[14:45:44] Brian Haberman has set the subject to: DPRIVE 2019-10-29 Interim
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[15:00:57] <mcr> Brian, a password is needed to join the webex, which is not in the URL.
[15:01:53] <Brian Haberman> It is in the agenda on the materials page : https://datatracker.ietf.org/doc/agenda-interim-2019-dprive-01-dprive-01/
[15:03:07] <mcr> thank you for doing the agenda page.
[15:03:15] <mcr> It's done so seldom, I didn't think to check.
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[15:14:37] <sftcd> Imagining for a second that someone does consent to something it's entirely unclear to me how that'd map to a DNS query/response (unless you assume some form of DNS access control which AFAIK doesn't exist)
[15:15:37] <Brian Haberman> True.
[15:34:53] <sftcd> I still don't know how having an account implies consent for any handling of a DNS query (unless it's a secret DoH URL or something like Ben described)
[15:35:40] <Eric Vyncke> In the same vein https://nextdns.io/faq look for "What is Lined IP?'
[15:44:39] <sftcd> @Eric: that "linked IP" text is pretty yukkie all right ;-)
[15:46:01] <Eric Vyncke> Unsure what "yukkie" means but indeed it has more "?" than answers
[15:46:50] <sftcd> "uses different tricks" => yukkie most of the time:-)
[15:46:59] <Brian Haberman> yukkie == not good.
[15:47:13] <Eric Vyncke> (y)
[15:51:28] <sftcd> somehow, video+presenting from browser has pushed the CPUs on my machine doing webex to 100% - webrtc is great eh:-)
[15:51:43] <sftcd> once Alex's video went away CPU dropped a bit
[15:54:25] <mcr> sftcd, my chrome regularly locks up for minutes at a time while on webrtc/webex... the voice continues just fine, but all other tabs are clearly waiting on some global lock.
[15:55:43] <sftcd> yep, same experience here (chromium/ubuntu) - I now have a separate old laptop in the office that basically just does webex and similar ;-(
[15:59:10] <Brian Haberman> I can drop the sharing of my browser window.
[16:00:09] <sftcd> apparently not:-) seems to have recovered a minute or two after end of Alex's video - didn't see the same issue with Sara's video btw
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