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[14:50:09] <mglt> Hi Eric, will the meeting start automatically at 11:00. I am unable to log as chair.
[14:56:27] <mglt> I managed to log in I have not figured out how yet.  ;-)
[15:00:00] <Eric Vyncke> Arg, let me try to log in (as I have no clue how it works behind the scene)
[15:00:53] <Eric Vyncke> I am logged in as you are as a normal user.
[15:01:01] <Eric Vyncke> Issue is that you may not be able to record
[15:01:26] <Eric Vyncke> Can you say a welcome message to check audio ?
[15:01:53] <Eric Vyncke> Audio working fine :-)
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[15:04:58] <mcr> is it just me, or does Daniel have a huge amount of static, and dropping every second packet?
[15:05:09] <mcr> And Stu is just fine.
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[15:05:35] <Eric Vyncke> @mcr: Daniel was speaking fast but good quality for me
[15:05:46] <mcr> still lots of analog static.
[15:06:02] <mcr> but Stu is clear.
[15:06:46] <Eric Vyncke> Did Daniel show the notewell ? I was late in the webex :-(
[15:06:53] <mcr> I didn't see it go by.
[15:06:57] <mcr> But I was late.
[15:07:14] <mglt> I do have the statics as well. BTW I might be Jim bu Med is not me ;-)
[15:07:28] <Eric Vyncke> @Daniel did you show the notewel ?
[15:09:35] <mglt> I do not know if Med stopped on it. DO you wnat me to interrupt or can we wait the end of the presentation.
[15:09:49] <mglt> There are in the slides.
[15:09:57] <Eric Vyncke> At the end of this presentation or at least before the Q&A
[15:10:06] <mglt> ok.
[15:10:12] <mglt> will tell med.
[15:11:00] <Eric Vyncke> Sorry, but the notewell is important especially when some members of DRIP are not IETF old timers
[15:11:04] <Eric Vyncke> ;-)
[15:13:28] <mglt> No problem, we will clarify that. I do not know if I was recording at the time I was pressing the recording
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[15:15:29] <msk> blue sheet: https://etherpad.ietf.org:9009/p/notes-ietf-interim-2020-drip-01?useMonospaceFont=true
[15:20:08] <mglt> do you the slides ?
[15:23:46] mcr leaves the room: Disconnected: closed
[15:25:41] <Shuai Zhao> Not sure if the KPIs specified in the F3411 needs to be mentioned in the requirement
[15:29:34] <mglt> @Shuai: I will read your comment at the end is that fine  ?
[15:32:49] <msk> +1 on the "at-rest" requirements discussion
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[15:33:08] <Eric Vyncke> Indeed nice to have but no place in IETF doc IMHO
[15:38:37] <Shuai Zhao> Thanks @mglt. of course
[15:39:53] <mcr> Amelia had said she would ask some questions about European people.
[15:40:52] <mcr> that sounds like an opportunity, rather than a problem :-)
[15:41:21] <Eric Vyncke> Indeed, this I-D could be fed back into FAA & EASA (who knows...)
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[15:44:03] <mcr> with a wicket restricted whois protocol.
[15:44:45] <mcr> . o O ( soo... FAA can be the new buyer of .org )
[15:54:43] <mcr> Eric, I suggest that the IAB be asked to do the Liason question.  That formality likely would cut through the comment process.
[15:55:28] <Eric Vyncke> IAB is more for the formal liaison person but a simple statement is easier (of course IAB is kept in copy)
[15:56:00] <Eric Vyncke> Else you are right: getting a liaison would help
[15:56:43] <Eric Vyncke> @mglt: please repeat the need for reaction / support for the call for adoption
[15:57:00] <mglt> ok
[15:57:19] <mcr> I'm saying that rather than having Stu ask ASTM to ask the IAB, that we just initiate it from the IAB.
[15:57:47] <msk> @evyncke: There's an FAA person listed in the blue sheet :)
[15:58:02] <Eric Vyncke> @msk ;-)
[15:58:08] <Eric Vyncke> @mcr indeed
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