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[03:13:18] <Ken Cartwright> Test
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[03:24:38] <Manjul Maharishi> Ken I could hear you well
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[03:25:03] <Simon Romano> @Manjul...did you try to talk?
[03:25:30] <Simon Romano> Try and say something...
[03:25:43] <Simon Romano> Please, all remotes should use earphones...
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[03:26:01] <Simon Romano> Otherwise we're gonna have echo in the room.
[03:26:22] <Simon Romano> Slide 1: IETF #82 DRINKS WG Meeting
[03:26:25] <Simon Romano> Slide 2: Note Well
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[03:26:57] <Simon Romano> Slide 2: Note Well
[03:27:59] <Simon Romano> We're soing automatic slide scribing...
[03:28:08] <Simon Romano> Slide 3: Agenda
[03:28:12] <Simon Romano> Slide 4: !!Scribes, Jabber!!
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[03:28:29] <Simon Romano> Slide 5: #1: WG Status Review
[03:28:30] <Sumanth Channabasappa> Any one else want to help with the notes?
[03:28:33] <Simon Romano> Slide 6: Goal still remains the same…
[03:30:01] <Simon Romano> Slide 7: Status of WG Drafts
[03:31:24] <Simon Romano> Slide 8: Since Quebec…
[03:32:46] <Simon Romano> Presentation stopped
[03:33:00] <Simon Romano> Slide 1: #2: Updates from the Interim (Chairs)
[03:33:06] <Simon Romano> Slide 2: DRINKS 81.5 (Interim Meeting)
[03:34:22] <Simon Romano> Slide 3: Major Takeaways from the Interim
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[03:36:35] <Simon Romano> Slide 4: Next Steps
[03:37:11] <Lorenzo Miniero> Khalid, if you're taking notes on the shared text editor, make sure you check the autosave checkbox to have the progress autosaved every few seconds
[03:37:24] <Lorenzo Miniero> or to manually commit changes
[03:37:26] <Simon Romano> Presentation stopped
[03:37:42] <Khalid Ali> I am not taking notes at all
[03:37:45] <Simon Romano> Slide 1: #3: Protocol Document
[03:38:06] <Lorenzo Miniero> ok, I saw you got the token for the text editor, that's why I asked...
[03:38:22] <Khalid Ali> Oh its okay
[03:38:57] <Simon Romano> Slide 2: Since IETF#81
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[03:39:40] <Lorenzo Miniero> could you release the token if you're not going to take notes, then? just to allow others to take it should they need it
[03:40:06] <Lorenzo Miniero> tnx :)
[03:40:25] <Simon Romano> Slide 3: Document Reorganization
[03:41:40] <Ken Cartwright> the slides being shown on meet echo are not th eons being shown in the room i think
[03:42:11] <Simon Romano> I'm afraid they made last minute changes...
[03:42:23] <Ken Cartwright> yes
[03:42:24] <Simon Romano> These are the ones we've got...
[03:42:27] <Sumanth Channabasappa> Ken - you are correct, Simon is trying to change it.
[03:42:34] <Ken Cartwright> k
[03:42:38] <Sumanth Channabasappa> Simon - we made some updates to this slide earlier today.
[03:42:38] <Simon Romano> Slide 4: The Idea
[03:43:14] <Simon Romano> Slide 5: Schema-specific Changes
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[03:44:59] <Simon Romano> Slide 6: Operations and Object Identity
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[03:46:05] <Simon Romano> Slide 7: Response Types and Codes
[03:46:47] <Simon Romano> Slide 8: Security Considerations (now) Addressed
[03:47:23] <Simon Romano> @Ken: I have the new deck...should I load it, or is it ok with this one?
[03:48:26] <Ken Cartwright> they are about done with this set
[03:48:29] <Sumanth Channabasappa> @Simon - I think it is OK, the only change was to an earlier slide.
[03:48:39] <Ken Cartwright> the transport slides are next
[03:48:48] <Simon Romano> OK...let's keep on going, then ;-)
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[03:49:10] <Sumanth Channabasappa> @Simon - we did change the transport slide deck last night (~midnight), which will be discussed next. You may want to check to make sure you have the latest.
[03:49:23] <Simon Romano> Slide 9: TBDs
[03:49:35] <Simon Romano> OK.
[03:52:25] <Ken Cartwright> I agree it is a good plan to make the identifiers case in-sensitive.
[03:52:56] <resnick> Why insensitive?
[03:53:23] <Dean Willis> some transport bindings are likely to be case-insensitive
[03:53:42] <Dean Willis> Not to mention case-confusion for developers
[03:57:10] <Dean Willis> So Pete thinks case-sensitivity is easier?
[03:58:06] <Dean Willis> character-by-character matching? Okay.
[03:58:47] <Dean Willis> I'd be inclined to follow Pete's position — he's done a lot more internationalization than I have.
[03:58:53] <resnick> Sorta, with the caveat that "character" is a funky concept. :-)
[03:59:07] <Dean Willis> Yeah, but Petes — you have "character".
[04:00:04] <Simon Romano> Presentation stopped
[04:00:20] <Simon Romano> Slide 1: #4: Transport Document (draft-ietf-drink
[04:01:05] <resnick> @dean: If you normalize (something like NFC), and you have a particular encoding (likely/hopefully UTF-8), then you can do octet-by-octet comparison and do reasonably well, but there are still edge cases where users would be "surprised" that certain things don't match.
[04:01:14] <Simon Romano> Slide 2: Updates
[04:01:36] <Dean Willis> Pete: I believe you. I wish I didn't.
[04:02:06] <Simon Romano> Slide 3: Object Identity Mapping
[04:02:40] <Simon Romano> Slide 4: Example Operation Mapping
[04:03:24] <Simon Romano> Slide 5: Example SPPP Response Type Mapping
[04:04:43] <Simon Romano> Presentation stopped
[04:04:53] <Simon Romano> Slide 1: #5: Proposed Next Steps (WG Chairs)
[04:05:01] <Simon Romano> Slide 2: Things to Discuss: #1
[04:06:07] <Ken Cartwright> I think that proposal is good
[04:06:14] <Dean Willis> Works for me.
[04:06:33] <Manjul Maharishi> Looks good to me too
[04:06:47] <Vikas Bhatia> looks good..
[04:07:03] <Simon Romano> Slide 3: Things to Discuss: #2
[04:08:58] <Dean Willis> I'd slip another month on each for calendaring purposes.
[04:10:32] <Dean Willis> Like ken just said ...
[04:11:08] <Simon Romano> Slide 4: Things to Discuss: #3
[04:11:08] <Dean Willis> If we finish early. nobody will complain.
[04:12:42] <Simon Romano> Presentation stopped
[04:17:18] <Ken Cartwright> yes, the spec says that the registrars authenticate
[04:17:59] <Ken Cartwright> more granular authorization is left up to a matter of policy. the doc offers guidance
[04:19:06] <Sumanth Channabasappa> @Ken - you may want to announce yourself :).
[04:19:34] <Dean Willis> I totally can't hear Ken.
[04:20:23] <Dean Willis> But otherwise the audio quality is really good.
[04:20:26] <Dean Willis> Ah thanks!
[04:20:40] <Dean Willis> Nope, got it!
[04:20:44] <Sumanth Channabasappa> K
[04:20:50] <Simon Romano> That's all folks! See you soon on Meetecho ;-)
[04:21:20] <Dean Willis> Thanks, Simon! Good job!
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[04:21:23] <Ken Cartwright> bye
[04:21:27] <Dean Willis> Bye all!
[04:21:28] <Tobia Castaldi> bye
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[04:21:48] <Tobia Castaldi> the recordings of this session will be available at
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[04:21:49] <Khalid Ali> good afternoon
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