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[13:55:45] <Benno Overeinder_web_400> /topic DNSOP interim-2021-dnsop-02
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[14:03:58] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> Roy, you want to  "share slides"
[14:04:16] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> and he is and I'm in the wrong window
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[14:11:19] <Weiler> meetecho is failing to load and redirecting me back to the datatracker.  any hints?
[14:11:42] <Vittorio Bertola_web_941> Click on the link in the upcoming meetings page on - that works
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[14:12:43] <Vittorio Bertola_web_941> (the "online conference" icon)
[14:13:00] <Peter van Dijk_web_781> submit 01 today? after draft cutoff? :>
[14:13:10] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> (Warren has mad skillz)
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[14:17:41] <Suzanne Woolf_web_534> ADs have the ability to approve a draft for posting outside of the usual wndows. I don't think we've ever done it, but it would be at Warren's discretion. I don't think it will expire during the freeze either, but we can sort out any necessary machinery offline.
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[14:23:16] <Petr Špaček_web_578> Sampling certainly makes sense.
[14:23:23] <Vladimír Čunát_web_725> Yes.
[14:25:04] <Peter van Dijk_web_781> Sadly I have to go, but my coworker Otto is listening along.
[14:25:24] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> Hi Otto - we will assign Peter all the work
[14:25:30] <Peter van Dijk_web_781> for encapsulation, I earlier on suggested <labelcount>._er to Roy
[14:25:37] <Peter van Dijk_web_781> eh, [labelcount]._er
[14:25:47] <Peter van Dijk_web_781> but I'll post that to the list after I read Paul's notes from this call :)
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[14:26:46] <Willem Toorop_web_851> It is still running :)
[14:27:36] <Willem Toorop_web_851> You can send to
[14:27:45] <Willem Toorop_web_851> and see results here:
[14:31:51] <Joao Damas_web_865> happy to
[14:33:05] <Willem Toorop_web_851> Maybe return the reporting agent in certain percentage of responses or something...
[14:33:40] <Willem Toorop_web_851> Yes don't keep state :)
[14:35:44] <Petr Špaček_web_578> Yes, all good points. Sampling should be allowed and prescription for auth side feels unnecessary.
[14:37:04] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> I for one love that Roy is not into the Silly Acronym Name!
[14:37:53] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> YES on the registery
[14:38:31] <Petr Špaček_web_578> Are you going to suggest to use "_e\000r"? :troll:
[14:38:51] <Stéphane Bortzmeyer_web_675> The registry
[14:38:57] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> Why are you in my head Petr?!?
[14:39:20] <Petr Špaček_web_578> But yes, text about potential collisions is a good idea.
[14:39:42] <Suzanne Woolf_web_534> Registry policy is "expert review"
[14:41:03] <Vladimír Čunát_web_725> Oh, doesn't work for some reason.
[14:41:06] <Vladimír Čunát_web_725> I'm sorry.
[14:41:22] <Vladimír Čunát_web_725> Anyway, the NULL QTYPE might differentiate it enough.
[14:41:31] <Vladimír Čunát_web_725> but I've posted that on the list already.
[14:41:36] <Vladimír Čunát_web_725> (and it's rather minor)
[14:41:55] <Willem Toorop_web_851> alternatively, you could have the qname length in the error reporting qname...
[14:42:08] <Roy Arends_web_496> or label count
[14:42:19] <Roy Arends_web_496> like rrsig
[14:42:26] <Willem Toorop_web_851> yes label count makes sense
[14:42:32] <Tom Carpay_web_601> i agree, this was very useful!
[14:42:43] <Matthijs Mekking_web_340> label count, if that works I like that better
[14:42:47] <Petr Špaček_web_578> Yes, <label_count>._er.<original_qname> should be unambiguous, I think.
[14:42:58] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> implementers - thank you very much for implementing !
[14:43:15] <Petr Špaček_web_578> Grr, I meant /label count/._er./original qname/ but Meetecho eat the <
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[14:44:49] <Warren Kumari_web_154> ... but I am! I'd like more of the docs finished :-P
[14:45:13] <Warren Kumari_web_154> I beleive that we are making good progress now....
[14:45:46] <Suzanne Woolf_web_534> Thanks Warren  :-)
[14:46:29] <Warren Kumari_web_154> I'm happy to be the bully.
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[14:47:03] <Tim Wicinski_web_601> I will be the person who says "you don't warren to come find you...."
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