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[12:00:59] <Matthias Marx_web_582> I can hear you well
[12:01:00] <Marco Zennaro_web_208> Yes!
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[12:01:11] <Leandro Navarro_web_860> great!
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[12:02:18] <Leandro Navarro_web_860> Slides:
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[12:02:19] <Marco Zennaro_web_208> Yes, the link to upload the PDF would be great. Thanks
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[12:03:55] <Marco Zennaro_web_208> I have uploaded the slides
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[12:07:18] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> sorry
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[12:07:38] <Mallory Knodel_web_147> So sorry, Jane <3
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[12:13:46] <Marco Zennaro_web_208> Audio is broken. let me re-join the session
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[12:15:33] <Marco Zennaro_web_165> Let me change browser
[12:15:35] <Marco Zennaro_web_165> Sorry
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[12:16:34] <Alessandro Amirante_web_352> Yes I'm here Jane
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[12:25:05] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> is my contact
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[12:29:14] <Jane Coffin_web_647>
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[12:29:22] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Thank you Alessandro
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[12:30:32] <Jane Coffin_web_647> AFNOG - for those that are not aware is the African Network Operator Group.
[12:30:54] <Jane Coffin_web_647> The NOGs are a key part of training and network dev around the world - along with peering forums
[12:32:11] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Matagoro won an IEEE award last week for his work - Amazing to see what he has done over the last 5 years
[12:32:19] <Jane Coffin_web_647> TVWS - TV White Space
[12:32:52] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> Congrats to Matagoro!
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[12:34:31] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> Example of spectrum measurement in Tanzania:
[12:34:43] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> Lots of space for TVWS
[12:35:17] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> The spectrum measurement tool has been developed thanks to support from ISOC
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[12:37:03] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> I looked at the tool, it seems to use a smartphone.  What is the frequency range it scans ?  I thouhgt smartphones could only look at WiFi, cellular and GPS, which is somehow 1GHz up to 3.5Ghz.  But TV white space would be in the below-GHz band... not sure?
[12:37:07] <Jane Coffin_web_647> 4th African Community Network Summit Hosted by Matagoro
[12:37:13] <Jane Coffin_web_647>
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[12:37:59] <Jane Coffin_web_647> These summits are done in collaboration with local experts, APC, ISOC, and others - this one had some funding from FCDO and GIZ as well
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[12:40:10] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> @Alexandre we describe the tool here:
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[12:40:32] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> it uses an external spectrum analyzer, connected to the smartphone via USB
[12:41:02] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> ah, I see, spectrum analyzer, thanks for the detail.  YEs it makes sense.
[12:41:03] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> More papers about TVWS measuring here:
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[12:41:52] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> The problem I have with the URL (maybejust my problem) is that my firefox complains about that http not being https.  It tells there is a potential security risk.  Just I note.
[12:42:01] <Jane Coffin_web_647> The situation that Matagoro is describing is very common in many countries It demonstrates how complicated actually getting a network or test network deployed....the many moving parts would be daunting for some
[12:42:08] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> it's a low cost spectrum analyzer called RFExplorer
[12:42:31] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> {we are working on a new, modern website!}
[12:43:09] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> RFExplorer seemto cost around 150 euros which might seem low cost compared to other spectrum analyzer in the range of thoousands.
[12:43:30] <Jane Coffin_web_647> USF - Universal Service Fund is the generic fund used (old telco construct) to help fund nets in hard to reach places and unserved and underserved places (rural, remote, and urban)
[12:43:44] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> But authoritative information might come also from the regulator of the country.  What is the name of the regulator of telecoms in Tanzania ?
[12:43:55] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> ..and it works really well! We compared it with professional spectrum analyzers and it's comparable
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[12:52:19] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Liquid Telecom is a great partner in SubSaharan Africa.  Ben Roberts has been a champion of IXPs as well - he and his team.
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[12:55:28] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Noise does help ; )
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[12:57:05] <Jane Coffin_web_647> For those that are not familiar with the ITU - the WRC iThe World Radio Conference - treaty - orbital slots and spectrum
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[13:01:32] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372>
[13:01:56] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> That is my paper
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[13:02:54] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> Thanks for the URL at Springer but it is behind a paywall, I think.  It means it asks me to pay money to see the paper... _I_ am on the other side now :-)
[13:02:57] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> Sure. Ben Robert is a very positive person
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[13:03:23] <Marco Zennaro_web_793>
[13:03:29] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> The open version is here
[13:04:15] <Leandro Navarro_web_860> Thanks!
[13:04:32] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Kanchana is describing another situation that many are seeing in urban areas where some of the poorer communities are not provided with low-cost connectivity as they are not part of the biz plan of some of the operators
[13:04:34] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> thanks! it worked, I downloaded it and reading it.
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[13:05:06] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> the paper used the same tool we developed but in the Ubuntu version (not smartphone one)
[13:05:09] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> You can find it in my researchgate
[13:05:15] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372>
[13:05:46] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> Yes, Marco you were so helpful there
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[13:07:52] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> We are working on something next month,
[13:08:01] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372>
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[13:08:23] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> Permanent Secretary will be our Chief Guest for the event
[13:09:03] <Jane Coffin_web_647> They are less afraid
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[13:09:18] <Jane Coffin_web_647> when you can show them that there are solutions
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[13:11:21] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> I read the paper.  I have a comment.  When analyzing how waves propagate in 3D one would also consider a form of angle of how the distributor station's antenna distributes waves towards the ground.
[13:11:33] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> For example, when the paper says "This information included position of the tower (latitude and longitude), transmission power of the TV transmitters, frequency of operation and height of the antenna for all Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) transmitters"
[13:12:03] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> It is not only the 'height' that should be considered, but also towards where precisely is that antenna sending waves.  Unless, of course, these antennas are omnis.
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[13:13:13] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Great idea, Jabhera
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[13:14:00] <Marco Zennaro_web_793> You are right. The main goal of this (and other papers) it not to get a precise measurement as there are too many parameters (output power could even change over time, during the day and during the night it might be different). The idea is to have an idea of what is going on in terms of spectrum usage.
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[13:14:34] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> IT is an excellent approach to identify the spectrum usage, of what's happening out there.  Great work.
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[13:24:08] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> (with respect to previous presentation about identification of whitespace spectrum potentially of TV, a datapoint is the following: whereas Tanzania considers 470-694 MHz to be for DVB, where I live that same DVB is allocated to 470-790 MHz (remark more spectrum here for same goal)).
[13:24:46] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> the regulator of telecoms in Tanzania is TCRA
[13:25:21] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372>
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[13:28:06] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Alexandre - great point about the differing allocations from your region to Africa.  There are different allocations per region and country.  Per ITU region...
[13:28:33] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> one wonders why ITU spectrum different allocations but Internet is the same everywhere
[13:29:03] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Lots of reasons that range from existing networks, national security, different standards.
[13:29:30] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Unlicensed spectrum has been a major victory in many countries
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[13:29:37] <Jane Coffin_web_647> 2.4, 5.0 and 6 GHz
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[13:29:48] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> Contact:
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[13:30:47] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> YEs unliencesed spectrumlike WiFi is a great opportunity, however it has inconvennients.  It sometimes eats into other spaces.  Yes, easier to deploy WiFi for free, but so much less reliable.
[13:31:07] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> Thanks to Internet Society and Mozilla Foundation, I was able to found a not-for-profit organization which is the alliance of community network cooperatives in Tanzania. So far we have five community networks. You can visit us:
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[13:32:31] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> We have a very wonderful team of volunteers there working tirelessly to address the connectivity gap in Tanzania
[13:32:34] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372>
[13:32:44] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> YEs, it is a great idea to deploy WiFi where others dont come.
[13:33:34] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> But at the same time, the regulator should mandate those to whom they give licenses to commit to cover a certain percentage of the area.  So, I wonder whether TCRA mandated operators to cover 100% of area _before_ selling them licenses?
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[13:38:35] <Steve Song_web_792>
[13:39:34] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> I clicked on it.  I opens a page, but its content seems to be missing. It says this page does not yet exist...
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[13:42:48] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> I will not ask for the microphone because not sure I want to disturb.  But I would like to say that I think there is already very much spectrum for WiFi and it continues to grow, already way too much I think.  In some cases it might overstep into other dedicated spaces.  This WiFi at 6GHz is on the market nowadays, much above the typical 2.6GHz.  Higher andhigher it goes,more and more we want... is it good...
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[13:44:27] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372>
[13:44:46] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> Our submission to the local regulator
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[13:46:07] <Jane Coffin_web_647> National Research and Education Networks (NRENs)....many of you know them.  Steve's point is spot on And, we are seeing more cities also thinking about creating publicly accessible open backbones
[13:46:47] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372> This is the conference we are referring
[13:46:49] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Those public access nets could be used by Community Networks, NRENs, small ISPs
[13:46:50] <Jabhera Matogoro_web_372>
[13:50:43] <Jane Coffin_web_647> The first meet up could be to look at RFC 7962 again
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[13:55:55] <Jane Coffin_web_647> Great point Leandro and Jabhera
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[13:57:06] <Alexandre Petrescu_web_584> thank you
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[13:57:13] <Avri Doria_web_666> bye, thanks
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[13:57:16] <Leandro Navarro_web_860> Bye !!
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