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[17:03:15] <Tim Wicinski_web_328>
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[17:06:30] <Tim Wicinski_web_328> thank mark nottingham for his twitter/datatracker magic
[17:07:17] <Suzanne Woolf_web_729> One of the lovely things about doing these interim meetings is that the workload is a little lighter for the chairs-- thanks also as always to @meetecho!
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[17:11:03] <Tim Wicinski_web_328> Paul W summarized the discussion here
[17:11:14] <Matthijs Mekking_web_981> Thanks Tim
[17:12:14] <Tim Wicinski_web_328> We tried to summarize a few high points on some slides so the chairs could remember
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[17:17:47] <Kazunori Fujiwara_web_309> I would like to wait for draft-ietf-dnsop-glue-is-not-optional for the definition of Glue.
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[17:18:38] <Suzanne Woolf_web_729> Agreed that the definition of "glue" should be consistent across both drafts
[17:19:28] <Shumon Huque_web_644> Yeah, we should to try to make sure the glue definition is compatible with how glue-not-optional talks about glue.
[17:22:44] <Warren Kumari_web_361> Agree with Paul: registries feels like crossing the streams (other than just as a random aside, like "some registries check this" or something equally vague)
[17:24:21] <Wes Hardaker_web_813> when current terminology is broken....
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[17:27:40] <Warren Kumari_web_361> "and it is useful to get clarification as to which way the speaker is using it" ?
[17:28:16] <Warren Kumari_web_361> "“When I use a word,” Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, “it means just what I choose it to mean—neither more nor less.” “The question is,” said Alice, “whether you can make words mean so many different things.”"
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[17:29:06] <Matthijs Mekking_web_981> server
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[17:31:04] <Tim Wicinski_web_703> Absolutely warren
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[17:34:01] <Tim Wicinski_web_209> FYI - I've found the table in 8499 useful to point to network engineers who are not DNS people to give examples of glue
[17:36:20] <Warren Kumari_web_361> I think that the terminology document is really useful. I also think that it is really annoying grunge work to write, and thanks to Paul for being willing to deal with it...
[17:37:27] <Suzanne Woolf_web_729> +1 Warren
[17:38:31] <Tim Wicinski_web_209> Agree Warren, and we (chairs) need to assist Paul et al working this out.  
[17:41:12] <Benno Overeinder> Not only a +1 from the chairs, but I have also talked with DNS software developers that think the terminology document is really useful.
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[17:56:19] <Tim Wicinski_web_209> I take it that the draft will need some updates with paul's text?
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[17:58:30] <Puneet Sood_web_771> Audio is not working for me.
Same as Shumon, I will review the proposed text before it is posted to the list.
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[17:59:01] <Warren Kumari_web_361> Win! Thanks
[17:59:36] <Tim Wicinski_web_209> from resimprove "C. Upgrading the credibility of NS RRsets upon delegation events."
[18:00:18] <Warren Kumari_web_361> Ah! Yes. That
[18:00:24] <Tim Wicinski_web_209> chairs have an action item to talk to 8499bis authors
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