[13:27:51] --- deeTeeEnn has joined
[13:28:02] <deeTeeEnn> hello?
[15:28:14] --- kfall has joined
[15:29:00] <kfall> hi
[15:53:09] --- demmer has joined
[15:53:11] <demmer> hi
[15:53:25] <demmer> anyone home?
[15:55:14] --- salil has joined
[15:55:28] <salil> hi
[15:55:33] <demmer> hi
[15:55:42] --- deeTeeEnn has left
[15:56:27] <kfall> yes
[15:57:44] <demmer> and now there are three of us
[15:57:47] <demmer> no steven?
[15:57:58] <kfall> he said he may be late
[15:58:06] <demmer> oh right
[15:58:16] <salil> What became of Keshav's work on XMPP over TCA?
[15:58:24] <demmer> not sure
[15:58:30] <demmer> melissa just mentioned it
[15:58:34] <kfall> btw, what's the bridge# and passcode?
[15:58:35] <demmer> it would be cool if we could
[15:58:38] <demmer> concall over dtn
[15:58:39] <demmer> one sec
[15:58:46] <demmer> 916-356-2663, Bridge: 1, Passcode: 1538938
[15:59:42] <demmer> is it an (888) number?
[15:59:56] <demmer> or do i need to dial (916) ?
[16:01:17] <salil> An 888 number would be nice.
[16:09:37] --- sftcd has joined
[16:09:44] <sftcd> Hi guys
[16:10:49] <demmer> hi
[16:10:54] <demmer> (steven?)
[16:11:01] <sftcd> but of course
[16:11:08] <sftcd> just joined the phone call too
[16:11:11] <demmer> welcome
[16:11:27] <sftcd> thanks - get a chance to look @ that ltp code at all?
[16:11:43] <demmer> nope
[16:11:45] <demmer> :)
[16:11:50] <demmer> might have some time today
[16:11:59] <sftcd> probably just as well, but I remain interested in comments
[16:12:04] <demmer> heh
[16:12:05] <demmer> ok
[16:12:28] <sftcd> btw - did I send the sdnv test page URL to the bigger list or just the LTP one?
[16:12:51] <demmer> just the LTP one
[16:12:53] <demmer> as i don't know what you're talking about
[16:13:57] <sftcd> ah i put up a cgi where you can use my sdnv encoder
[16:15:42] <sftcd> http://down.dsg.cs.tcd.ie/ltplib/
[16:16:51] <demmer> your web page a) doesn't work in IE and b) requires a username/password for the test pages
[16:22:55] <sftcd> yes the username is ltp
[16:23:04] <demmer> no password?
[16:23:59] <sftcd> yep - its the sdnv decoding of 85B3E2B53C
[16:24:01] <sftcd> :-)
[16:24:10] <sftcd> trying to remember what that is myself
[16:24:43] <sftcd> ah - its CBA98765
[16:25:09] <sftcd> all it does for now is en/decode sdnvs
[16:25:20] <sftcd> must try it from IE (never use that)
[16:25:34] <demmer> did't work for me
[16:25:49] <demmer> the password
[16:25:58] <sftcd> maybe lowercase
[16:26:24] <demmer> nope
[16:27:56] <sftcd> ah - me neither, I'll go rummage for it
[16:29:52] <sftcd> ok - the pwd is "56789ABC"
[16:30:49] <demmer> the output came through awfully strangely
[16:31:00] <demmer> it looks like it's not hexified
[16:31:06] <demmer> once i tried your test app
[16:32:25] <sftcd> check some boxes
[16:35:39] --- matt.bradbury has joined
[16:38:19] <sftcd> hi matt
[16:38:19] <demmer> ah yes
[16:38:23] <matt.bradbury> hi there
[16:38:25] <matt.bradbury> lurking a bit
[16:38:32] <sftcd> lurk away
[16:39:25] <matt.bradbury> has anyone created a changelog of sorts between the various bundling drafts?
[16:40:01] <sftcd> isn't there a generic I-D coparison web tool?
[16:40:02] <matt.bradbury> i'm wanting to dive back into my java implementation, but not sure what all has changed since the v2 doc i was using
[16:40:15] <sftcd> probably a lot;-)
[16:40:22] <matt.bradbury> yeah, i know ;)
[16:40:35] <matt.bradbury> there's always 'diff'
[16:41:43] <matt.bradbury> welp, i've got to go install some routers, catch ya'll l8r (wish i didn't have customers to deal with :( )
[16:41:58] <sftcd> http://tools.ietf.org/tools/rfcdiff/rfcdiff.pyht
[16:42:04] <sftcd> is the I-D comparison tool btw
[16:42:06] <matt.bradbury> thans
[16:42:13] <matt.bradbury> +k
[16:42:16] <sftcd> see ya
[16:44:10] <demmer> matt -- when you get some time for this
[16:44:16] <demmer> let me know since i have some work pending
[16:44:21] <demmer> on the TCP CL that changes that protocol as well
[16:44:23] <demmer> and improves it
[16:50:17] <sftcd> 0-0 holland/arg
[16:59:35] <sftcd> i'm gonna bail on the call in a moment
[17:00:05] <sftcd> I'll stay on here for a bit more so if I need to call back in say so here
[17:01:20] <sftcd> I'm off the phone now
[17:07:16] <matt.bradbury> mike, i'll let you know when i get back into it, the TCP CL is actually where I stalled previously, but i'll need to update the bundle parsing code first
[17:33:50] --- sftcd has left: Replaced by new connection
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