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[10:16:12] <bruce> snap!
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[14:47:40] <ggm> Active Draft ------------- http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-dnssec-operational-practices-01.txt 5 minutes Kolkman et al http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-inaddr-required-05.txt 5 minutes Senie http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-ipv6-dns-issues-07.txt 2 minutes Durand, et al IESG Evaluation::Revised ID Needed (Informational) http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-ipv6-transport-guidelines-02.txt 2 minutes Durand, et al RFC Ed Queue (BCP) http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-key-rollover-requirements-00.txt 5 minutes Guette, et al http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-misbehavior-against-aaaa-01.txt 2 minutes Morishita, et al. IESG Evaluation::AD Followup (Informational) http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-ohta-shared-root-server-03.txt 1 minute Ohta http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-bad-dns-res-02.txt 15 minutes Larson/Barber Expired WG documents --------------------- http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-resolver-rollover-01.txt 2 minutes expired (Kolkman) http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-serverid-02.txt 2 minutes expired (Conrad/Suzanne Woolf) AD is watching --------------------- http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-respsize-01.txt 5 minutes expired (Vixie/Kato) http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-kato-dnsop-local-zones-01.txt 5 minutes expired/no WG document Non-WG Documents ------------------------ http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-durand-dnsop-dynreverse-01.txt 2 minutes expired http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ihren-dnsop-interim-signed-root-02.txt 2 minutes expired http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-yasuhiro-dnsop-increasing-dns-server-01.txt 2 minutes expired o IPv6 DNS Configuration Options 15 minutes http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-ietf-dnsop-ipv6-dns-configuration-01.txt Jeong, et al
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[14:54:13] <ggm> RobA in the chair. holding pattern waiting for AD and cochair. the floor is restless, the lions are hungry
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[15:00:05] <iljitsch> so when are we going to start or is my timezone even further removed from pst than i thought?
[15:00:07] <ggm> the other chair is here.
[15:00:21] <ggm> I think the AD is here. we may be GO for launch soon.
[15:00:31] --- johani has joined
[15:00:49] <iljitsch> anyone know what the delay for the mp3 is btw? a while ago the jabber came in faster than the audio...
[15:02:35] <ripple> w00h00!
[15:02:38] <ggm> No idea. ask the source.
[15:02:40] --- yushun has joined
[15:02:49] <ggm> bluesheets in the air, we're off. (agenda is up)
[15:03:31] <ggm> [folks, I never get the names. so forgive me for the mis-spells. if you can correct, do so. -ggm]
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[15:04:28] <iljitsch> who's talking now?
[15:04:36] --- rgaglian has joined
[15:04:42] <ggm> agenda bash. review charter, work items, classified as above in jabberlog (dead drafts are dead URLs alas used ietf who age 'em] then peter koch q to group. pekka on misbehaviour
[15:04:49] <ggm> thats dave, cochair.
[15:05:05] --- dudi has joined
[15:05:05] <mitsubachi> can I request the url for the slides? I'm listening in on the audio streams and he said "the slides are available at this url"
[15:05:34] <rgaglian> http://www.1-4-5.net/~dmm/IETF/IETF60/DNSOP/
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[15:05:41] <mitsubachi> thankyou
[15:05:53] <ggm> hey guys, if you don't know where you are.. the jabber room is <....>
[15:05:54] --- vixlap has joined
[15:06:09] <ggm> still no AD.
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[15:06:26] <ggm> DNSOP charter was just re-worked. substantially the same, work items cleaned up.
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[15:07:03] <ggm> went around a few times with ADs. represents the sense of everyone here. few items are a little bit difficult to quantify. DNS Discovery was hardest. will explain when we get there. nothing earth shattering., questions to rob & roy
[15:07:05] <ggm> moving on
[15:07:10] <ggm> (still Dave)
[15:07:26] <ggm> Authors will give couple of minutes on their draft, esp. active ones.
[15:07:35] --- tuy has left: Disconnected.
[15:07:37] <ggm> we're on Kolkman,s dnssec operational practices.
[15:07:39] <ggm> draft at v1.
[15:07:48] <iljitsch> a little too close to the mike...
[15:07:54] <ggm> few differences. major language review. style, spelling.
[15:08:00] <ggm> contentwise, little changed
[15:08:06] <ggm> [want me to shout at him?]
[15:08:13] <ggm> tradeoffs, recommend ttls etc
[15:08:48] <mstjohns> re too close to the mike - are you listening in the auditorium or via mcast?
[15:08:54] <ggm> since DNSSEC is now out of DNSEXT wg, code around, would appreciate started to test 'operational practices' and give feedback. its informational
[15:09:05] <mitsubachi> unicast mp3 is kinda clipped too
[15:09:06] <iljitsch> [i can live with it but it shouldn't get any worse. i'm on mp3 unicast]
[15:09:10] <ggm> stable spec, people can give us feedback.
[15:09:15] <ggm> Dave
[15:09:32] <ggm> ask authors here, what they think they'd like WG to do with document. ie ready for last call, or outstanding issues to be looked at
[15:09:33] <mstjohns> ok - I'll tell the ops to dial the level down a small amount. In auditorium is OK
[15:09:43] <ggm> Rob: Olaf answered that here for this one.
[15:09:52] <ggm> Daniel Senie on DNS in-addr-required. [not here] Dave speaks.
[15:09:57] <ggm> Very little comment or activity.
[15:10:00] <ggm> ROb
[15:10:09] --- tuy has joined
[15:10:26] <ggm> has come up before. one issue is that some people never get past the name. its talking about considerations.
[15:10:38] <ggm> one vocal opponent, if misbehaves will kick him off the list.
[15:10:43] <ggm> its up to the WG
[15:11:02] <ggm> Dave whose read [sense of room]
[15:11:32] <ggm> so. how many people think we should move forward [majority] AD comes to mike
[15:11:42] <ggm> Dave Kessins. AD one thing to go forward, another to get progress.
[15:12:08] <ggm> Rob. we're ready for WG last call
[15:12:24] <iljitsch> can't hear this
[15:12:33] <ggm> [ggm hurls abuse: take out normative language if its informational]
[15:12:41] <ggm> (sorry)
[15:12:55] <ggm> Ted Lemon asks people to identify themselves on the mike
[15:13:06] <ggm> Susanne Woolf next with ServerID requirements
[15:13:09] <iljitsch> radioland even. :-)
[15:13:20] <mstjohns> how's the level on the 'cast?
[15:13:57] <ripple> Well, the unicast MP3 is fine here...maybe a little clipped/feedback/too close to the mike.
[15:14:01] <ggm> Brief History slides. mechanism to find which server you're talking to.
[15:14:07] <iljitsch> now it's a bit low. it was just that one guy
[15:14:12] <ggm> hostname.bind appeared to support anycast
[15:14:13] <jtk> dave meyer is louder than everyone else :-)
[15:14:24] <ripple> Video for this room is currently toast over ESM AFAICT although the other room's video works fine.
[15:14:29] <ggm> Olaf held a tiemike to his face. thats like the number 2 nono after shouting into it.
[15:14:51] <ggm> conventions documented. proposed to remove bind specific name
[15:14:56] --- Suresh Krishnan has joined
[15:15:22] <ggm> problems about namespace abuse., unallocated TLD. implementation specificity. (before namechange) most serious drawback is requirement of sep query, not inband.
[15:15:42] <ggm> more requirements thus emerging. DNSOP should come up with requirements for good solution. obvious one is in-band
[15:15:58] <ggm> easy to configure, setup, enable, acl. no namespace abuse
[15:16:15] <ggm> [dave also holds mike to face]
[15:16:39] <ggm> needs to be extensible, and either mandatory or impossible to disable. instrumenting clients.
[15:17:42] <ggm> initial attempt to solve, individual draft in to DNSEXT. uses EDNS0 header bit, and an OPT field. creates value for server. gaps, people need to think about what should be in field. comments, discuss here for this document, specific suggestion on table discussed in DNSEXT tomorrow.
[15:17:50] <ggm> [no feedback on current requirements]
[15:18:04] <ggm> push is from TLD or rootops. send opinions in. [silence]
[15:18:10] <ggm> Dave goes back to chair.
[15:18:17] <ggm> [is this ok btw? -ggm]
[15:18:27] --- mattlarson has left: Logged out
[15:18:30] <edmundo.cazarez> it is fine :)
[15:18:44] <ggm> Dave calls for Ohta san.. [not here] skipped draft
[15:18:55] <ggm> Larson/Barber
[15:19:07] <ripple> ggm--looks as though you're scribing quite well--does that answer your question?
[15:19:18] <ggm> [ta.]
[15:19:24] --- orange has left
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[15:19:49] <ggm> Observed DNS misbehaviour
[15:20:21] <ggm> two version 02 docs in i-d space. bad. no idea how it happened. will submit new version, (address this meeting and other stuff) will be academic and expect to go to 04
[15:20:25] <ggm> checks readership
[15:20:59] <ggm> upshot is, draft discusses 11 specific problem/issues in .com and .net, and two roots verisign operates. confirmed by anecdotal discussion with other ops.
[15:21:08] <ggm> tables the list (see the draft/slides)
[15:21:26] <iljitsch> [it's official: the jabber is faster than the mp3]
[15:21:50] <ggm> do any of the recommendations rise to the level of proto mods? some may do.
[15:22:18] <ggm> from iterative resolver perspective, (gives most pain) some overcome by events. (fixes deployed) but to prevent history repeating themselves
[15:22:38] <ggm> (basically the text of the problems, with 'dont do it' put in front of it ;-)
[15:22:44] <ggm> first one probably fixed.
[15:22:57] <ggm> on NS auth recommendations,
[15:23:27] <ggm> leaving off trailling "." auth server can always detect and should warn
[15:23:55] <ggm> recommendations to do a 2-step process, probe first, then find zone to send update, to avoid updates to wrong zone
[15:24:06] <ggm> see lots of queries to domains like IP addr, but not PTR
[15:24:22] --- bruce- has joined
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[15:24:31] <ggm> cheif causes probably IP addrs as targets of MX. how to remove the noise? one possibility is to delegate them
[15:24:36] <ggm> swap them off somewhere.
[15:24:51] <ggm> ask co-chairs what next steps ought to be.
[15:24:56] <ggm> RobA. thanks to authors.
[15:25:02] --- bruce2 has joined
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[15:25:08] <ggm> last time we discussed this, not enough people had read. we're looking to push for aggressive WG last call
[15:25:17] <ggm> topical document, always out of date. cant wait.
[15:25:26] <ggm> stuff bordering on proto changes, suspect way to handle is to write it as
[15:25:44] <ggm> "here are op problems seen, appropriate way to fix is proto change <x> " but not done here, not in this WG.
[15:25:48] <ggm> other than that..
[15:25:59] <ggm> how many read? [better than last time]
[15:26:02] <ggm> Pekka to the mike.
[15:26:33] <ggm> in related/similar subject, when we forwarded to IESG, got feedback on proposed fix, if it hadn't been taken up in proto WG, or dealt with somehow, might be pushback
[15:26:39] <ggm> RobA
[15:26:53] <ggm> way I look at this, document requirements leading to recommends.
[15:27:12] <ggm> Dave K (AD) suggest document problems is ok. put in specific proposals to fix, will get into trouble dont want to do it.
[15:27:24] <ggm> Author: take out recommendations section? shame
[15:27:32] <ggm> RObA lots arent protocol changes. dont have to
[15:27:45] <ggm> Olaf K. DNSEXT cochair. have proto recommends, put in another ID and send to DNSEXT.
[15:27:45] --- bruce2 has joined
[15:27:47] --- bruce2 has left: Disconnected
[15:27:58] <ggm> Author some are grey areas. want feedback which things point
[15:28:27] <ggm> Olafur DNSEXT cochair. I dont see any thing in there going beyond impl guidelines, except proposed new TLD s == icann problem. I wont be upset if this goes forward as-is
[15:28:44] <ggm> ROb ok. I'll volunteer, find othres, check if its crossing the line, put to WG cochairs and AD, wont loose suggestions
[15:28:51] <ggm> Author will work with you on that.
[15:29:24] <ggm> Rob sense of room ready for last call.
[15:29:40] <ggm> Junemei
[15:30:10] <ggm> I have no objection to making WG last call, want to make one comment, previously made comment on issue query to NS, got response from author, not responded back. just because not found enough time, willing to response to comment from author.
[15:30:16] <ggm> I can do that during last call period
[15:30:19] <ggm> RobA ok.
[15:30:29] <ggm> Author want to push one more quick revision or not neccessary
[15:30:32] <ggm> Rob ok.
[15:30:39] <ggm> Dave back.
[15:30:41] <ripple> (I'm confused--I thought the draft under discussion was bad-dns-res and was going to get at least one more revision?)
[15:31:20] <ggm> [yes, I think you're right. author wants at least one more rev]
[15:31:20] <ripple> {Gilda Radner says...nevermind.}
[15:31:27] <ggm> key rollover rewuirements
[15:32:17] <ggm> ok. have to go fetch document from <handwaving> so slight delay.
[15:32:24] --- bruce2 has joined
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[15:33:26] --- mattlarson has joined
[15:33:37] <ggm> Author hasn't identified themselves, sorry. Guette I think.
[15:33:48] <ggm> 01 comes out next week
[15:33:50] --- briancoppola has joined
[15:34:09] <ggm> please read it. . next steps, emergency rollover issue,
[15:34:43] <ggm> only a note that you need to do something fast to keep chain of keys,
[15:34:50] <ggm> received no comments.
[15:35:19] <ggm> as soon as no more issues to explain, perhaps can go to WG last call.
[15:36:28] <ggm> comment: please help the MIP6W to do nice DNS stuff. Gabriel asks for help to do DNSSEC stuff. contact Guette or Gabriel. its parallel issue
[15:36:56] <ggm> Olaf. I am guilty of not reading document for long time.
[15:37:14] <ggm> topic is getting a LOT of attention right now. had discussions on automatic key rollover. important. will look at it.
[15:37:31] --- fp has joined
[15:37:35] <ggm> Gabriel Montenegro. relating to request just made
[15:38:07] <ggm> we have this document, background in Mobile IPv6 WG, considerations into design for route optimisation, background on DNS/DNSSEC. thats where we need help from this WG. email me or Francis Guette.
[15:38:38] --- fp has left: Disconnected
[15:38:46] <ggm> Johan Ihren, Autonomica. Once upon a time, rollover stuff was not required for code changes, so DNSOPs the right place. from that perspective this is right place for this document but it may well be
[15:39:17] <ggm> we propose codechanges, which is why other drafts on key rollover is being bashed out in DNSEXT. I think some sort of decision is needed, to keep all of it here or there, cannot have requirements in
[15:39:22] <ggm> one WG and solution in another
[15:39:33] <ggm> RobA actually, we usually do!
[15:39:42] --- xfp has joined
[15:39:42] <ggm> Dave. how many read?
[15:39:50] <ggm> [long time ago, hands up]
[15:39:53] --- droms has joined
[15:40:06] <ggm> Rob People who have read, think we need to work on it? Strong sense we needed to, little confusing given how few people read.
[15:40:18] <ggm> does WG want or not want to work on it?
[15:40:34] <ggm> comment from front lot of people havent but will read 'RSN'
[15:40:35] --- raj has left: Replaced by new connection
[15:40:37] <ggm> unnamed person: true
[15:40:45] <peterd> Russ Mundy
[15:40:48] --- raj has joined
[15:40:49] <ggm> need to read, and attack operational requirements. dont remember contents.
[15:40:56] <ggm> could be different doc in the end.
[15:41:09] <ggm> RobA need to work on key rollover reqts, dont know its this doc. first step read this document
[15:41:13] <ggm> Dave moving along.
[15:41:24] <ggm> Morashita draft on increasing DNS server
[15:41:57] <ggm> RobA while setting up, another group could use some help. noisy wg. fun topic . MARID [booos and hisses]
[15:42:35] <ggm> talking about using DNS to hold stuff for spam problem. loud topic. some people have interesting ideas on what DNS is or isnt. have another mtg this afternoon. chairs trying to keep it in control. more DNS clue good thing.
[15:42:56] --- droms has left
[15:43:04] <ggm> John Shnitzline. in DNSOP years ago, discussion on producing informational RFC 'what the rst of the IETF needs to know about DNS' avi offered, copyright protevction to use the book.
[15:43:12] <ggm> did anything happen? document might be the right way to go.
[15:43:17] <ggm> Rob discuss later.
[15:43:47] --- hp has joined
[15:43:49] <ggm> Morashita. proposed increases addrs, without anycast, or dns proto extensions.
[15:43:55] <ripple> [ggm--I think it's Evi as in Evi Nemeth, not Avi.]
[15:43:59] <ggm> reduce packetsize by using multiple-add-per-host
[15:44:02] <ggm> [thanks]
[15:44:14] <ggm> does not violate DNS protocol. put in authority sec.
[15:44:18] <ggm> zone admin can add addresses.
[15:45:03] <ggm> draft suggests multiple A recs per host.
[15:45:17] --- sleinen has joined
[15:45:47] <ggm> changes from 00 draft. added 3 issues, number of ads per server, server selection issue, and registration issue.
[15:46:07] <ggm> added test results into appendix A. numbers of DNS servers, Ipv4 ads per name, IPv6 ads per name.
[15:46:56] <ggm> number of ads per server issue, DNS treats all RRs per RRset basis. -need to avoid cancelling all glue, need to avoid. tested combinations and cases. results of test are in appendix
[15:47:10] <ggm> server selection issue
[15:47:24] --- galvinjamesm has left: Disconnected
[15:47:48] <ggm> if problem occurs at one of hosts of DNS server set may harm all. one bad server may block access to other good servers. may affect server selection alg. (not yet addressed by draft)
[15:47:58] <ggm> multiple a, round robin, may affect DNS server select alg.
[15:48:04] <ggm> registration issue.
[15:48:42] <ggm> some registries/registrars, esp root=IANA is not allowed. not sure if IANA allows or not. users cannot do it in these cases. .JP allows it.
[15:48:45] <ggm> TODO
[15:49:15] <ggm> need more tests, experiences, esp cache servers. test most suitable pattern of number of NS, 4/6 per name
[15:50:11] <ggm> comments requested to author(s)
[15:50:13] --- galvinjamesm has joined
[15:50:21] <ggm> Olafur
[15:50:44] <ggm> [joke about bozo from the east coast, susanne yells 'which one']
[15:51:02] <ggm> add to testing. preference to server in query path, whichever is 1st, is that higher than 2nd or 3rd
[15:51:31] --- kjd has left: Disconnected
[15:51:32] <ggm> missing justification in draft. DNSSEC. glue for net zone would require 13 sigs on glueset. with this can shrink to 4 or 5. - fewer names. SIGs are big on glue, NS and A are big
[15:51:43] <ggm> Vix
[15:52:06] <ggm> RobA particular issue for SIGs, good idea or not, since DNSSEC sigs are per RRSET the number of RRSET matters.
[15:52:10] <ggm> Vix
[15:52:42] <ggm> from time Bill manning proposed switch to root-servers.net, reason we did not go with smaller names and bunch of glue, has to do with way the recursive clients stubs too, handle servfail.
[15:53:15] <ggm> in the event of a server failure notification, no other A for that server will be tried. in the event of timeout you DO try, but error, do NOT. felt it would be bad, in the event a single server did not have zone.
[15:53:35] <ggm> suggestions. minimum number of names be used, each with small number of recs. second, consider for TLDs but not for roots at this time.
[15:53:58] <ggm> Author: I want to know the current time, root and TLD, this convention is not recommended to apply
[15:54:11] <ggm> ROb doesnt sound done yet. still have work to do on draft.
[15:54:27] --- yushun has left: Replaced by new connection
[15:54:27] <ggm> Then not talking WG last call. Folks think useful? [hands up]
[15:54:35] <ggm> pretty good support. comments, please read,
[15:55:36] --- yone has left: Disconnected
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[15:56:40] <ggm> Pekka. [missed first part of talk sorry]
[15:56:45] <ggm> [sQEEEEEEEEEl]
[15:56:49] <ripple> Ouch.
[15:56:53] <iljitsch> yes yes I hear it...
[15:57:06] <ggm> that was an RTT estimation method I think.
[15:57:39] --- hp has joined
[15:57:51] <ggm> pekka has asked Qs on list, no response.
[15:57:55] --- yone has joined
[15:58:02] <ggm> Rob whack harder. I'll commit to it.
[15:58:13] <ggm> Junmei.
[15:59:01] <ggm> Junemei asks about making sure authors, nothing to do, AD followup
[15:59:13] <ggm> Dave what we have to do is look at comments, and we can do that for you, or you can. I can show you how.
[15:59:17] <ggm> Junmei would like to make sure.
[15:59:29] <ggm> ROb Morashita-san more input? no? ok.
[15:59:37] <vixlap> "jinmei" not junmei.
[15:59:59] <ggm> Dave. other drafts. respsize. and local zones. respsize is ok, but katos draft on local zones has expired. will talk to AD.
[16:00:11] <ggm> ROb Vix want to comment on response size?
[16:01:07] <ggm> Vix found my test text to check if its being read. very controversial comment on what is, and is not safe. you fulfilled my expectations, human nature is constant across space and time.
[16:01:58] <ggm> Peter Koch, what IS the allowed length for domain name, is 253/5/6 ?? bit late to discuss this. very basic stuff. only small input, obviously some basic Q unresolved. do in this WG or another?
[16:02:41] <ggm> Vix in the response size draft I should not have mentioned any numbers. dont repeat, just refer to standards. thats how I plan to fix the problem. in larger context, interesting to see results of survey
[16:03:05] <ggm> of what people THIINK is the max length both on the wire, and in presentation format. more interested in results than doing it.
[16:03:16] <ggm> Peter. By deferring, beg to differ, didn't fix problem. what can we do?
[16:03:55] <ggm> Vix I dont' know there really is one. People dont design their businesses around using names > 250 so wether its 250/1/2/3 ...doesnt matter but if interested, speak the words that proceed the words
[16:03:59] <ggm> "I volunteer to do this"
[16:04:07] <ggm> Peter to volunteer is a transitive verb in IETF
[16:04:39] <ggm> may be right. there are none. academic problem maybe. draft, other docs, consequences out of max length thing. if there is a corner case, the single octet missing or not missing, to deduce the
[16:05:16] <ggm> max number of glue recs, I'd like to have the discussion beforehand, do not wind up with MARID situation solving basic DNS problems at IETF.
[16:05:47] <ggm> Vix if somebody winds up Q name that long, will be very few NS rec in delegation. seems unlikely that one octet is going to change the planning very much., plan around worst-case scenario around
[16:06:23] <ggm> names which really exists. it doesnt matter if you can break it in experiments, it matters if you can break it with real existing names., from my part, ithe only thing is that I take out that number and cite.
[16:06:39] <ggm> until somebody writes a draft or critique on 1035, thats good enough for me.
[16:07:07] <ggm> Olaf K. second argument for 'all you wanted to know about DNS but were afraid to ask' RFC would be handy to have NOT VOLUNTEERING
[16:07:22] --- jerome.durand.renater has joined
[16:07:39] <ggm> Vix in terms of process, do not think this draft is ready to progress, beccause nobody complained about the text, and I have no evidence its been read, I wont put it forward.
[16:07:56] <ggm> Rob. given people claim its important, nobody now claims it not important, suggests work needed to read document.
[16:08:05] <ggm> expired drafts.
[16:08:19] <ggm> Pekka.
[16:08:40] <ggm> one WG doc has expired long time ago, 'dont publish unreachables' draft. we should work on that or not?
[16:08:49] <ggm> Rob fallen off the list again
[16:09:41] <ggm> Itojun wanted to, not here. I'll go look in my area on this one
[16:09:58] <ggm> other non-WG drafts expired
[16:10:04] <ggm> (three listed)
[16:10:08] --- hp has left
[16:10:30] <ggm> Dave not much to say. expired. anybody for the first 2 think its work has to come back, or let it continue to die. (dynreverse and signed root)
[16:10:32] <ggm> nope.
[16:11:07] <ggm> Somebody wants to revise the first draft.
[16:11:16] <ggm> Alain. thankyou for volunteering to work in it.
[16:11:29] <ggm> ROb has protocol changes?
[16:11:30] <ggm> Alain. depends on what you mean.
[16:11:30] <ggm> Rob deployed code?
[16:11:37] <ggm> I'm dubious it fits here.
[16:12:07] <ggm> Alain. I don't care about this draft, proposed method. but I do have concern about reverse DNS in IPv6, Ipv4 pre-population. would like to see a solution. this, something else, doesnt matter
[16:12:19] --- kjd has joined
[16:12:22] <ggm> Tim volunteers
[16:13:51] <ggm> SRV based whois server location in the in-addr.arpa tree. Peter Koch
[16:14:31] <ggm> problem statement: whois registries operated by RIR, but how to find which to call?
[16:15:26] --- mstjohns has left: Replaced by new connection
[16:15:27] --- mstjohns has joined
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[16:16:13] <ggm> draft-sanz-whois-srv-01.txt
[16:16:25] <ggm> _nicname_tcp.192.SRV 0 0 43 whois.ripe.net.
[16:16:36] <ggm> are there operational problems
[16:17:32] --- Suresh Krishnan has left: Disconnected
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[16:17:45] --- orange has joined
[16:17:51] <ggm> Pekka. can we assume the division is always first 8byte boundary?
[16:17:54] <ggm> [no]
[16:18:32] <ggm> [legacy space. its fully distributed]
[16:18:42] <Suresh Krishnan> Is draft-ietf-dnsop-bad-dns-res-02.txt going to be discussed?
[16:18:49] <ggm> Vix there are a couple of issues.
[16:19:25] <ggm> has to be in in-addr.arpa. would be referred to authority zone,
[16:19:50] <ggm> CIDR allocs, or IPv6 tree, lots of octet boundaries, look at RFC1101 network naming. bind resolver has been able to look at network names.
[16:20:10] --- bruce2 has joined
[16:20:13] <ggm> this works even 2317, other CIDR delegations. unfortunate requires lookup of A to find MASK but it can be done.
[16:20:15] --- bruce2 has left: Disconnected
[16:20:33] <ggm> IF couched as additional data to go into 1101 schema, pointer to WHOIS would be a wonderful thing.
[16:20:55] <ggm> Peter only going to work in 1101.?
[16:21:05] <ggm> Vix yes, SWIP and RWHOIS have to cover that whole area.
[16:21:10] --- sleinen has left
[16:21:41] <ggm> may be there is a very specific WHOIS server, want to talk to it. start off at /32, peel way back, but not every bit. can find netmask, and then find closest-match whois
[16:22:06] <ggm> has to be bottom up, not top down. thats a mess.
[16:22:16] <ggm> Peter Beg to differ.
[16:22:45] <ggm> afraid to suggest here, and so not on slide, may be more specific whois server, for /24 or /32. has to be bottom up, bottom is leaf, so, can do that, but still don't see where 1101 comes into it
[16:23:09] <ggm> Vix 1101 gives way to discover there is /15 or /27 or some other non-octet boundary, to know
[16:23:16] <ggm> Peter but per address you have closest enclosing..
[16:23:39] <ggm> Vix most frequent use of this other than data mining and spamming is to complain about data mining and spamming, if not getting from closest, go up. so need to find both.
[16:23:42] <ggm> Dave cut this one off.
[16:24:00] <ggm> [it appears not, Suresh, at least not yet.]
[16:24:23] <ggm> Russ Mundy. Waves at Steve Crocker
[16:24:51] <ggm> running project to get DNSSEC deployed
[16:24:58] <ggm> [steve crocker comes up front too]
[16:25:16] <ggm> trying to provide 'virtual programme office' with no money or resources, foster 'things which need to happen' to get DNSSEC out there.
[16:25:26] <ggm> want to collect peoples views, on what does need to happen
[16:25:44] <ggm> http://dnssec-deployment.org website
[16:26:20] <ggm> should be live. had some discussions, RIPE etc. want to work in conjunction with everyone, orgs, registries, operaters.
[16:27:27] <ggm> Steve C. nothing to add. trying to facilitate adoption process, organize discussion.
[16:27:41] <ggm> multiple efforts can be seen all around the community
[16:28:32] <ggm> Dave three more items.
[16:28:41] --- hp has joined
[16:29:10] <ggm> Pekka. David Malones talk on IPv6 lookups
[16:29:35] <ggm> AAAA lookup problems
[16:30:29] <ggm> on mailing lists, NXDOMAIN or no reply sem most common . diagnosis is tricky for end users. did tests 1.8% had mis-behaving AAAA.
[16:30:35] <ggm> also measured nameservers
[16:31:11] <ggm> how to let people know, and get them to fix it? (name and shame? nag hostmaster?) bbc.co.uk and perl.org fixed already
[16:32:25] <ggm> Scott Hollenbeck.
[16:32:28] <ggm> EPP author
[16:32:45] <ggm> needs to reflect changes to DNSSEC docs in WG last call.
[16:32:55] <jtk> a nit... dnssec-deployment.org doesn't render w/o javascript, wish it would
[16:33:19] <ggm> provisioning via DNSKEY or DS (recommends DNSKEY)
[16:33:30] <ggm> need option to let child set parent signing interval, urgency flag
[16:34:35] <ggm> want eyes to look at personal draft, so he can move on. Q?
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[16:34:57] <ggm> Rob: way scott raised it, interval proposed in doc is a recommendation
[16:35:23] <ggm> Russ Mundy. Not sure if its a work item for this WG, part of space not dealt with in past, will defer comment. but important work, needs to be done
[16:35:30] <ripple> [Anyone have a URL for the thingie Scott H. was just talking about?]
[16:35:51] <ggm> will commit resources.
[16:35:52] <ggm> draft-hollenbeck-epp-secdns-03.txt
[16:36:04] <ggm> try at http://www.ietf.org/internet-drafts/draft-hollenbeck-epp-secdns-03.txt
[16:36:10] <ggm> Ed Lewis.
[16:36:12] <ggm> good to discuss here.
[16:36:52] <ggm> EPP is primarily used in one set of registries, not all. get to say something about how ALL registries should treat interface
[16:37:06] <ggm> Scott will be back then.
[16:37:12] <ggm> RobA said 'I invited him in'
[16:37:15] <ggm> Dave
[16:37:45] <ggm> Draft adv. doc to the IESG. any solid objections, if not, get to WG last call. remind you of it. IPv6 DNS configuration approaches
[16:38:08] <ggm> RA RDNSS, DHCP recursive NS option or preconfig WKS on anycast.
[16:38:22] <ggm> what we need is feedback, objections, issues not covered in the draft.
[16:38:53] <ggm> Rob the document is about documenting the state of the inconclusive discussions, so we dont' loop. if its only adequate ,thats ok. if its missing issues thats important and tell us now.
[16:39:02] <ggm> Dave this is the third time its been written, want to save
[16:39:08] <ggm> Dave Kessins AD not nitpicks. Major Issues.
[16:39:25] <ggm> Rob real stuff, from the discussions
[16:40:32] <ggm> [sorry, missed who this is] performance issues/claims. its a problem. more rigour needed
[16:40:36] <ggm> Rob needs more eyes.
[16:40:41] <ggm> Ok it was Eric Nordmark
[16:40:56] <ggm> Eric how many more bytes depends. might be lots.
[16:41:08] <ggm> ROb if making claims x is better than y good to have numbers to back it up
[16:41:40] <ggm> Jinmei. not objecting to send to IESG, but in my understanding, several substantive comments on previous drafts, there are significant changes. makes sense to have short period for last call again
[16:41:51] <ggm> make solid consensus in WG. not going to push if in hurry
[16:42:19] <ggm> Rob part of the reason is in order to get this done, we have a deadline. AD can speak for himself, will be cool if we take time to do thorough WG last call. but not drag on forever.
[16:42:23] <ggm> AD I can cope
[16:42:38] <ggm> done.
[16:42:39] <ggm> finished.
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[16:42:43] <ggm> all done.
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[16:42:45] <ggm> its cooked.
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[16:43:38] <marcos.sanz> Thsnks to ggm for the minutes
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