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[09:01:04] <Mouse> is the meeting over?
[09:04:50] --- sureshk has joined
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[09:15:25] <nicow3k> hello
[09:15:38] <nicow3k> very few folks in the jabber room
[09:23:59] <hartmans> Who is speaking?
[09:24:34] <sureshk> glenn zorn
[09:25:01] <sureshk> now bernard aboba
[09:25:16] <hartmans> Yeah, I recognize Bernard;)
[09:25:27] <hartmans> I just didn't catch Glen's name when he started.
[09:25:52] <sureshk> Joseph
[09:27:27] <nicow3k> do we need a jabber scribe?
[09:27:51] <nicow3k> the current topic of conversation is about methods and key lifetime negotiation
[09:28:20] <sureshk> Is anyone here not in the room?
[09:28:41] <nicow3k> yes: those who will read this log after this meeting is over
[09:28:53] <sureshk> :)
[09:29:01] <nicow3k> :)
[09:29:04] <sureshk> I am going to pop over into dhc soon
[09:29:22] <sureshk> that is why I did not start jabber scribing
[09:42:06] <Mouse> Please, somebody in the room - scribe for Jabber. These logs will be needed after the meeting.
[09:46:37] <nicow3k> it's a bit late, and folks speak tooooo fast
[09:46:42] <nicow3k> we'd need two scribes
[09:47:11] <nicow3k> the current topic is: key caching and cached key scope
[09:47:48] <nicow3k> are keys generated by EAP limited in scope to the application (media/interface) in the context of which they were negotiated?
[09:48:14] <nicow3k> or is their scope global to the host?
[09:48:45] <nicow3k> this has become a rat hole, IMO
[09:54:00] <Mouse> Probably should be limited (with what limited info I see).
[09:57:36] <nicow3k> new topic: ID selection hints for EAP
[10:00:49] <hartmans> Which draft is this?
[10:04:10] <hartmans> I'm somewhat confused I thought this one was already approved.
[10:13:03] <hartmans> No, withdrawn from the agenda
[10:13:11] <hartmans> We are long since discussing other things now.
[10:17:30] <nicow3k> yeah, sorry, I went off to look at some of these I-Ds
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