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[14:00:40] <zulipbot> (Colin Perkins) A reminder, please, that masks are required in the meeting rooms
[14:02:28] <zulipbot> (Niels ten Oever) Is it me or are there no slides?
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[14:05:44] <zulipbot> (Dominique Lazanski) happy to help with minutes
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[14:32:55] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) A reminder to keep questions fairly short so that we can take a few more for Peng ; )
[14:33:37] <zulipbot> (Nick Doty) it could be that some are overestimating how good the terrestrial networks in the US are. we have some pretty bad coverage even in towns/cities, and generally lack competition even when fixed line networks are available.
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[14:36:20] <zulipbot> (Rajeev RK) @nick - True, but im more surprised with the almost total lack of satellite broadband driven communities in the central and midwest/rockies bands, especially with us knowing that these areas are actually much more sparse in terms of terrestrial connectivity options.
[14:37:23] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) Sat connectivity has historically been super expensive and some of the areas you are looking at Rajeev are also sovereign tribal areas and those communities just got more access to spectrum.  They have been historically red-lined...
[14:38:30] <zulipbot> (Peng Hu) My email:
[14:40:57] <zulipbot> (Kurtis Heimerl) @peng can you also link the IEEE comms article you published?
[14:43:07] <zulipbot> (Peng Hu) Sure, Kurtis. Here is the link:
[14:44:19] <zulipbot> (Kurtis Heimerl) Thanks!
[14:46:08] <zulipbot> (Peng Hu) @Kurtis: Thanks for your great comments and questions. I noticed I have limited time answering the question, but feel free to contact me if you would like to have offline discussion.
[14:48:12] <zulipbot> (Kurtis Heimerl) @peng I've got the email draft started with my colleagues who were in Ulukhaktok with me. I'd love to just learn more about allied efforts in Canada as we just got started on this project.
[14:51:17] <zulipbot> (Peng Hu) @Kurtis that is excellent and would love to know more and help.
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[15:19:11] <zulipbot> (Kevin Schwartz)
[15:27:00] <zulipbot> (Adrian Farrel) @Kevin and @Rajeev. Thanks for this presentation which I have been trying to follow online but without audio (I'm in another WG). I will go back and listen to the recording, but...
It seems that your "human-enriching applications" (at least those in your examples) are not heavily participatory. That is, they provided very valuable enhanced services for "community leaders" (teachers, clinicians...) and that is not to be knocked. But what are you considering as applications that will encourage participation from the community? How are you targeting the first three of your reasons for non-connectivity (digital literacy, content/applications, language)? Maybe there is more in your paper (which I will read) and in your spoken content (which I will listen to, later)
[15:42:43] <zulipbot> (Jane Coffin) There are some regional Community Network events that we also can give you more data about when those are
[15:44:09] <zulipbot> (Leandro Navarro) For instance
[15:45:32] <zulipbot> (Leandro Navarro)
[15:46:47] <zulipbot> (Philip Martinez)
[15:47:13] <zulipbot> (Leandro Navarro) The notes:
[15:48:54] <zulipbot> (avri doria) Thanks. Interesting session.
[15:49:21] <zulipbot> (Peng Hu) Thank you, all! Take care.
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