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[17:00:35] <jgunn> I am having difficulty getting the audio stream using the link on the tools agenda.  I get the message "Windows Media Player cannot find the file". Is there an alternate stream
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[17:05:13] <Bernard Aboba> Agenda Discussion
[17:05:56] <Bernard Aboba> Randy Gellens missed the deadline for submission of draft-gellens-ecrit-ecall-00.  Any objections to allowing Randy to present it (assuming he is in Vancouver)?
[17:05:59] <Bernard Aboba> No objection.
[17:06:15] <Bernard Aboba> Request to add a demonstration to the agenda . Any objections?  No.
[17:06:31] <Bernard Aboba> Additional-data document now at -15.
[17:07:33] <Bernard Aboba> trustworthy location document has completed WG last call, will be sent to IESG soon.
[17:08:07] <Bernard Aboba> Had action item in Berlin to update milestones and charter.  Updated milestones have been posted on the WG Charter page.
[17:09:09] <Bernard Aboba> Richard Barnes:  Charter update may wait until next IESG telechatl for approval.
[17:09:30] <Bernard Aboba> Additional data draft to be presented by Randy Gellens.
[17:09:38] <Bernard Aboba> Latest slides: v4
[17:09:51] <Bernard Aboba> (v3 up on the screen, searching for latest version).
[17:11:24] <Bernard Aboba> Lots of updates lately, based on review comments.
[17:12:30] <Bernard Aboba> Got review comments from Barbara Stark, Christer HOlmberg, Matt Serra and Gunnar Hellstrom.
[17:13:27] <Bernard Aboba> Changes include editorial improvements, clarifications, soft client addition to device type registry, subscriber privacy indicator.
[17:13:51] <Bernard Aboba> Pending changes (15/16).
[17:16:29] <Bernard Aboba> Please review the draft.
[17:16:45] <Bernard Aboba> Data onliy draft (Brian Rosen).
[17:18:12] <Bernard Aboba> It's useful for some of us.... are we WGLCing it or not?
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[17:22:47] <Randall Gellens> test....
[17:23:23] <James Dishongh> test acked
[17:23:32] <Bernard Aboba> Christer:  How does Callback work for a MESSAGE with no contact header?
[17:23:55] <Bernard Aboba> Brian Rosen:  I don't want to do what you want.  Send text.
[17:25:44] <Bernard Aboba> Bernard Aboba:  Don't see why we should need a new draft.  Just do it.
[17:26:17] <Bernard Aboba> Brian Rosen:  Will add a section to state that you can create a session with No SDP (e.g. for an INVITE).
[17:26:31] <Bernard Aboba> Christer:  You'll have text by the end of the month of November, 2013.
[17:27:27] <Bernard Aboba> Christer:  There are two ways of doing data only:  session-based and non-session based.   Session-based would be INVITE with no SDP.
[17:27:36] <Bernard Aboba> Randy Gellens:  Should PSAPs support both?
[17:27:39] <Bernard Aboba> Christer: Yes.
[17:28:31] <Bernard Aboba> Brian:  How should additional call data be updated?  It is important for PSAP to be able to control the rate of update.
[17:29:23] <Bernard Aboba> Some folks want an INFO package.  I don't like it because PSAP Can't control the rate.
[17:29:41] <Bernard Aboba> Christer:  It is actually possible.  When PSAP sends a SUBSCRIBE it can indicate the rate (min/max/average).
[17:30:09] <Bernard Aboba> You can do the same thing when you send an INVITE, indicating support for the INFO package, when PSAP responds, you can definie parameters such as min/max, etc.  It is in the INFO RFC.
[17:30:43] <Bernard Aboba> So PSAP *can* indicate the rate.
[17:31:48] <Bernard Aboba> Brian Rosen:  I don't think INFO is the right way to do this... in NENA we are using SUBSCRIBE/NOTIFY for other things.
[17:32:22] <Bernard Aboba> Christer:  There is no mechanism for authorizing SUBSCRIBE in 3GPP today.
[17:32:34] <Bernard Aboba> It is a 3GPP architecture issuews.
[17:33:07] <Bernard Aboba> Can't send an INFO unless you have a session.
[17:33:18] <Bernard Aboba> But if you have a session... why can't you use INFO?
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[17:37:09] <Bernard Aboba> Bernard Aboba:  authorization problem is readl.
[17:37:20] <Bernard Aboba> Andrew Allen:  Yes, it is a problem.
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[17:42:19] <Bernard Aboba> Randall gellens:  The concern is that a SUBSCRIBE will be sent to a device with no authorization;  in the INVITE model, a session is established, the rate controls are established, and then the INFOs are sent, so the authorization issue doesn't come up.  Right?
[17:42:24] <Bernard Aboba> Christer:  Yes.
[17:43:08] <Bernard Aboba> Brian Rosen:  Can the device PUBLISH to an external server?  Would that work?
[17:46:14] <Bernard Aboba> James Polk:  Can we extend Brian's proposal to include Christer's proposal if he writes a draft?
[17:46:34] <Bernard Aboba> Brian Rosen:  Can we put a time limit on this?
[17:53:48] <jgunn> can't hear speaker
[17:54:15] <James Dishongh> please remind the speakers to use the mics
[17:54:31] <James Dishongh> remote participants can't hear them
[17:55:11] <jgunn> Still can't hear speaker!
[17:55:58] <James Dishongh> I can hear people sitting near a mic whispering.. but the presenter isn' t on mic
[17:56:17] <jgunn> Same here.
[17:56:55] <jgunn> Have to leave now. Bye.
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[18:00:35] <Bernard Aboba> Randy Gellens:  eCall is a standardized ve3hicle emergency call system providing voice and vehicle data mandated in the EU.
[18:01:23] <Bernard Aboba> draft was split off from draft-rosen-ecrit-ecall (which had 11 versions)
[18:02:33] <Bernard Aboba> How many people have read the draft?  1 person raises their hand.
[18:02:40] <Bernard Aboba> Randy:  I know other people have read it.
[18:03:00] <Bernard Aboba> Marc:  Does anyone care about this issue?
[18:03:16] <Bernard Aboba> A few people raise hands.
[18:03:28] <Bernard Aboba> Christer:  There are people in Ericsson, but they weren't informed about it until last week.
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[18:03:49] <Bernard Aboba> ?: DT will implement eCall....
[18:04:00] <Bernard Aboba> Andrew Allen:  We implement eCall as well, and will have some interest.
[18:04:14] <Bernard Aboba> Marc: Am I hearing a commitment to read documents and send comments on the list?
[18:04:48] <Bernard Aboba> Randy:  ETSI has as task force that needs to reference the draft or decide the IETF won't do it (and have a contingency).
[18:05:13] <Bernard Aboba> Randy:  It is a not a long draft, so it is not scary... not a Halloween draft!
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[18:31:56] <Randall Gellens> Demo from Ram Dantu at University of North Texas
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[18:43:28] <Randall Gellens> we're done
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