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[00:59:08] <Warren Kumari_web_213> I just subscribe to the calendar.... Ain't nobody got time to figure out timezones...
[00:59:18] <Warren Kumari_web_213> Well, I'm RELALY bad at it....
[00:59:27] <Warren Kumari_web_213> And, apparently at typing too.,
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[01:06:08] <Tim Wicinski_web_385> I like this table
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[01:21:34] <Tim Wicinski_web_385>
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[01:27:45] <Peter Koch_web_945> nitpick: in a WG document, "what the authors think" is equivalent to "WG consensus is" ...
[01:34:27] <Warren Kumari_web_213> "really really SHOULD" ? :-)
[01:34:39] <Benjamin Schwartz_web_423> Can we get a "MUST NOT make a loop"?
[01:34:53] <John Levine_web_539> sibling glue loops always fail if they cross different TLDs. Why encourage something that is broken?
[01:35:20] <Peter Koch_web_945> Wouldn't a SHOULD render a 'wide glue policy' useless?
[01:35:52] <Peter Koch_web_945> or is it about giving preference?
[01:36:06] <Shumon Huque_web_982> What is a 'wide glue policy' Peter?
[01:36:53] <Shumon Huque_web_982> John - the case under discussion for sibling glue is _not_ across TLDs.
[01:36:57] <Peter Koch_web_945> registry collects glue for any nameserver under TLD rather than for those under the delegated domain (which would be 'narrow')
[01:37:23] <Peter Koch_web_945> maybe need to revive a very very old draft ...
[01:38:57] <Shumon Huque_web_982> Ok, then sibling glue is the same as wide glue policy ..
[01:39:44] <John Levine_web_539> @shumon I know, but I don't want to explain when loops are supposed to work and when not
[01:39:55] <Peter Koch_web_945> @shumon: except that the auth server cannot know what the policy is and just sees what's present in the zone
[01:44:00] <Shumon Huque_web_982> Paul - 1034 covers sibling glue - it just doesn't distinguish between glue below the delegated domain from other glue the parent has.
[01:46:05] <Peter Koch_web_945> what would be the consequences for some of the larger TLDs that apply a wide glue policy (i.e., collect 'sibling" glue)?
[01:46:37] <Tim Wicinski_web_385> yes on examples!
[01:46:57] <Tim Wicinski_web_385> "Example: Don't Do This"
[01:47:12] <Peter Koch_web_945> the more sophisticated loops occur to involve "cousin glue" ...
[01:49:08] <Peter Koch_web_945> setting TC=1 on data in the additional section seems odd to me in the first place
[01:51:43] <Warren Kumari_web_213> MarkA - please mute, you are causing the echo
[01:51:57] <Warren Kumari_web_213> Thanks!
[01:53:13] <Tim Wicinski_web_385> I believe Answer to Issue 3a: Include both a valid Sibling Glue example and an invalid example of sibling glue loops
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[01:59:05] <Tim Wicinski_web_385> Sounds like we need to formulate the  questions and take to the list.
[01:59:28] <Peter Koch_web_945> the glue policy is a matter of the parent zone/registry, notg the auth server; even with a anarrow glue policy, "sibling glue" might occasionally be available
[02:00:10] <Benjamin Schwartz_web_423> Sorry, I mean the parent auth server
[02:01:26] <Brian Dickson_web_492> Thanks everyone
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[02:01:38] <Warren Kumari_web_213> Thank you all.
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[02:01:42] <Brian Dickson_web_492> And yes Peter, that is something I was somehow getting confused on
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[02:01:43] <Tim Wicinski_web_385> Thank you one and all
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