zulipbot> (Kurtis Heimerl) audio issues :(
[13:00:48] <zulipbot> (Lorenzo Miniero) Kurtis: audio sounds fine here, what's the problem?
[13:01:37] <zulipbot> (Kurtis Heimerl) Oh I had a mic issue, I think I fixed it
[13:08:33] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) RFI - Request for Information
[13:09:12] <zulipbot> (Shane Kerr) Not Radio Frequency Interference? ;-)
[13:09:26] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) : )
[13:12:15] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) Note these words well "served" or "under-served" or "un-served".  FCC data is a disaster and some carriers can say that they "cover" a census block if their network passes the census area OR if a carrier provides service to 1 HH (household) in that Census Block
[13:30:58] <zulipbot> (Kurtis Heimerl) ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘
[13:31:11] <zulipbot> (John Souter) FTTC = fibre to the cow! Great joke, Jared
[13:31:24] <zulipbot> (Shane Kerr) Yeah that was a cool presentation about cool work.
[13:31:24] <zulipbot> (John Souter) Fantastic presentation
[14:11:40] <zulipbot> (Mallory Knodel) Audio isnโ€™t stellar and I think I missed Johnโ€™s mention of where/which forum this WG has been chartered.
[14:12:41] <zulipbot> (Mallory Knodel) Anyone know? Is it a standalone process?
[14:12:54] <zulipbot> (Kurtis Heimerl) Yeah, audio is a little rough and I don't think he mentioned it exactly, though I assumed here at the IETF but worth clarifying
[14:16:38] <zulipbot> (Mallory Knodel) According to their website it is a self published standard.
[14:20:52] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) MANRS - Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Security
[14:21:53] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) Thank you, Mallory!
[14:27:34] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) All - we have about 6 more mins for q&A
[14:27:47] <zulipbot> (Tim Genders) Internet exchange is South Africa have been fantastic in bringing down the price of IE transit
[14:36:55] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) For folks in the chat - some of the funding rules in the US was going to only be targeted at "fiber" (aerial and buried).  As Kurtis and Jared mentioned, wireless and mesh were not targeted. The latter is going to be changing as the US Govt (NTIA) realized that fiber is not the only net option they should be supporting.
[14:41:11] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) "was" = "were" in 1st sent
[14:45:07] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) Tribal Broadband Bootcamp (TBB)
[14:45:33] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin)
[14:47:12] <zulipbot> (Tim Genders) I'd like to ask about monitoring across networks
[14:50:49] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) @Tim - AfriNIC has v4 and v6 you could potentially be assigned as they are working with CNs and community based nets. If you need more IPs.
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