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[11:49:10] <Bob Moskowitz> camera is pointing to the back of the room...
[11:50:38] <Meetecho> We'll move it in a minute
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[11:57:13] <Bob Moskowitz> Peter, that you all the way in the back of the room?  :)
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[11:58:19] <Bob Moskowitz> DRIP RID update slides are at:
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[12:00:22] <Bob Moskowitz> This is the second time I have missed IETF in Vienna.  :(
[12:00:32] <Jim Reid_web_736> Thanks Bob
[12:00:58] <Stephan Wenger_web_518> Bob, I don't know whether we can upload the updated slides to the data tracker in time.  Will the currently uploaded slides do?
[12:01:02] <Stuart Card_web_965> Tnx.
[12:01:52] <Bob Moskowitz> Stephan, that is where Med put them, and since I am not presenting them now, it is good.
[12:01:52] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> Yes, Jim has refreshed the slides 5 minutes ago
[12:01:57] <Peter Yee_web_268> Is someone eating on mike?
[12:02:07] <Adam Wiethuechter_web_564> Its Daniels open mic I think
[12:02:23] <Bob Moskowitz> My mike is muted.
[12:02:31] <Bob Moskowitz> Too soft mike.
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[12:03:23] <Stuart Card_web_965> All audio levels seem low. All my controls are cranked to max.
[12:03:47] <Stuart Card_web_965> That's better!
[12:04:00] <Bob Moskowitz> It is whooever is at the meeting room table that was soft.
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[12:05:07] <Meetecho> Speaking closer to the mic may help, if that was the cause
[12:05:43] <Meetecho> What problem are you experiencing with slides?
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[12:07:41] <Meetecho> Daniel: make sure you're in presentation mode, not gallery view
[12:08:07] <Meetecho> (people in the room may want to relay via audio if he's not reading)
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[12:10:48] <Stephan Wenger_web_518> @Meetecho: a few of us did not see the controls to advance an uploaded and shared slide deck
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[12:11:32] <Meetecho> Stephen: that can happen if they moved to the gallery mode (which only shows the video feed)
[12:11:38] <Meetecho> Or did they see the slides, but not the controls?
[12:11:50] <Meetecho> Those should appear on the bottom and may not be immediately apparent
[12:12:29] <Stuart Card_web_631> I am stuggling to keep video up while in editing tool, I will catch up.
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[12:16:21] <Bob Moskowitz> Almost for sure we will need an IETF MoC.
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[12:16:54] <Bob Moskowitz> And the discussion in the ASTM calls, we will have to copy wholesale their MoC
[12:17:42] <Bob Moskowitz> Then add our piece and get FAA to accept our MoC.  Sigh.
[12:17:50] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> "MoC" == ?
[12:17:59] <Bob Moskowitz> Means of Compliance.
[12:18:04] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> thanks
[12:18:09] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> @Stu: do you see any impact of the "negative" ballot on the auth I-D as it requires some registration governed by ASTM rules
[12:18:11] <Bob Moskowitz> To the published regulations.
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[12:19:27] <Stephan Wenger_web_518> Regarding the ASTM normative reference: have you guys a plan how to make they doc available to the IETF reviewers without charge?  It's a hiccup that has come up before
[12:20:00] <Bob Moskowitz> And each vendor submits a Declaration of Compliance to the FAA (or other CAA).  The shortcut on this is to sight an approved MoC.
[12:20:55] <Bob Moskowitz> TO get the ASTM doc, IETF will have to enter into an agreement with ASTM.  I looked into this 2 years ago, and did not get energy fro IAB for this step.
[12:22:12] <Stephan Wenger_web_518> Liaison relationship?
[12:22:24] <Bob Moskowitz> Basically.  Yes.
[12:22:30] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> we included in RFC9153 a pointer to a previous version that is available for free
[12:23:20] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> I don't know if we need to revive the discussion how to make this available for reviewers
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[12:23:57] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> Some of the details were included in the doc write-up
[12:24:26] <Stephan Wenger_web_518> ok.  sleeping dogs and all...
[12:24:27] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> As long as it is only informative, then this should be OK
[12:24:37] <Richard Wilhelm_web_607> (btw: thanks for that great explanation of bluetooth 4 and 5 compatibility!)
[12:24:40] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> It is normative for AUTH
[12:24:43] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> This will be a problem for a normative reference
[12:24:52] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> info for RID
[12:25:03] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> Then, Med, we need to plan for it
[12:25:15] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> We used to have that same concern with 9153
[12:25:30] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> but lets see if there is something we can do more
[12:26:32] <Stephan Wenger_web_518> So what worked in AVTCORE for a ISO/JPEG spec recently was to find a way to make the ISO spec freely available to those reviewers who request it, with the understanding that it will not be shared.  Such was implemented informally.
[12:26:49] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> This may be useful for communicating with the operator ?? but not even sure about that
[12:27:13] <Bob Moskowitz> I will point out that this HIP stuff is valuable for Network Remote ID.
[12:27:28] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> Just wonder why we still need to cope with NAT in 2022... I.e., IPv6 should fix the problem
[12:27:53] <Bob Moskowitz> And for Command and Control (C2).  I have this in my draft and Stu has tested it.
[12:28:23] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> you will still need things such as ICE for checking ipv6 connectivity as FW may be on path, Éric.
[12:28:27] <Bob Moskowitz> For DRIP NRID and C2, it SHOULD be all IPv6.
[12:29:07] <Stuart Card_web_631> In room mic level extremely low.
[12:34:18] <Bob Moskowitz> But they may be able to show Interop in action, just not the code?
[12:34:52] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> Indeed, Bob, this would be useful to check whether specs are clear enough
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[12:36:06] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> Which part of the spec are you referring to, @eric?
[12:36:20] <Bob Moskowitz> Perhaps at the ASTM F38 meeting the end of May at Griffiths Airpot UAS test site.
[12:36:48] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> @Med, what Andrei has implemented
[12:36:56] <Jim Reid_web_736> Sorry about the mic level Stuart. It was too far away from my mouth.
[12:36:58] <Bob Moskowitz> We will see if we can coordinate with Andrei for remote testing.
[12:38:37] <Bob Moskowitz> As soon as I get rid-18 well along, I will be very focused on auth and registries (but I also need to move on crowd-source as we have a real client).
[12:38:50] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> Thanks, Éric
[12:42:29] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> Not sure there is a value in having multiple documents. This will just induce more work
[12:43:54] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> @Bob, when do you expect -18 to be out with the pending issue fixed?
[12:45:35] <Bob Moskowitz> I am targetting end of next week.  I hope to have IANA comments to include those, or those may end up making a -19 ver.
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[12:51:46] <Bob Moskowitz> I have thoughts about this multiple HHIT per RAA/HDA issue....
[12:51:59] <Bob Moskowitz> It was part of my initial thinking.
[12:52:09] <Stuart Card_web_631> By "interim", Adam means not just another draft rev, but an interim DRIP _meeting_.
[12:52:14] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> Indeed, Adam
[12:52:43] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> Andrei's slot wasn't also shortened this time
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[12:54:27] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> @Stu: Point taken, but we need also to make use of the mailing list
[12:55:29] <Bob Moskowitz> PKI products deal with this,  It is a known challenge.
[12:55:46] <Bob Moskowitz> And DANE also works with it.
[12:57:36] <Mohamed Boucadair_web_365> That would be great, Adam
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[12:59:25] <Éric Vyncke_web_509> Thanks to the chairs & delegates
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[12:59:33] <Stuart Card_web_631> Thanks all, esp. in-room delegates!
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[13:00:53] <Bob Moskowitz> Bye for now!
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