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[13:54:27] <sftcd@jabber.org> Testing, testing...
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[15:01:53] <kfall> hi
[15:02:00] <sftcd@jabber.org> hiya
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[15:04:43] <demmer@jabber.org> hiya
[15:09:01] <sftcd@jabber.org> who's on the call - anyone got a list?
[15:10:49] <demmer@jabber.org> thusfar people that have spoken include:
[15:11:00] <demmer@jabber.org> me (mike d), kevin, stephen, scott, bob, susan, salil
[15:11:11] <demmer@jabber.org> that's all i've heard
[15:11:20] <sftcd@jabber.org> ta
[15:30:11] <sftcd@jabber.org> mike - can't the security code reconstruct the on-the-wire bytes from your data structure?
[15:30:18] <demmer@jabber.org> yes
[15:30:24] <demmer@jabber.org> that's why i'm asking the question
[15:31:07] <sftcd@jabber.org> if not, then I think we may need to revisit the c14n stuff in the security draft so I'd be interested in the outcome of this discussion after you've chatted with him
[15:38:21] <sftcd@jabber.org> you might want the original bytes for audit purposes but otherwise you're right that you can drop stuff once checked
[15:53:58] <lurker> isomer: Any of two or more substances that are composed of the same elements in the same proportions but differ in properties because of differences in the arrangement of atoms.
[15:54:51] <demmer@jabber.org> lurker -- who are you, if you don't mind my asking?
[15:56:19] <sftcd@jabber.org> not me :-)
[15:57:20] <sftcd@jabber.org> I preferred incarnation - can see the flower logo too
[16:25:04] <sftcd@jabber.org> ok I'm gonna drop off the call and go for dinner talk to ya next week (if we need a call then?)
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