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[13:01:47] <orange> This is test...
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[13:36:13] <ggm> (sigh) missed first half hour of meeting. just came in. people discussing dhcplite,
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[13:40:45] <orange> Mmm... jabber.org is completely bad. I've connected this room at last...Ohta-san was exciting so that it might be usual.
[13:42:32] <ggm> you've been to http://www.xmpp.org/ietf-chat.html right? I bind initially on jabber.org, but for the group joins I am on xmpp.org and it seems ok. its the 802.11 which is a PITA
[13:43:53] <orange> I tried to connect jabber server over 3 times, but I could connect yesterday as the same configuration. But today is very hard to connect...
[13:44:24] <orange> Anyway, discussing in progress about IPv6 DNS discovery issue...
[14:03:24] <ggm> inconclusive straw polls. the room is pretty evenly split between dhcpv6lite, ra, no real sense of decision yet. put to ML
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