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[22:36:27] <sftcd> light agenda
[22:37:34] <sftcd> agenda bash: added kevin's ICN/DTN talk
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[22:38:59] <sftcd> "finishing up" drafts
[22:41:15] <sftcd> dgram-layer:
[22:41:43] <sftcd> fred templin: setting of DF in IP header needs more thought/explaination maybe
[22:41:56] <sftcd> ft: udp cl says fragmentation is a problem
[22:42:16] <sftcd> ft: CL has to take better care of packet sizes
[22:42:44] <sftcd> simon perrault: I reviewed this and had a similar comment, draft doesn't talk about PMTUD
[22:42:57] <sftcd> sp: draft needs to say to do PMTUD
[22:43:09] <sftcd> ft: agrees, but sometimes PMTUD doesn't work so needs caveat
[22:44:57] <sftcd> simon said he'd already sent text, fred said he'd take a look
[22:45:27] <sftcd> kevin fall: there are error correction drafts (-00's) that are sort-of extension of DTN
[22:45:46] <sftcd> kf: raises question about reliability above CL
[22:46:01] <sftcd> Joerg ott: but that's not for the UDP CL draft
[22:46:20] <sftcd> jo: get authors to rev to take PMTUD into account
[22:46:26] <sftcd> tcp-cl:
[22:46:35] <sftcd> sp: this is ready
[22:46:39] <sftcd> jo: agrees
[22:46:58] <sftcd> bpmib:
[22:47:18] <sftcd> jo: had comments, was revised, its a MIB so nobody read it maybe
[22:47:49] <sftcd> jo: will do last call
[22:47:56] <sftcd> registries:
[22:48:26] <sftcd> marc blanchet:
[22:48:51] <sftcd> mb: slides, presenting for Keith who couldn't come
[22:49:26] <sftcd> (won't scribe slides)
[22:57:07] <sftcd> all ok as per slides, some discussion of RFC required but we stuck with it
[22:57:15] <sftcd> jo: will issue last call
[22:57:45] <sftcd> kevin's talk
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