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Benno Overeinder has set the subject to: DNSOP at IETF 110
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[00:02:18] <Peter van Dijk_web_760>, which I did not really like, might still be interesting in the context of Domain Verification
[00:02:38] <Jim Reid_web_270> Thanks for the clarification Jay. I was bitten by the need for ANRW registration earlier today.
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[00:03:32] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> +1 on parties requiring verification being clear on what needs to stick around
[00:03:55] <Paul Wouters_web_801> that should be clear in the name in the zone
[00:04:16] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> Paul, in what way?
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[00:04:54] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> is pubsuffix even an IETF thing?
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[00:05:28] <Benjamin Schwartz_web_567> There already is?
[00:05:30] <Paul Wouters_web_801> I meant TXT record value should contain a string that makes it clear if the record expires or is continuous
[00:05:30] <Joey Salazar_web_424> I agree DNSSEC should/could be used, but how to promote that with vendors who specifically have a point against it (like Let's Encrypt)?
[00:05:58] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> Paul, so in the content - makes sense to me
[00:06:06] <Paul Wouters_web_801> and yes there is an _underscore registry :)
[00:06:17] <Paul Wouters_web_801> yes adopt, yes informational :)
[00:06:22] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> (if we have that, we can mostly replace TIMEOUT with a zone linter that checks those)
[00:06:30] <Joey Salazar_web_424> +1 yes adopt, yes informational
[00:06:33] <Vittorio Bertola_web_558> +1 for adopting this
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[00:06:48] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> Joey, LE is against DNSSEC? I haven't noticed that - do you have a reference?
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[00:07:03] <Paul Wouters_web_801> viktor: thats why the service name should be in the RRdata
[00:07:13] <Joey Salazar_web_424> I'd say if possible, a small recommendations sections maybe mentioning how this would be good from a competition/service POV
[00:07:16] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> Viktor makes an excellent point, yes
[00:07:18] <Paul Wouters_web_801> along with expiry :)
[00:07:19] <Brian Haberman_web_684> @PvD
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[00:07:33] <zulipbot> (Ralf Weber) No, public suffix I think is still Mozilla as the IETF efforts to replace it (dbound) failed
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[00:07:53] <Joey Salazar_web_424> @Peter van Dijk just directly from the slides, where they said LE has a vantage point if no DNSSEC
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[00:07:57] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> ah, Specification Required, not Standard Required, yes
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[00:08:17] <Brian Haberman_web_684> Yeah, I got my terminology mixed up.
[00:08:25] <John Levine_web_466> @ralf the DBOUND WG failed, the PSL is still a community maintained text file on github
[00:09:04] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> Brian, no worries, but then it's closer to how I remembered it, which is good
[00:09:52] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> Joey, right! I don't think that says LE is against DNSSEC (which they check carefully), I always felt the multiple vantage points were more of a fallback in case of no DNSSEC
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[00:11:46] <Joey Salazar_web_424> Fair : ) then let's say I reiterate the question for those who prefer no DNSSEC, or simply to promote its use in general, does that work @Peter van Dijk?
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[00:12:17] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> oh yes, that works :)
[00:12:30] <Joey Salazar_web_424> ^^
[00:12:38] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> it scares me that CA issuance is mostly tied to DNS, and DNS is mostly untrusted
[00:12:59] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> always a very confusing argument when people tell me DANE makes no sense
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[00:13:34] <Paul Wouters_web_801> knot now supports add dnskey records  (because i needed it and they nicely wrote a patch for me :)
[00:14:46] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> nice :)
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[00:21:23] <Wes Hardaker_web_467> I'd just like to thank them for implementing CSYNC.  It's RFC came out in 2015 but hasn't really seen deployment yet.
[00:21:57] <David Lawrence_web_792> You totally agree that Suzanne's sins are showing?
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[00:23:44] <Shumon Huque_web_304> I was agreeing with Ulrich re: automation (I wasn't aware that Suzanne had any sins!):grinning:
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[00:28:28] <Andrew Campling_web_811> Access Denied DNS Error Page seems like a way to provide a real improvement in the user experience, especially supporting multiple filtering  
[00:29:38] <Joey Salazar_web_424> +1 Andrew
[00:30:25] <Joey Salazar_web_424> I also think it gives an edge on the quality and type of service the users would get
[00:31:19] <Andrew Campling_web_811> Agreed - and should allow over-blocking etc to be fixed quickly  
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[00:34:17] <George Michaelson_web_332> IANA registry for rule34
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[00:43:11] <Paul Wouters_web_801> what??
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[00:44:44] <Joey Salazar_web_424> Then it's about time the users start understanding this IMO
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[00:45:25] <Jim Reid_web_270> +1000 to what Paul just said
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[00:46:00] <Jonathan Reed_web_133> I would hate to see us punt this to a nonexistent group of experts that will never actually be convened.
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[00:46:21] <Paul Wouters_web_801> what Paul and Warren said, (and I said similar things a few IETFs ago)
[00:46:27] <Brett Carr_web_121> yes agreed there are a lot of stakeholders involved here and so bringing lots of ppl in to discuss it properly is a good idea
[00:46:38] <Joey Salazar_web_424> I fail to see how providing a mechanism for transparency would actually mean the IETF agrees with DNS transparency
[00:46:46] <Andrew Campling_web_811> Can we avoid pejorative terms like DNS censorship - malware filtering etc is a good thing!
[00:46:47] <Joey Salazar_web_424> *DNS filtering sorry
[00:47:04] <Paul Wouters_web_801> it feels like when the enterprise came to the TLS WG for their requires eavesdropping requirements. this is very similar
[00:47:06] <Jonathan Reed_web_133> Agree with Andrew.  We need to stop pretending the only use case here is hostile nation states.
[00:47:27] <Joey Salazar_web_424> +1 Jonathan Reed
[00:47:45] <Vittorio Bertola_web_558> The significant number of governments, corporations, ISPs and users that already today do DNS filtering without this standard seems to disprove this idea that the IETF's "recognition" has any weight in the adoption of this mechanism.
[00:47:48] <David K_web_863> Governments are already forcing this by making providers give A records to specific IPs which explain why content was blocked. Anything that would work "better" than that seems beneficial.
[00:47:57] <Brian Dickson_web_180> My opinion: clarifying the scope to be RESOLVER rather than AUTHORITATIVE filtering/censorship/whatever, and the ensuring the protocol CANNOT be leveraged in the wrong place.
Not 100% sure that is completely feasible, but, that might be how to approach.
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[00:48:22] <Jim Reid_web_270> @Jonathan, how to make a distinction between that use case and the more "benign" use of DNS filtering?
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[00:48:42] <Shane Kerr_web_653> I find it hard to believe that there is anywhere where the majority of users opt-in for anything. :-P
[00:48:51] <Brian Dickson_web_180> (I.e. the SOPA/PIPA stuff has to be killed at the initial stages, but opt-in or national-level rules applied to resolvers might be okay.)
[00:48:53] <Vittorio Bertola_web_558> Also, I'd ask to please stop using the term "censorship" - there are many more DNS filtering use cases that do not pertain to censorship but to network security or user preferences (e.g. parental controls).
[00:49:26] <Jonathan Reed_web_133> Any tool and technology can be used for good or evil.   Customers pay money to their ISPs to block sites that they (the customers) find objectionable.  The IETF is welcome to believe those customers are wrong and are morally equivalent to authoritarian regimes if they want.
[00:49:30] <Jim Reid_web_270> Wil a repressive regime use an IETF standard to say "we've filtering DNS repsonses"?
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[00:50:08] <Marco Davids_web_153> :sleeping: thank you all!
[00:50:10] <Brian Dickson_web_180> If the regime is the ones operating the resolvers, probably not, but otherwise, possibly operators could
[00:50:16] <Brian Dickson_web_180> Also, thank you all
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[00:50:48] <Vittorio Bertola_web_558> In European countries I totally see the ISPs reporting what was blocked due to laws/court orders.
[00:50:59] <Vittorio Bertola_web_558> But it's an interesting conversation that we need to have :)
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[00:51:41] <Warren Kumari_web_244> Night all!
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[00:51:46] <Vittorio Bertola_web_558> Good night...
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[00:52:04] <Peter van Dijk_web_760> night!
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[00:52:20] <John Woodworth_web_746> thanks everyone!
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