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[07:03:15] <maker> test
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[07:19:29] <maker> Does the last call mean that there is no other DTN calls in the future?
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[07:24:11] <Brian Sipos> yes
[07:24:49] <maker> Thank you, so this WG is going to close
[07:24:55] <Meetecho> I'm talking to Brian in private
[07:25:00] <Meetecho> Brian, you can unmute clicking the mic and/or webcam icon
[07:25:12] <Meetecho> no, no need to use the red button
[07:25:23] <Ed Birrane> No other DTN calls for BP. Other standards are queued.
[07:25:52] <maker> i see
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[07:54:23] <Brian Sipos> hummmmm
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[08:15:01] <maker> as a newcomer, i think up of the Yang model when i browse these slides. Any difference?
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[08:20:04] <Brian Sipos> To clarify, use of YANG with AMA is fully decoupled from NETCONF/RESTCONF, etc.
[08:20:21] <Meetecho> note to chairs, in case they're not aware of this: Brian Siposin virtual queue
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