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[19:57:15] <janecoffin> Hi All
[19:57:19] <janecoffin> OPening up Jabber for you
[19:57:29] <janecoffin> Adisorn from AIT is up talking about TakNET
[19:57:54] <janecoffin> All slides are available on line
[19:57:59] <janecoffin> And, on live feed
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[19:58:22] <janecoffin> And, click here
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[19:58:27] <janecoffin>
[19:58:28] <janecoffin> For info
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[19:59:24] <janecoffin> Great to see you all here by the way ;)
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[20:03:53] <janecoffin> Note that Adisorn works with Dr. Kanchana and they will be hosting IETF 103 Bangkok
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[20:04:32] <Gurshabad Grover> Awesome
[20:06:29] <janecoffin> We also know that Adisorn and the team from AIT did advance analyses with the villages concerned to ask them "why" they might want  connectivity for a "before" snapshot So they have data on what might impact sustainability
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[20:10:08] <janecoffin> Excellent example of use of TVWS
[20:10:14] <janecoffin> And collaboration with Regulator
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[20:15:25] <Gurshabad Grover> Same problems in India wrt unlicensed spectrum usage and TVWS
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[20:16:29] <janecoffin> Good to know.  There is definitely ways to sort this whether it is direct allocations, shared use, secondary use, or other
[20:16:48] <janecoffin> We are often amazed that there is opposition when there are so many folks who do not have connectivity
[20:17:04] <janecoffin> Niel is talking now about an online training course
[20:17:12] <janecoffin> Free to anyone that wants to take it
[20:17:32] <janecoffin> Collaboration with IEEE and ISOC
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[20:18:57] <janecoffin> Do folks on this list know of countries where TVWS is allowed for us by community or local access networks?
[20:20:01] <janecoffin> Focus on Radio Physics, Site Planning, Networking (addressing, routing), Securing Wireless Nets
[20:20:12] <janecoffin> All about partnerships on this online training
[20:20:19] <janecoffin> Worked with AfCHIX
[20:20:32] <janecoffin> FOSSFA of Africa, DEF, NOGs, and Chapters of ISOC who help us test
[20:20:48] <janecoffin> There is training for both moderators and people who need to be trained
[20:21:03] <janecoffin> Note re DEF - Digital Empowerment Foundation
[20:21:35] <janecoffin> DEF was one of ISOC's first partners and is a member of APC (Association for Progressive Communications) A key CN partner of ISOCs
[20:21:53] <janecoffin> And, we love working with Network Operator Groups (NOGs ;)
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[20:22:45] <Panayotis Antoniadis> Hi all! Thanks for making it possible to follow remotely this great workshop!
[20:22:55] <janecoffin> Cool.  Great to see you Panos ;)
[20:22:56] <Panayotis Antoniadis> Is there a link to download the slides? I cannot findit
[20:23:05] <Panayotis Antoniadis> Hi Jane :-)
[20:23:23] <janecoffin> Fabulous work by Panos and the NetHood and Netcommons teams last week in Athens and the amazing folks at
[20:23:26] <janecoffin> Check them out
[20:23:30] <janecoffin> Sure:
[20:23:45] <janecoffin> Go to this link:
[20:23:48] <janecoffin> Look for GAIA
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[20:24:00] <janecoffin> And, look across the agenda to the X
[20:24:21] <janecoffin> Note by Niel re course re creating an offline version
[20:24:31] <janecoffin> USB stick or Windows for those that do not have connectivity
[20:24:52] <janecoffin> Working with DEF and folks in India to train many more humans
[20:24:59] <janecoffin> Translation of course into many languages
[20:25:04] <janecoffin> Already have it in Spanish
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[20:25:49] <janecoffin> And, Panos let me know if you can find the link.  
[20:25:56] <janecoffin> Questions for Niel
[20:26:00] <janecoffin> How long is the training?
[20:26:09] <janecoffin> 12 modules - 6 weeks usually to take
[20:26:24] <janecoffin> We can do a fast-track version for in-class training
[20:26:39] <janecoffin> Ray Pelletier speaking - You Tube
[20:26:47] <janecoffin> Q about TOT
[20:26:57] <janecoffin> How did you select trainers and how do you do outreach
[20:27:10] <janecoffin> ?And, after TOT is there a mentorship
[20:27:35] <janecoffin> Niel - work with partners to promote - social media and partners in the regions NOGs and NRENs
[20:27:54] <janecoffin> In order to obtain a diverse range of folks
[20:28:06] <janecoffin> [Note we also put info out on GAIA and DC-3]
[20:28:47] <janecoffin> 3rd Q:  How to find the first trainers?  They came from different strategic partners.  The first trainees came after a call for applications
[20:28:56] <janecoffin> We (ISOC) had 400 applications for 90 spots
[20:29:13] <janecoffin> And, found that some of our chapters and NOGs were interested in training
[20:29:26] <janecoffin> Q:  What regions are covered?
[20:29:34] <janecoffin> A:  Trained trainers in MENA
[20:29:43] <Mallory Knodel> Re: “And collaboration with Regulator” impressive that taknet received a licence and funding. Is that regulator pushing similar, enabling policy in the region, too?
[20:29:45] <janecoffin> In LAC, APAC, Europe
[20:30:07] <janecoffin> Q:  In terms of language ...
[20:30:13] <janecoffin> A:  Only have English and Spanish
[20:30:27] <janecoffin> And, are working on a partnership with India for local languages
[20:30:32] <janecoffin> Urdu and/or Hindu
[20:30:40] <janecoffin> Looking at translating into Arabic
[20:31:39] <janecoffin> Up next is Leandro Navarro
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[20:31:41] <janecoffin> From UPC
[20:31:46] <janecoffin> Part of
[20:32:01] <janecoffin> They do research on CNs. and they also are part of NetCommons
[20:32:32] <janecoffin> In Guifi they have seen the need for radical solutions for connectivity solutions and private vs public
[20:33:14] <janecoffin> mandatory infrastructure sharing
[20:33:59] <janecoffin> On connectivity - there are the companies who are obliged to connect people - and in the rural areas via Universal Service
[20:34:09] <janecoffin> [Note this is a conundrum]
[20:34:30] <janecoffin> ROI for some companies is not there for many providers in villages of 5,000 and under
[20:34:37] <janecoffin> So, if U/Service is supposed to help with that
[20:34:42] <janecoffin> But is not helping
[20:34:48] <janecoffin> There is a gap and market failure
[20:35:04] <janecoffin> Sooooo.  Smaller access networks can complimentarily provide service where there are the gaps
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[20:36:12] <janecoffin> Leandro:  Look at a mechanism to allow for open access
[20:36:38] <janecoffin> Showing a maps of terrestrial and undersea cables
[20:37:10] <janecoffin> Shows the gaps in coverage and the work that Foundation has done
[20:37:20] <janecoffin> Infrastructures that benefit everyone
[20:37:32] <janecoffin> Fibre has high cap, but the civil works are expensive
[20:37:58] <janecoffin> Notes the plethora of regs for deployment particularly in Europe
[20:39:00] <janecoffin> Noting the use of the "commons" {Elenor Alstrom
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[20:39:37] <janecoffin> Leandro is explaining the diff use cases:  Self, private, Shared or Commons (see Elinor A)
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[20:41:00] <janecoffin> Looking at a doc on Ordinance to allow promotion of infra
[20:41:07] <janecoffin> To benefit the whole community
[20:41:42] <janecoffin> In Catalonia - they have extended fibre into communities by deploying by themselves
[20:42:03] <janecoffin> Query to all - how can we encourage shared use
[20:42:20] <janecoffin> Would companies provide a fibre or two for shared use or common use?
[20:42:37] <janecoffin> Commons works when there is an organization that helps with boundaries and disputes
[20:42:52] <janecoffin> Radical infrastructure sharing proposals
[20:43:00] <Meetecho> Working on the broken video
[20:43:11] <janecoffin> Thank you
[20:43:58] <Panayotis Antoniadis> Perhaps move the notes by Jane to the etherpad? (not sure if they are maintained in the chat)
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[20:45:25] <janecoffin> Yes
[20:45:29] <Meetecho> Video should be back now (y)
[20:45:42] <janecoffin> I will make sure notes from Jabber moved over
[20:45:46] <janecoffin> Spencer Sevilla up
[20:45:49] <janecoffin> Univ of Washingto
[20:45:53] <janecoffin> oops Washington
[20:46:02] <janecoffin> Spencer works with Kurtis H
[20:46:10] <janecoffin> And, is talking about Community Cell Networks
[20:46:15] <janecoffin> Community owned and managed networks
[20:46:25] <janecoffin> Using Twilio for grop interconnect
[20:46:55] <janecoffin> One of their main costs has been phone numbers and challenge about reaching broader net
[20:47:04] <janecoffin> So turned to "LET"
[20:47:07] <janecoffin> LTE
[20:47:21] <janecoffin> LTE network architecture simpler than 2G
[20:47:33] <janecoffin> Commodity hardware prices coming down
[20:47:42] <janecoffin> LTE is based on IP
[20:47:58] <janecoffin> LTE network substrate is 100% IP
[20:48:04] <janecoffin> Voice and Text
[20:48:14] <janecoffin> Easier to build a data only network
[20:48:22] <janecoffin> Diagram - LTE is Based on IP
[20:48:48] <janecoffin> [animation not working for live stream, but check out docs on the site
[20:48:55] <janecoffin> LTE as Access Tech - slide
[20:49:05] <janecoffin> High speed access 150 mbps
[20:49:25] <janecoffin> Cisco steps to Mic for a Question
[20:49:37] <janecoffin> Not clearly understood
[20:50:23] <janecoffin> Standard MME core
[20:50:26] <janecoffin> Clarification
[20:50:48] <janecoffin> Asked speaker to ask questions after pres
[20:51:11] <janecoffin> Focus on their project
[20:51:17] <janecoffin> Calling it CoLTE
[20:51:20] <janecoffin> Community LTE
[20:51:33] <janecoffin> Target goal = network bring up and install almost like a WiFi install
[20:52:08] <janecoffin> Network Architecture slide
[20:52:40] <janecoffin> Feel free to ask Questions by the way here and we can put them through
[20:53:14] <janecoffin> hardward Stack slide
[20:53:59] <janecoffin> Core - EPC box Software Slide
[20:54:25] <janecoffin> Interns are working on first draft of web config
[20:54:30] <janecoffin> Coming Soon!
[20:54:38] <janecoffin> Slide:  Billing Services
[20:55:06] <janecoffin> Decided not to bill voice or text separately
[20:55:51] <janecoffin> Only providing over the top services right now
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[20:56:13] <janecoffin> Billing Services Portal
[20:56:28] <janecoffin> Notes done by engineers :)
[20:56:52] <janecoffin> Next step in their project - Local Services
[20:57:10] <janecoffin> Started hosting some local webservices
[20:57:34] <janecoffin> All hosted on http://servicename.bokondini
[20:57:52] <janecoffin> Next Slide = Upcoming Deployments
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[20:58:00] <janecoffin> Heading to Indonesia
[20:58:04] <janecoffin> Until Mid-Augus
[20:58:06] <janecoffin> August
[20:58:57] <janecoffin> Future Research:  Community repair
[20:59:07] <janecoffin> Community incentives
[20:59:40] <janecoffin> Sensor related Community repair
[21:00:28] <janecoffin> Future Research:  Services and Billing
[21:00:59] <janecoffin> Free or discounted for local services,...other
[21:01:06] <janecoffin> And, Internet Architecture Questions
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[21:01:18] <janecoffin> Issues related to regulatory issues
[21:01:35] <janecoffin> If everything is over IP - what is the answer re this
[21:01:45] <janecoffin> Future research agenda
[21:01:59] <janecoffin> Questions for Spencer
[21:02:09] <janecoffin> First reaction - wow and likes the simplicity
[21:02:21] <janecoffin> Did you have struggles with users moving from Cell to LTE?
[21:02:42] <janecoffin> Target community - has no Internet access
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[21:02:54] <janecoffin> No Internet backhaul in village in Indonesia
[21:03:02] <janecoffin> Rafael from Brazil - asking Q
[21:03:11] <janecoffin> Glad to see someone doing this.  
[21:03:29] <janecoffin> Do you know about commodity hardware for eNode?
[21:03:48] <janecoffin> Yes - Chinese manufacturer and they are also talking to FB's Open Cellular project
[21:04:25] <janecoffin> Q:  Software - any self config or automat for that?
[21:04:31] <janecoffin> A:  Rudimentary phase
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[21:05:10] <janecoffin> Biz model
[21:05:19] <janecoffin> Sustainability question
[21:05:25] <janecoffin> Owned and run by community
[21:05:30] <janecoffin> 1mbps VSAT link per month
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[21:05:47] <janecoffin> Money going back into the community
[21:05:54] <janecoffin> But, issue will be community discussion for community
[21:06:02] <janecoffin> Cable Labs Max:
[21:06:09] <janecoffin> Uff… Max
[21:06:44] <janecoffin> Q:  Max working in last 6 months CBRS
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[21:07:19] <janecoffin> Take a look at what they have done to bring costs down - SIMS/handsets
[21:07:22] <janecoffin> Notes OpenTPC
[21:07:41] <janecoffin> From Germany - software core implementation scale from RaspPi
[21:07:51] <janecoffin> Likely has an open source implementation soon
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[21:08:53] <janecoffin> Back and forth about EPCs and open source or not
[21:09:14] <janecoffin> CableLabs/Max - offering some other suggestions
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[21:09:22] <janecoffin> Q:  Christian O'Flaherty - ISOC
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[21:09:33] <janecoffin> EPC is your's
[21:09:41] <janecoffin> No - part of Open Air Interface Project
[21:09:47] <janecoffin> Spencer:  Found some bugs
[21:09:52] <janecoffin> Check Git Hub
[21:10:20] <janecoffin> Do you foresee people downloading this and creating an out of the box solution?  Yes. ideally would be the goal.
[21:10:32] <janecoffin> Last Question
[21:10:50] <janecoffin> Can someone just install this with the current open source software?
[21:10:55] <janecoffin> Yes.  But.
[21:11:06] <janecoffin> Spencer has spent time de-bugging
[21:11:19] <janecoffin> All their stuff is online and Github on line
[21:11:37] <janecoffin> Are the configs in the cloud? Yes
[21:11:54] <janecoffin> Q from Cisco:  What channels you are using?
[21:12:00] <janecoffin> A:  Using band 8
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[21:14:07] <Kurtis Heimerl> Thanks for all of that Jane!
[21:14:26] <janecoffin> Cisco re CBRS
[21:14:29] <janecoffin> You bet!
[21:14:31] <janecoffin> Thanks all
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