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[07:22:29] <Barry Leiba> Hm.  Meetecho tells me I'm an extra AD.  I guess that means I'm not necessary......
[07:25:26] <Alessandro Amirante> :D
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[07:35:34] <dkg> is it just me, or are we way off of the published schedule?
[07:37:36] <dkg> isn't there a TOCTOU concern with that approach too?
[07:37:57] Murray Kucherawy joins the room
[07:39:00] <Bron Gondwana> dkg: did you mean to say that in here?
[07:39:26] Mark McFadden leaves the room
[07:39:39] <dkg> yes, i did
[07:40:02] <dkg> this was in response to the proposal that a sieve script has the ability to test for the presence of a mailbox before deciding how to dispose of a message
[07:40:44] <Bron Gondwana> ahh, OK.  We've had that for ages, just not by ID.
[07:40:52] <Bron Gondwana> but by name and by specialuse it's existed for a while now
[07:41:11] <dkg> yep -- probably not the end of the world, just yet another thing for implementers to trip over
[07:41:34] <dkg> btw, we're 11 minutes into the meeting, but we're about minute 25 of the schedule
[07:42:11] <Bron Gondwana> yeah, that's OK - those things were faster than expected - we got to agreement faster than I thought
[07:42:40] <dkg> maybe the meeting started early, but if so that's not great for folks who joined late?  i joined at 1 minute after the start time, and we were nearly done with the 2nd topic on the agenda.
[07:43:18] <dkg> (2nd substantive topic; 3rd topic including note well, etc)
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[07:45:00] <Bron Gondwana> yep.. ok, I'll keep that in mind for next time. Thanks
[07:45:36] <Bron Gondwana> the first two are documents waiting on the AD, so it was mostly asking Barry what's blocking them
[07:45:40] <dkg> thanks, Bron.  i know it's hard to deliberately delay when you know that ppl will hassle you for running late too.
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[07:46:56] <dkg> that sounds super ugly
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[07:47:11] <dkg> "dont' mix them" sounds like much better advice
[07:47:15] <dkg> simple is good
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[07:54:16] <Murray Kucherawy> Need to jump over to another WG; ping me on jabber ("cm-msk") if you need me
[07:54:22] Murray Kucherawy leaves the room
[08:13:25] <Alexey Melnikov> Listening to the discussion I think we should go with simpler syntax and don't allow special flags on snooze
[08:14:54] <dkg> i'll adjust my mic
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[08:29:34] <Alexey Melnikov> Bye
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