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[16:01:47] <John Levine_web_192> Ale is here
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[16:02:14] <Tim Wicinski_web_194> WE MUST GET TO ITEM #4
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[16:06:30] <John Levine_web_192> Drat
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[16:06:52] <Tim Wicinski_web_194> I am sad
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[16:07:02] <Trent Adams_web_579> But I came for Topic 4!
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[16:07:15] <Tim Wicinski_web_194> We are all here for Topic #4
[16:07:17] <Tim Hollebeek_web_986> IV. I like roman numerals
[16:07:37] <Trent Adams_web_579> Agreed!  Especially VII! ;)
[16:09:51] <Jim Fenton_web_146> Anyone that wants to help with minutes, feel free to join me on HedgeDoc
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[16:10:28] <> thanks to the note takers
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[16:12:34] <Murray Kucherawy_web_631> +1 to John, that's what I wanted to say at the mic
[16:12:36] <Barry Leiba_web_299> +1 to John
[16:12:47] <Seth Blank_web_157> +1 as well
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[16:13:08] <Tim Wicinski_web_194> +1 to Mr Levine.
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[16:13:53] <Tim Wicinski_web_194> I am not the DNS community, but do feel that tree walks are not considered horrible anymore
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[16:14:26] <Tim Hollebeek_web_986> Yes, I'm in favor of anything that helps the public suffix list go away.  Walks are more intuitive.
[16:14:41] <John Levine_web_192> The DNS crowd used to have religious objections to tree walk, but since the CAA record they seem to have lost faith
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[16:15:58] <Tim Wicinski_web_194> I also think there have been enough operational improvements more standardized that assuages feelings
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[16:16:53] <John Levine_web_192> dead horse metaphor
[16:17:33] <Seth Blank_web_157> Agreed on that as the rough consensus.
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[16:18:48] <Murray Kucherawy_web_631> @John: Good point.
[16:18:50] <Seth Blank_web_157> Tim-- what was the bug with the original CAA implementation detail?
[16:19:08] <Peter Koch_web_952> load is only one issue with the tree walk (and maybe it isn't in practice), the implicit concept of inheritance, which isn't part of the DNS, is the protocol design issue; the PSL is a kludge, of course - so I'm waiting to the the "next slide" for the limitation of the walk ;-)
[16:19:11] <Murray Kucherawy_web_631> Also a good thing to record in some appendix to explain why a walk is fine now but wasn't before.
[16:19:15] <Tim Hollebeek_web_986> The original CAA tree walk tried to follow CNAMEs, instead of just going up the prefered tree
[16:19:39] <Tim Hollebeek_web_986> The results were ... hilarious and wrong.
[16:19:48] <Seth Blank_web_157> Ah, so you could get referential loops, weeee
[16:19:53] <Tim Hollebeek_web_986> yep
[16:20:30] <Murray Kucherawy_web_631> A very minor point: The layout of the bullets needs work; seems like 4-6 should be indented under 3.
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[16:21:55] <John Levine_web_192> 5 came from the deepest name in the existing PSL
[16:22:21] <Seth Blank_web_157> Data was shared to the list as to why 5 was chosen: the longest suffixes in the PSL have 4 parts, so 5 covers all existing suffixes
[16:22:38] <Murray Kucherawy_web_631> Seems legit.
[16:24:09] <Jim Fenton_web_146> Thanks for clarifying the choice
[16:24:30] <John Levine_web_192> paramater makes things not interoperate
[16:25:01] <Jim Fenton_web_146> +1
[16:28:21] <Seth Blank_web_157> I think the max depth of the walk is a security consideration, and has some rough consensus on the list
[16:28:39] <Alessandro Vesely_web_844> if 5 comes from the PSL, we're still using the PSL.
[16:29:06] <Autumn Tyr-Salvia_web_750> It makes sense for there to be a minimum and a maximum for security and for people to understand what they can depend on definitely working, but I suppose there could be flexibility between min and max....
[16:29:26] <Seth Blank_web_157> The PSL is a registry of what people are using, so it's a proxy for what's needed in the real world. If 4 is the max used, that's a very good data point collected over the past decade.
[16:29:34] <Ned Freed_web_746> The argument that the PSL only has four levels seems persuasive to me.
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[16:30:44] <Ned Freed_web_746> There has to be a minimum to insure interoperability, and best interop is achieved if it's also the maximum. There has to be a maximum for security reasons.
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[16:31:44] <Ned Freed_web_746> To me this means that if we're going to switch to tree walk, we have to specify a single value, the only question is what that value should be.
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[16:34:40] <Murray Kucherawy_web_631> +1 Seth
[16:34:41] <John Levine_web_192> unless we're planning to rerun DBOUND I hope not
[16:35:25] <John Levine_web_192> I run a K12.NY.US, it's useful but it's only 3 deep
[16:35:36] <Peter Koch_web_952> RFC 1480 is long since obsolete, isn't it - but how up away would one expect a DMARC entry to appear?
[16:37:29] <John Levine_web_192> @peter I am the registry for a bunch of <place>.NY.US domains. The existing ones aren't going away
[16:37:32] <John Levine_web_192> but they're only 3 deep
[16:38:03] <Ned Freed_web_746> Another way to look at it: Any security-conscious implementation is going to impose a maximum, no matter what the standard says.
[16:38:33] <Jim Fenton_web_146> But the fact that there are currently 3 level domains makes me wonder if we should tie the spec to a 4-level limit in the PSL.
[16:39:21] <Peter Koch_web_952> @john nobody expects ... but then, in this particular example, NY.US and US would not be proper query targets anyway
[16:39:26] <Jim Fenton_web_146> s/there are/these are/
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[16:40:46] <Ned Freed_web_746> I understand the concerns here. But the constraints are what they are.
[16:41:15] <Autumn Tyr-Salvia_web_750> I worked with a few organizations that were using subdomain1.subdomain2.orgdomain.tld for sending, and a couple others that wanted to be able to do subdomain1.subdomain2.subdomain3.orgdomain.tld. Haven't heard of anyone wanting to send email beyond that at all.
[16:41:56] <John Levine_web_192> you can still send from those domains, you just can't have an org domain below level 4
[16:42:09] <Murray Kucherawy_web_631> I need to drop off.  Please let me know if I have any AD homework.
[16:42:47] <Ned Freed_web_746> To reemphasize John's point, I've seen plenty of domains with many levels, but none that belong on the RHS of the @ in a From: field.
[16:43:12] <Barry Leiba_web_299> And I think what Ned just said is the key point.
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[16:48:02] <Alessandro Vesely_web_844>
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[16:49:45] <Ned Freed_web_746> Sorry, can't seem to get the mic working.
[16:50:01] <Barry Leiba_web_299> OK, type here if you like, and I'll channel.
[16:50:26] <Ned Freed_web_746> OK, let someone else go while I'm typing something.
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[16:51:50] <Seth Blank_web_157> +1 to John-- seen a lot of drafts like this that haven't been able to make any headway
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[16:52:30] <John Levine_web_192> "Sometimes it works" doesn't seem like a strong path to interoperability
[16:52:59] <Pete Resnick_web_156> Yeah, at most an Informational "mitigations" document.
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[16:53:40] <Ned Freed_web_649> Sorry, had to restart things and couldn't hear the discussion. Anyway, in case it hasn't already been said, while I wish it were otherwise, I don't think this covers enough of the mutations to provide sufficient benefit given the costs.
[16:54:38] <Ned Freed_web_649> I *really* wish this weren't true.
[16:54:47] <Pete Resnick_web_156> +1 to both points.
[16:54:59] <Bron Gondwana_web_194> we now need to have an indirect discussion about it on the mailing list
[16:55:13] <Pete Resnick_web_156> :white_frowning_face:
[16:55:18] <Seth Blank_web_157> This is me singing, for anyone wondering.
[16:55:24] <Trent Adams_web_579> Woot!!  Dancing time!
[16:55:25] <Autumn Tyr-Salvia_web_750> This seems pretty cool, but as others have said, perhaps not comprehensive enough to make it worth the work to try to overcome resistance.
[16:55:28] <Bron Gondwana_web_194> beautiful alto voice
[16:55:30] <Todd Herr_web_386> excellent falsetto, seth
[16:55:34] <Jim Fenton_web_146> yup
[16:55:35] <Pete Resnick_web_156> Oh heavens, let there be no dancing.
[16:55:46] <Alessandro Vesely_web_844> was that point 4?
[16:55:53] <Pete Resnick_web_156> Indeed it was.
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[16:55:59] <Bron Gondwana_web_194> @Seth you should have heard my soprano descant to Ding Dong Merrily On High at choir tonight
[16:56:13] <Bron Gondwana_web_194> it was... well, it was mostly at pitch.  I'll give it that
[16:56:30] <Seth Blank_web_157> thank you all!
[16:56:38] <Tim Wicinski_web_194> thanks boss
[16:56:40] <Bron Gondwana_web_194> thanks all!
[16:56:42] <Autumn Tyr-Salvia_web_750> Thanks!
[16:56:43] <Ned Freed_web_649> thanks everyone
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